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  1. Looks even better in real bricks! The studless boiler top is a nice improvement over the official set.
  2. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] 9V Layout with Lights

    Some time ago I posted this topic of a layout using only parts from the 9V era. That layout has since been torn apart to make way for an improved version. Since it's basically a complete new layout (the water tower is the only part that escaped unscathed), I thought a new topic would be justified. This time the layout has working (non-Lego) lights. Many thanks to @LEGO Train 12 Volts, whose engines with working lights inspired me to try it myself. The engine and tender are permanently coupled with a technic beam to protect the wiring. I just happened to find that a battery box for 4 AA cells fits nicely in a 4-stud space. The switch is visible in the coal. IMG_0850 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0852 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0851 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The passenger cars are now 30 studs long and have SNOT windows and removable roofs. IMG_0854 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The sleeping car interior: IMG_0855 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The dining car interior: IMG_0856 by the chestertonian, on Flickr An overview of the layout: IMG_0857 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The station includes two passenger platforms, a pedestrian bridge, and a maintenance shop with full interior. IMG_0844 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0845 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0846 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The signal tower: IMG_0843 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The freight platform: IMG_0836 by the chestertonian, on Flickr A small farmhouse with a horse-cart: IMG_0847 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Nearby, a shepherd and his faithful sheepdog watch over their flock. Thanks to @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn for their versatile canine design! The sheep are based on a design I found here. IMG_0848 by the chestertonian, on Flickr A tribute to Ferdinand: IMG_0839 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The crane's hand crank can be locked in place. The piano was reverse-engineered from one I ran across online. IMG_0849 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Finally, I was inspired by the Switch Modification topic to connect a switch to a signal. Thanks for looking! Soli Deo Gloria
  3. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Buffalo Creek & Gauley 2-8-0 #13

    Wow. That has to be one of the best train MOCs I've seen in a long time!
  4. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] The English Townhouse (LEGO Ideas)

    The level of detail in this model is incredible! Everywhere I look I see details that I would never have thought to include but that add greatly to the realism.
  5. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    Welcome to eurobricks @Aurore! That's an excellent MOC and it's nice to see one based on such a great composer's work!
  6. Pdaitabird

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Maybe the Goa'uld have infiltrated Lego Ideas. Seriously, though, that stinks that they aren't responding. All I can suggest is to keep reaching out to the Ideas team until they give you some feedback. I hope your project gets approved!
  7. Nice, I hadn't seen that one! The parts you used for the claw capture the shape very well!
  8. Nice MOC that brings back some fond childhood memories! I like the technique for the dome. By the way, have you ever tried Studio? It lets you import custom parts like BBB wheels.
  9. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Play-Scale B-Wing Fighter

    That's a great looking B-wing with NPU and clever SNOT techniques throughout!
  10. Pdaitabird

    10-wide 4-6-0 C&O 377

    What a beautiful locomotive! The decals really set it apart.
  11. Pdaitabird

    DR Wagon

    Those wagons look great! The one with the brakeman's cabin is my favorite too. I especially like the 0-4-0 pulling them, as its size fits perfectly with theirs!
  12. Pdaitabird

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    See if the local vet has some kind of capsule for giving medicine to horses...that should be big enough to hold a minifig!
  13. Pdaitabird

    Decoupler Air Operated Idea

    That's a neat idea! If you don't mind having the decoupler above the ground level, you could probably modify this design that separates the magnets rather than holding back a wheel. That way the train can't separate in the wrong place.
  14. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    Wow! The F-unit looks great in dark blue!
  15. Pdaitabird

    Locomotives For My Upcoming Layout

    That's another good point - my layout fits on a 4' x 4' piece of plywood that I can store under the guest bed when I'm not using it. Using a painted wood base can also reduce the need to ballast your tracks.
  16. Pdaitabird

    Locomotives For My Upcoming Layout

    It depends on your interests and budget. What era do you want to represent? What sets or MOCs do you have that would fit well with the layout? Which nation's railway system do you want to build? The location and time period of your layout's setting will help determine the type of locomotives and rolling stock to use.
  17. Pdaitabird

    Building 7777

    @AFOL7777 Nice looking model! I've included a link to a tutorial for uploading images from Flickr here. Welcome to Eurobricks!
  18. Pdaitabird

    Burn, Heretic, Burn!

    Just an everyday scene from the Middle Ages... Friar Bob: That's it, Sir Cedric, push that wood a bit closer. Sir Cedric: Prithee, Father, didst thou bring the marshmallows? IMG_0753 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  19. Pdaitabird

    Burn, Heretic, Burn!

    Hi, thanks for the comment! It's Anakin's torso from 7113 Tusken Raider Encounter.
  20. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Mini Pelta Class Frigate

    Nice mini-model! I'm not familiar with the prototype, but I like how it incorporates features of the Venator and the CR-90.
  21. Pdaitabird

    Why the upper age limit???

    Just don't be surprised when the Lego Secret Police kick in your door. Those guys mean business!
  22. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] D800 Class "Warship"

    That's a lovely engine (even though it's a diesel)! The decals look great in that scale and the customized parts are well done!
  23. Pdaitabird

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Amen! Even as a child, I mainly wanted sets as a source of parts for MOCs.
  24. Pdaitabird

    Star Wars

    It may not be the second Death Star...my own personal theory is that it's one of the twenty-three other death stars that were destroyed off-screen. Seriously, bad guys, quit building death stars already!
  25. Pdaitabird

    FS Wagons

    Beautiful wagons! The stickers around the windows look great, as do the barely-inset doors!