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  1. Cyberfounder

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    As expected pictures have surfaced.
  2. Over the years MandR has become even more arrogant then he was at the start. He's videos don't even look like reviews anymore, more like rants from a whiny brat. Jangbricks is AFOL level, MandR is more like 6 year old level.
  3. Cyberfounder

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Any chance this piece could be added? It would be really usefull for medieval/western scenes. Also, did you guys by any chance figure out how to make these new bricks work with rendering software like bluerender for example?
  4. Cyberfounder

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Yes, this is one I have been following for a while too. Certainly an interesting journey. Hoping there is more to come.
  5. At least you got a chance at it, they didn't even bother to releae it over here.
  6. Wow, pretty disappointing wave for system sets if the spring leaks are accurate. An other X-Wing, an other MF... An other wave with nothing interesting.
  7. Cyberfounder

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Too rich for my blood. I actually like the side building more then the Cantina itself.
  8. It has been in several Clone Wars episodes, +-10 at least.
  9. I'm happy you like them, but I would not call them an improvement. Sure they have more leg printing, but the torso print is inaccurate and just to cartoony. I really which LEGO would have made they the same style as the Utapau Battlepack. Then it would have been nice with the 212th and then the 501st to compleet the set. But LEGO seems to be against making movie accurate 501st troopers for some reason.
  10. The others sets will be made in the future anyways, this is how TLG works. So in the end everybody will be happy. I voted for the gunship, not for the set, but for the minifigures. And I don't think OT fans can complain, almost all UCS are from the OT. The other era's deserve some attention too.
  11. No kidding, my bricks from the 80's/90's are tough , but those from after 2000 can't even take a fall of the table or there is a dent in them. I think they even get scratches just from looking at them.
  12. Cyberfounder

    AAT mod/moc

    Much better already, if only LEGO would see the error in their new design. I thought with all the negativity on the previous 2015 design they would update it, but its even worse now.
  13. This new AAT is even worse the the one from 2015. Only plus is Ahsoka and AAT driver droids. Soulless One is almost the same as the 2010 version, minifigure selection and printing is questionable to say the least. Jedi Interceptor looks good, but almost a copy of the previous one so not worth the money. Not going to bother with ST sets, those movies are garbage. Looks like it will be a cheap year for me.
  14. Cyberfounder

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Hahaha, no problem. I sure someone will figure it out.