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  1. Epic, very accurate build. I have visited it several time, very beautiful.
  2. Cyberfounder

    Minifigure, Heads (diversity)

    I was looking into that, seems like a good option as long as they don't have a smirky smile. What can I say, I build big moc's with big battle scenes and I have been out fo the caste theme for about a decade so I have some catching up to do. I hadn't thought of looking into pirates, gone check that out righ away.
  3. So I have about 200 Black Falcons and Lion Knights and since I don't want to end up with a medieval clone army, I was looking into swapping some of the heads to get some diversity. I checked some of the previous factions and there are some good headprints among them, but I wonder what headprints other people use to get some variety, so any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Cyberfounder

    New Baseplate 48x48 height difference

    I will try to take some later today.
  5. Hi all, I just bought one of the new baseplates 48x48, this in order to continue the layout of a (Castle)moc I'm working on. After adding the plate to the moc and starting to build on it, I noticed it keeps tilting and lifting up and down. Apparently there is a height difference with the old plates. The section of the moc has a wall overlapping 2 baseplates and it shows the weight on the rest of the plate is pulling on the wall and making it separate when moved around. I only bought one, so maybe it's an error. But could anyone check if they have the same problem?
  6. Wondering if the guard in the village set might be from the Crusader Axe faction. Great way to indroduce more figures of the faction, since there is already a new shield with the crossed halberds pattern. It doenst seem that far out of reach. But that is probably wishful thinking.
  7. Its only for the US though. I didn't check the region and filled up my basket, but it would only let me select an adres in the US. So I check for EU and most of the items are either not available or out of stock. Still nice of you to share!
  8. I think they just wanted the logos to match with the Black Falcons updated design. It would be awesome to have a few of the old logos (wolfpack, Black Knights) in an updated form. I'm more surprised they did not include an "ovoid shield" for either the Black Flacons or the Lion Knights with the new logos, I know it was not around in the 80's and only got introduced in the early 90's, but it would have be a nice addition.
  9. Cyberfounder

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Well, they way I do it is, I load the LXF file with Studio (most of the bricks stay in place, but some bricks like 36840 and its friends like to misbehave and go a little crazy, so you have to manually fix them). But other then that studio can render most files made in LDD.
  10. Cyberfounder

    Forestmen shield print quality

    Wolfpack also sufferd from this, some shield and torso prints are more clear than others. Even recent tthemes like Kingdoms have this problem, mostly in the chess sets. There was a review about the kingdoms chess set that pointed this out very well.
  11. Cyberfounder

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    This explains why the castle in the forest set was not approved on LEGO Ideas, curious what lego's take on it will be.
  12. Really disappointed with the may the 4th, the LEGO store in Belgium had almost nothing in stock. Most sets that were available were from 2 waves ago. Only new set was Dark Trooper attack, no republic fighter tank, no clone trooper packs, store employee didn’t even understand what I was talking about. After all this time they give a good promo, but nothing to fill up the 160€. Of course there was no supply problem for the OT sets, those kept on being stocked and restocked on the shelves…
  13. I'm more surprised at how well everyone is taking the fact that we are getting animated clone bodies in a EPII set for the second time...
  14. The clone trooper battle pack shows the laziness and effort LEGO puts in PT sets. Animated armor for EPII set...
  15. Animated clone trooper version in an EPII set... And why on earth would they think is a good idea to use a clone commander as part of an army buidling pack. For evey 10 regular clones you end up with 5 commanders. At least they could have gone with a sergeant or a lieutenant. Again the OT sets are superior to the PT sets.