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  1. The list needs to be more or less confirmed by 2 or more reliable sources I think.
  2. Cyberfounder

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Double post.
  3. Cyberfounder

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I would love more clone trooper variations, especially for the phase II armor. 327th Star Corps. 501st Legion. 21st Nova Corps. (Galactic Marines) 442nd Siege Battalion. Commander Doom's unit. It would also be nice to see more armor variations like a heavy trooper, arc trooper, clone gunner etc.
  4. Not my scene, but its looks really good.
  5. Free? "With $35 purchase" is not free.
  6. They have to use up old parts and it gives them an opportunity to make more money in the future when they update the model.
  7. They can't give us an update one yet, first have to milk the old design (which I like more, thank goodness). But still it seems a little silly.
  8. Any clues on what clones we can expect in the clone battlepack Sir von Lego?
  9. Im mean the blue and orange suits...
  10. That's quite the explanation. But I mean the X-Wing and Y-Wing pilots suits, they should be the same. I can understand that the snowspeeder pilots have different suits, since the climate on Hoth is not that hot and of course the B-wing and A-wing pilots are completely different designs.
  11. If only they would give them all the same torso... Why the Rogue One pilots and the ANH/ESB/RoTJ are differnt is beyond me...
  12. You just fell for the "Malibu Stacy with a new hat" trick.
  13. Reposted in CC thread.
  14. First feeling, what a MESS... My wallet will be happy again. And the "frozen in carbonite" Han is using the old hair piece....