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  1. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    I never tried, but i saw this in AliExpress suggestions:
  2. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    Mine was 22 days => 3 days with china courier, 11 days from china to Sweden, 8 days within my country... without working weekends I tried some videos method of measuring torque: I used a 12L axle, now i don't know if the "arms length" is from the center or not... from the center till the end of the axle there are 9.8cm and the motors pushes 190-210 grams.
  3. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor mostly all of my tracking is done here
  4. Clawp

    [WIP] Sloped turret tank

    I found a nice way to make the sloped turret and mount it on a z56 turntable... In the process of making the turret i had an idea to make the gun elevation operated from inside the turret. I deviated from the UDES 15/16 :D I added some features like a mini gun on the turret and 2 hatches. Pictures could be found here:
  5. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    Hello guys. Today i got the package from the postal office: And the motors feel quite nice.. I installed "Giri -The RPM Checker" on my phone and did a small test on the motors (all 4). On my lego battery box that outputs 8.8 volts with the 6 x new duracell batteries i (8.54 volts, with one motor running without stalling) The application managed to show me a constant rpm on each motor: 1211.2 / 1130.5 rpm outer 1534.2 / 1615 rpm inner The test was inserting an 8L axle with some tape on the end and running it agains the phone microphone, the higher value was achieved without actualy hitting the phone with the tape, and the lower one was while the tape was hitting the case of the phone. Here is the link to the store i bought the buggy motors: After few checks i saw that the motors appears on more stores now... at different prices... I ordered from this store before and i know that the seller is serious (you could see the actually packaging there... without the box) This week i will look for a Dynamometer Spring to try to measure the torque :D. I tried to keep my post "slim", but if you want more photos/videos with specific actions, please ask and i will try to provide as i can.
  6. Clawp

    Adjustable tank suspension (Strv 103)

    I loved the videos when you posted them. You did a great job with the suspension and the overall look of the tank. I really like the concept of Hydraulic Suspension, i am really curious about the mechanism used for that... for a week i tried to reproduce something similar but without any of the results, always something was too stiff or the axles from front/back moved both in a synchronous manner ( i am talking about wheel 1 with 2 and 3 with 4). its still drives me crazy By any chance you could share some details? I would much apreciate.
  7. Hello lego lovers, I got a passion for tanks and for the last year or more... I have tried to build something of my own... but everytime I got discouraged about my "creation" and sadly dismantle it. The only decent part that i could make was the hull of the tank that did not looked like a brick or shallow and full of holes... but i did dismantle that too after i could not figure out how to make a decent shaped turret. Now i made myself some courage and I started to build a "sloped turret" like UDES 15/16 (from worlf of tanks): Here is the lxf for anyone interesed: turret - presentation.lxf The issue i am having now (beside that i cant even rotate the turret to stay on the panel -> 64681 and 64393) is that i cant find a way to add a "base" to this turret. Thanks in advance to any person that might consider to provide feedback. :D
  8. Clawp

    [TC16] MPATEV-01

    This is an awesome display model. After the competition maybe you consider to publish instruction on rebrickable. I would love to display it on my desk :D (you got my vote)
  9. with some black gear rack ... its making me want to buy the set instantly i really like what you have done :D
  10. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    Also this Moc from Zerobricks uses 4x buggy motors :D this is why i dared to order 4x buggy motors :)
  11. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    I will try: to measure the rpm. I am not sure atm how to measure the torque. (Hopefully the postal office in my country will start moving the packages... in average an alliexpress packages takes 3-5 days to reach Romania and 1-4 weeks for the package to move inside the country) I am eager to test the motors
  12. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    Oh i complety forgot about the fact that the original buggy motor was with the old system... All of the seller seem to have the PF connector
  13. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    unfortunately i dont see any difference in that result list with the video posted by me... could you show picture difference maybe?
  14. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    Sorry for the broken link. The copy-paste is quite hard on my mobile I have fixed the links... hopefully now people can access the bricksafe link. The videos provided are not from this shop... I don't know the policy of sharing alliexpress links.. but if an admin says its oke... i will post the link directly to the item in store
  15. Clawp

    RC Buggy Motor

    Videos sent by the shop owner are here: Working buggy motor On Display I will post my own videos after I received the motors and tested them with battery box and with buwizz.