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  1. Chmashdehjare

    REVIEW: 71741 Ninjago City Gardens

    I’m just hoping some day it comes back in stock in the US.
  2. Chmashdehjare

    What's your oldest set?

    My oldest is 5590 Whirl and Wheel Super Truck. Still have box, instructions, and all pieces.
  3. Chmashdehjare

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I don’t want to disrupt the ideas discussion so this will be a quick question and out. I’ve been seeing this term “constraction” a lot the last couple of days for the first time. Is it a portmanteau of construction and action, as in a toy that is user constructed (Lego) but played with as an action figure? I assume it’s in common use in the Bionicle themes. thanks!
  4. What an interesting stat to compute. I popped over to Bricklink to do the same and discovered that I joined Bricklink 15 years on this very day! What a coincidence. I should celebrate the anniversary by placing the order. I won’t actually, but I did just get in the mail today an order I placed a week ago. My numbers show only an order every couple of months on average.
  5. Oh my goodness!! Thank you for doing this. Was so enjoyable to look through catalogs that advertised some of my very first Technic sets. what fun!
  6. Chmashdehjare

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I’m late to this thread so I’m only this far into it so far. I occasionally peruse ebay for a chuckle. Just did it right now and I’m beyond even chuckling. What are people thinking? I see completed sales (not just offers, but they actually sold) for just the golden Wu for $75, and even one for $99! And multiple completed sales of the minifigs EXCEPT for Wu for $160. How in the world does this happen? I can buy the set right now online from Lego and get it for $300 with free shipping. Is this driven by blood in the water feeding frenzy? People in countries who can’t order from Lego right now? An extreme case of the gotta have its? Simply amazing
  7. Chmashdehjare

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I must admit I missed out on most of the these themes, not because I wasn’t into Lego at the time, but because I foolishly(!) had too much of a focus on Technic. So this grouping does confuse me a bit. Classic Space, Space Police, and Blacktron all look pretty similar to me, except for colors and probably the stories. Same for Classic Castle, Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Forestmen, Wolfpack, and Black Knights. It does seem like it would split the vote quite a bit. i completely missed out on Pirates and have thoroughly enjoyed Pirates of Barracuda Bay and would love more pirate ships but even more some competition for them. So Imperials will get one of my votes. if a vote for Time Cruisers means we can get some cool steampunk designs, I’m for that. And I really like my Johnny Thunder minifig, so Adventurers will round out my vote.
  8. Chmashdehjare

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Oh man, this! I got into Technic in the 8880 and 8480 era. This new Technic stuff yields some beautiful models that I enjoy building and playing with (hmm, I’m 57. Let’s say inspecting and examine instead of playing!) but most of the time when I’m building them I have no idea what I’m building. Just built 42040 Fire Plane (yes, I’m a little behind) and had a blast. I suspect that nothing short of a saw will ever get this model back to its component pieces, and most of the build I was pretty convinced I wouldn’t be able to come up with something similar with the beam and pin Technic techniques. This is a limitation on me I recognize. And studded Technic won’t come back, but I have been doing more System building lately because it is more understandable to me.
  9. Chmashdehjare

    Bagging of parts in a set

    How does Lego accumulate parts that go into each bag in a set? I’ve seen videos of individual pieces being made in the molds, videos of the boxes of individual pieces going to and from the huge stock wall of parts with the robots, videos of minifigs being painted and put together, and videos of bags dropping into boxes to complete a set. But I’ve searched and never found any presentation on how the hundreds of parts are gathered, counted, and weighed to be put in a bag. How does Lego do that and are there any behind the scenes videos of that? I have a sneaking suspicion it’s a trade secret and that’s why I can’t find anything on this anywhere. I have a huge curiosity about this step because it seems like a little bit of magic to accomplish and would love to see it. Does anybody know of any behind the scenes videos of this? Thanks!
  10. I’ve never watched a single Ninjago show or movie and don’t really know anything about them except they must be Ninjas that Go (??). I’ve largely been a Technic and Creator Expert (modulars) builder. I did pick up Ninjago City, Ninjago Docks, the 2017 Destiny’s Bounty and a few of the dragons because they attracted me as great models even without knowing anything about Ninjago. Now with City Gardens coming up that also appeals to me, but as a 10th anniversary tribute as it appears to be, I’m thinking it might be nice to know some of the Ninjago history (like who is this Lloyd or Floyd guy?). What would be your recommendation to get some knowledge in? I doubt I’m going to watch 10 years of shows, although who knows, maybe it will grab me. Would The Ninjago Movie give me a background or does that assume I already know it? How far back on the show (are there multiple shows - I really know nothing here) should I start, and where can one even watch Ninjago these days? I just realized maybe there’s even a web site (some wicki or something) that might give me the backstory. tldr; Where should a Ninjago noob start? Thanks!
  11. Chmashdehjare

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, happened to me too. Irritating as the only reason I’d bought the set at the time I did was to get the GWP. Otherwise I would have waited for a sale. Oh well. Tried for an hour and half and managed to get the police station and car. Whatever the IT people did while having the site offline for half an hour or so worked like a charm.
  12. Chmashdehjare

    Interesting part selection in POBB

    I was recently building POBB and ran across this part selection when building the rudder: this section has multiple 1x4 plates yet they stuck in a 1x4 with only outer studs (don’t know the name of it). I build very little of my own creation but I’m always curious about part and design selection so I can learn. The only reason I can think of to use this piece instead of another full 4 stud piece is that the bottom part of the rudder is easier to remove. I haven’t finished the build, perhaps that’s why. But I’m assuming Lego including an entirely different part comes at a cost so there must be a good reason for this piece. Anybody know the design reason for this part selection? Argh. I can’t figure out how to delete the picture below from my post!
  13. Chmashdehjare

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well that’s interesting. I wonder what actually will be produced, the unmodified ideas submission? Hasn’t Lego always made some sort of modification to the submission before presenting it as an official Lego product? I know POBB had some significant design changes, I think SteamBoat Willie did also. And I’m not even talking about redesigns to remove old pieces or “illegal” building techniques. Is this just an extension of that Bricklink AFOL program they did a couple of years ago but with Ideas as the pool to pick from but won’t have actual Lego branding? in any case my wallet is cringing in anticipation.
  14. Given how much the Lamborghini 42115 is getting beat up on inconsistent colors, I have to ask how this model stacks up in the same regard.
  15. Chmashdehjare

    Can't LEGO keep up with demand?

    I like this idea a lot. This whole disruption thing will eventually go away (we hope) but doing something like this is the sort of adaptation to current reality that healthy businesses make. My wish list on is 90% unavailable and the other 10% is stuff I only sorta want.