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  1. Hard to read this... I mean, it is serious problem. I can recover Buwizz 3.0 by connecting cable, it is inconvenient, but doable. Waiting for discharge (how? discharging by force or what, with time??) or disassembling Buwizz 2.0 is much more than only inconvenient.
  2. Yes, Buwizz 3.0 which I use in my current project - Trophy Truck. I haven't tested Buwizz motors with Buwizz 2.0 yet.
  3. After I triggered power cut switch on Buwizz 3.0 (two buwizz motors can do that) Buwizz turns off and cannot be turned on by button. Ony connection to charger/power bank helps, is it a normal behaviour?
  4. keymaker

    [MOC] Azure Lake Pickup Truck

    Very nice model. I have a question about renders, are they from Studio? Because they are really good in my opinion.
  5. This one is actually pretty nice, any more info?
  6. Yes, I have written this before I saw piece count... A bit disappointing. But still, I am looking forward to it, because motorcycles, pullbacks or formulas one do not interest me.
  7. I would like they are able to get 42123 - McLaren Senna GTR level of details and accuracy, but amount of parts points out rather 42093 - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 level ;/ Nevertheless I am still looking forward to this set.
  8. From Technic?!?! Now you have my full attention.
  9. Hi, I have bought Buwizz 3.0 and two Buwizz motors and decided to put them to test. I choose Trophy Truck. Model is still work in progress, so any suggestions are welcome, especially related to the colour of the body. Some parts of the car I am happy with: front bonnet, front lights and grill and what is underneath them, roll cage, but some I am not so sure: bull bar shape, rear looks a bit unfinished to me compared to front, rear shock absorbers (yellow) are a bit too hard, but on the other hand black ones are too soft and saggy. What do you think I can do to improve this model and what colour choose (only original Lego parts) to make it shine in crowd? :)
  10. I tried many colour variants, but ended up to choose between those two. I also did some testing on heavy off-road terrain, but conclusions are that I will change gear ratio a bit to add more torque. In heavy terrain Buwizz motors take too much power and they are shutting Buwizz down :(
  11. Great part pack for sure, but the model itself, quite rough but still I like it a lot.
  12. It depends what you need from them. If you need grip on hard, flat surfaces, then yes, they are definitely not the best choice.
  13. keymaker

    [MOC] Distribution Truck

    It is one of my future goals to be able to design of my own such mechanism for tail platform. Amazing work!
  14. Wow, it will be massive and heavy. Could you show some close ups of the mechanisms around diffs?
  15. Thank you for pointing this out, you are right, I forgot about this. So I switched both renders in previous post for better ones. Maximum effort :D
  16. Ball joint connection secured with links should prevent such extreme one sided tilts, but... I have also a backup plan to counter this, showed below (I colored it red to make more visible on render). I faced this kind of problem quite painfully during extreme testing of my Off-Roader :) Big shout out for @Philo for his directories with custom parts. And sorry for spamming with more renders, but I couldn't help myself :) I have it on my desk, but not all parts are in desired colour yet and on renders it looks just much better with those tires (I would say much more aggressive).
  17. @Igor1 Thank you! In case of LED mounts, it can be tricky for the front, because lights and grill are built with plates mostly. It can be a little easier for the rear lights, but still no trivial thing. The MOC in current version weights 1217 grams (which is 110 grams more than the version presented on the video). I think this is acceptable increase. The weight won't go up, because the model is pretty much done and this increase of weight (+ ~10% versus version from the video) should not impact on overall performance of the truck. The plan is to take this version on less even terrain and test the performance and start real thinking about the final colours.
  18. This site is pure gold! Thank you so much, I really needed it!
  19. @gyenesvi thank you for advice about Studio, I will check this out later today. In case of rear axle and off-roading capabilities. I plan to test this version outdoor on some sandy ground or gravel. I believe it will perform as good as prevoius version did on parking showed on this video. About your question, I did not try this solution in this MOC and I do not intend to do that. There are two reasons behind that. First, I already created MOCs with such solution, please check my UAZ 3151 or KrAZ 255 and with this Trophy Truck I would like to try something different. The second reason is efficiency and reliability of the construction. With those motors - the shorter drive train and less gears in it - the better. I wish to transfer power from motors to wheels without or with minimum losses and also I do not want to risk, that something in drivetrain won't withstand the power of motors or that I create unnecessary places which can be damaged by sand, dust etc. And I can share with you my observations, that after wild parking rides shown on video, I observed axles and axle holes wear. They ware covered with very tiny white dust created from plastic, which slowly increased friction between parts.
  20. It would be very usefull, but I do no know how to use files you provided. I have some custom parts, imported to Studio from PartDesigner, but usually I download a file with ".part", which contains whole part with connection points etc. Here everything is separated.
  21. I am back with some updates based on your advices: - after seeing many photos of baja trophy cars I decided to abandon using classical bumper as most of this kind of vehicles do not have them - I adjusted front mounting points of front arches and located them one stud closer to the center to achieve smoother body/hood line - front mounting points of rear arches are redesigned, they are closer to the body and angled to match new smoother lower line of the body - rear part of the body is filled with panels now to match style the rest of the truck - rear shock absorbers no longer use big mounting constructions - rubber dampers are back (idea I saw in real trucks and also I used it at early stages of this project), they can be seen on gif - (the biggest change) rear axle is redesigned, portal hubs are full in use (but I am using 1:1 ratio) I designed "naked" version of rear axle (a minimum but necessary amount of parts to make it rigid) and "armored" one. I decided to go with armored one, even if it is 36g heavier (244g vs 280g, with wheels and tires of course). I am aware of the "unsprung mass" thing, but I just like this armored one, it fits the rest of the car, it protects motors and gears and thanks to "shortened" shock absorbers and using portal hubs it doesn't look as "off" as the previous one, it doesn't stick out of the frame as previous one. Another big advantage of using portal hubs is of course improved ground clearance. Now rear GC of the truck matches the front one and it is almost 4 studs. That is why I prepared gif, it should let you and all interested to see model from many more angles since it can be paused in any moment :) Any suggestions/critiques you have, please share it. They are very useful in improving this MOC. More photos and renders can be found HERE.
  22. It is easy - money. Attacking MOCers by TLG would be like Gillette, who offended almost all their main customers - men with their stupid adveritsement (if you do not know the case, google it, I recommend). What was the cost for Gillette for this action, we all know.
  23. I had it also! Great toy! Great times!
  24. Yes, I know, simply some brick are more expensive than others :D But I can asume, that if somebody spent money on Buwizz, then it is an aware user who knows what is doing.