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  1. Each motor was on its own buwizz port and the polarity was set from the in-app. Stacking them and going on ludicrous full speed with kick the protection of the buwizz ^_^ too much power drain at once.
  2. The Steam Engine looks very nice, the wheels are a nice detail.
  3. For a contest idea i would like small scale competition... But i never seen tanks or even a broader area ... military vehicles
  4. I get a nasty headache if I have to look for that 1 x 2 thin lift arm in a pile of 1k pieces... just by thinking at that I get nausea.
  5. I am more of a tidy person... I got ~52 boxes/trays just for the technic stuff(mostly ferrero rocher boxes) and 2 hardware organizers for non-technic parts and few boxes with link chains for tanks/cranes etc. When I build mocs i know where to look for certain pieces... with the new bought sets I tend to scatter them on my desk or bed. The disassembly of built sets/mocs goes all in a single box then I sort them by category and put them in their box.
  6. I tested it with lego original batery box + ir receiver v1 and with buwizz. with buwizz on ludacrious the protection will kick in sometimes
  7. Awesome MOC. so many details in such a small scale
  8. has the same width as the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (42093)
  9. First picture i was thinking it was a edited background, seeing the others, damn you went and looked for such scenery Nice background for this amazing truck.
  10. The old engine was looking better in my opinion...