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  1. They should've added some of the rubber feet from Nexo Knights
  2. That's really strange, because male parts always go inside of female ones! Same with screw threads. The bolt is male, the nut is female.
  3. Hey Robin, nice to see another Kiwi! I watch Trademe for Technic bargains a lot, but you don't sell in my price range :P
  4. Well, I'm in Germany at the moment but my LEGO is at home in New Zealand! All I brought with me was a small Technic R2D2 that arrived in the mail as I was leaving.
  5. Can anyone compare the tires to Power Puller ones? I have some at home in NZ, but I and my tractor are in Germany!
  6. Ah, this'll be tight if I want to make something. I won't be back with my LEGO until after Skaerbaek Fan Weekend. On that note, who's going?
  7. I'm guilty of opening all the new set pages after an update, then having to close the lot before I'm finished and opening them again...
  8. I don't suppose there's anyone in Hamburg that wants a used one on the 2nd of June? I'm travelling so I'll have difficulty taking the one I inevitably buy from the shop across the road from my hostel...
  9. There wasn't much that was better than bionicles around that time, it was the company's dark age.
  10. You'd use one or both of the small turntables.
  11. You can check the IR LED itself by pointing it at a camera, though if the green status LED doesn't work the remote is unlikely to be operational.
  12. You know who designed the helicopter? Milan Reindl/Grohl's LEGO. He knew how much we needed that axle!
  13. That model is unrealistic, as even when the springs are fully compressed the lid would be half open.
  14. But the light turns on when you push a control lever? I recommend borrowing a controller from someone else to compare.
  15. Not enough yellow? You must not collect Technic... ;)