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  1. Typical TLG move giving us an updated helmet, right after a major set is released with the previous version. Like it was impossible to update that helmet too right? Sure... Yep, the moment I saw that TFA pilots got visors, I stopped myself from getting any additional OT pilots, thank goodness it was worth it, i was almost at the breaking point.
  2. Cyberfounder

    [REVIEW] 75207 - Imperial Patrol Battle Pack

    It's a good looking battle pack, but I really still don't like the connecting torso/leg printing, still looks sloppy. There are custom figures were the transition is seamless, should not be to hard for TLG to do the same, but after all this time, still looks sloppy. So big reason why I don't buy minifigures with this look. But still a good review. ;)
  3. What? Again no Biggs? What does TLG have against making an updated Biggs figure? Guess I will not be buying it then, I alread have a ton of Luke's and Wedge's...
  4. V19? sounds great, even awesome if the mini-figure line up would be somewhat true.
  5. This is the clone wars version, not the OT version.
  6. Wasnt there a rumor about a new Y-Wing which people are saying will be a new BTL-B Y-Wing, if so then a V19 would make sense.
  7. I hoping we finally get a 501ste normal EPIII clone trooper.
  8. ah those pictures, i thought it were new once. :/
  9. So what troopers are we getting?
  10. Any news on the clone/geonosis battle pack?
  11. I would buy half a dozen for sure... Like I do with every clone battlepack.
  12. Lately lego has been doing some strange stuff to the faces of SW characters... Those strange eyelash thing for example like on old Obi Wan from 2016, he almost looks female. Or like the face of Owen Lars... What happened to that face.
  13. Thank goodness since its such a poor figuren...
  14. I got 7 of them for a little over €40, so not that unnafordable?
  15. Cyberfounder

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Also, it is not because something has a value that it is set in stone that you will get the value its considered to be worth. I have a Yoda's hut with X-wing in mint condition, I'm was selling it a little under its value and it was on different websites for years, then someone wanted to buy it, but not at the price I was asking, even though I was the cheapest seller at that time.