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  1. Chmashdehjare

    Interchangeable Hat Wig

    Wow that is really cool. Not sure if I’m brave enough! I mean, it’s just plastic, right? That we just exchange paper for? Gotta get over my Lord Business thinking!
  2. Chmashdehjare

    Starting from scratch.

    I’m pretty new to Pirates myself. Long time Lego builder, but am currently building my first Pirate set, the so far very impressive Pirates of Barracuda Bay. This year seems like it’s seeing a minor renaissance of Pirates with the aforementioned PoBB. We also got the Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship. Those both seem like great starting points. That would give you two pirate ships. I’ve also picked up loose pirate minifigs from bricklink and have bricklinked multiple cannon sets to add to these two ships. As for what old sets to get, I can’t help you there but I look forward to reading any answers. I’d love an affordable Imperial ship.
  3. Chmashdehjare

    It's a shame that Lego abandoned the concept of the mid sized hull.

    Interesting topic. I was just heading here to start a new one and found this. I'm building Pirates of Barracuda Bay currently, which is my first ever Pirates set and first ever set with a ship. I’m early on (just finished bag 2 which brought in the first bottom hull pieces). I’m used to Technic or Modular sets so large pieces like the hull pieces are uncommon or don’t exist at all. it made me curious how other Pirate ships have been built up. I had been wondering if all ships have the same base but I’m guessing from the other posts in this topic that the answer is no. So now I’m wondering if there is a commonly used build platform for Pirate ships or if each one was unique in hull formation. I’d love to pick up some of the older Pirate ships but too much $$$ for my budget but now I’m wondering what the cost to bricklink them would be. Have any of the previous Pirate ships been purely brick built instead of the integrated hull pieces?
  4. Chmashdehjare

    Other uses for LEGO beyond building

    I once was installing some drapery hangers and needed some spacers for the screws. 1x1 Technic bricks with holes worked great. I redid my front porch many years ago and built the design in lego first so I could better visualize it, but I guess that’s building so not really answering the question.
  5. Finally in stock in US My local Lego store doesn’t have one in stock but at least I can finally order it!
  6. Chmashdehjare

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Anybody by any chance have any info on when 42082 (Rough Terrain Crane) might be available again for the USA It's been listed for quite some time as out of stock. I assume it's due to the Mexico plant being shut down, but a lot of the other sets that were unavailable because of that issue have been either back in stock or at least listed as back ordered (so can be ordered). Is this set available in other countries or is it possibly getting to end of life (hope not, it's #1 on my priority list). Is it possible at all to order it from another region? Thanks!
  7. Chmashdehjare

    Certificate expired?

    Phew, thought it was just me. I'll transfer my money back to the bank from under my mattress now.
  8. Chmashdehjare

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Darn it about the Osprey. It was the only 2H Technic set I had my eyes on. Oh well, leaves me room in the budget to finally pick up 42082. Haven't seen it at a reduced price in the USA so may have to bite the bullet on full price (assuming it comes back in stock at Is it easily available outside USA?
  9. Chmashdehjare


    I grabbed one as soon as they went to just being backordered on and it just arrived! I'm so excited. It's my first ever Pirate set. Now I'm really regretting being so uni-focused on Technic the the last 20 years. Think of all the cool pirate ships I missed. But better late than never, right?
  10. Cool, thanks for the info. Will keep checking. Just received my long awaited POBB today! As soon as I finish the 42098 Car Transporter I started a couple of weeks ago, it's my next set to build and my first ever Pirate set!
  11. Anybody know when this is coming to the USA? I thought Aug 1 but still has it listed as coming soon.
  12. Chmashdehjare

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Seems like a pretty cool set. But I’m curious how they’re able to pump out a new set when they can’t keep up with existing ones (Pirate Bay). What staff do they working these days?
  13. Chmashdehjare

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Which editor opens these files?
  14. Chmashdehjare

    Set Builders vs. MOC Builders

    I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest so I go to Bricks Cascade and drool over the beautiful MOCs I see there. The articles people post here on their work make me green with envy. I don’t do MOCs because I typically don’t have the patience. Perhaps when I have more time. But I buy a lot and build the sets because following the instructions, the tactile feel of the bricks, seeing the creation come to life and figuring out where the designer is going is all relaxing to me. So I’m firmly in the set builder camp.
  15. Chmashdehjare

    Can you have enough of Lego?

    I’m going to assume the most common answer you’ll get is NO! But interesting question nonetheless. My wife is a quilter as a hobbyist and her business. Two rooms in our house are filled with fabric, yet she’ll always come with more from every show she goes to. i have at least 3 dozen large sets unbuilt stashed away and I still buy (fortunately not as many recent Technic sets have tempted me). I tell myself they’ll be one of my hobby’s in retirement. That Palace Cinema isn’t going to build itself after all! Nonetheless, I do have enough. But I don’t have too much.