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    Set Builders vs. MOC Builders

    I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest so I go to Bricks Cascade and drool over the beautiful MOCs I see there. The articles people post here on their work make me green with envy. I don’t do MOCs because I typically don’t have the patience. Perhaps when I have more time. But I buy a lot and build the sets because following the instructions, the tactile feel of the bricks, seeing the creation come to life and figuring out where the designer is going is all relaxing to me. So I’m firmly in the set builder camp.
  2. Chmashdehjare

    Can you have enough of Lego?

    I’m going to assume the most common answer you’ll get is NO! But interesting question nonetheless. My wife is a quilter as a hobbyist and her business. Two rooms in our house are filled with fabric, yet she’ll always come with more from every show she goes to. i have at least 3 dozen large sets unbuilt stashed away and I still buy (fortunately not as many recent Technic sets have tempted me). I tell myself they’ll be one of my hobby’s in retirement. That Palace Cinema isn’t going to build itself after all! Nonetheless, I do have enough. But I don’t have too much.
  3. Chmashdehjare

    [REVIEW] 10266 Apollo Lander - The Hoax

    Very entertaining!
  4. Chmashdehjare

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    I also like the numbered bags. But only recently as I’m currently using the Saturn V as a weight loss incentive. Every 3 lbs off I get another bag. Since I just started, I won’t be ready for launch until early 2019 unless I lob off a leg or something!
  5. Chmashdehjare

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'll have to go through my pictures and find it, but I was at Bricks Cascade in Portland, OR a few weeks back and my vote for best of show was a huge layout with a dozen or so buildings, all linked by elevated highways and railways running throughout buildings at soaring heights. I'll look up the builder's name. I don't know the protocol for posting references to other people's work, though. It was quite an impressive layout. The builders are on Instagram at @themoctologists and it's their monorail city layout.
  6. Chmashdehjare

    What modular to buy for a 2x mod?

    Most of the my Lego "career" has been in the Technic line, but having started looking at modulars a year or so ago I got bit hard. I have all of them from PS on except for TH, but have only built PS so far because I just don't get as much building time as I'd like. I have been doing some old Town forum reading and have been enjoying reading about and seeing mods people have made to modulars by doubling up on them and making them wider, taller, deeper, etc. I'm not normally a moc'er or mod'er since my relaxation therapy is in the following of instructions and getting a beautiful or fun to play with model. However, I'm feeling inspired to dip my toes into mod'ing a modular by buying a double and seeing if I can squeeze any creative juices out of me. I think I can slip a single duplicate modular into the budget (and past the wife!) but am realistically limited to what Lego is still selling (so that means my options are AS, BB, PR, DO, DD). Now that it's double VIP points also, that makes it easier to consider. So, I'm wondering, if you were going to buy a single duplicate modular to build a 2x version from, which one would you pick? For some reason that I don't think I can explain,I have a slight leaning toward DO. Perhaps the pool hall interior has me itching to make a larger pool hall/pub interior. I don't really know so I'm curious what you all think. Thanks!
  7. Chmashdehjare

    Which set should I buy?

    This is a really interesting task you've set for yourself, to trace the evolution of Lego and Technic through the years. Would you be interested in writing up your observations as you get sets from the various years? I'm really only familiar with fairly recent piece architecture and would be interesting in knowing how things have changed.
  8. Chmashdehjare

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Wow, I better not show you a picture of what's under my desk at home then, you wouldn't sleep or go to work for months! I haven't even gotten around to building my Technic 42009 yet! Just finished Pet Shop. I'm a little ... behind.
  9. I'm not sure the best forum to ask this since it spans a couple of sub-areas, but I'm mostly a technic guy so I'll ask it here. I've been reading the discussion on the Mack Anthem and seeing lots of comments about the inclusion of system pieces in a technic set. That got me curious as to what the actual difference is since I really don't know. Prior to seeing the big emphasis on this issue for this set I had tended to think of the system vs technic being more of a set issue, not a parts issue. I know the current technic is very studless with beams and lift arms and what not. Is the difference simply that technic is the studless variety and system pieces are studs on top? Is there more to it? I know I also see references in, for example, City set reviews mentioning including technic pieces because there's an axle or a gear in the set. Going through my head I must also say is wondering why it matters. Bricks are bricks, aren't they (did I just say something sacrilegious?). I'm writing this with "Can't we all just get along" roaming through my head. :-) Thanks!
  10. Chmashdehjare

    Pet Shop interesting piece

    Wow, thanks for the info. As a software guy with the mechanical aptitude of a raging bull on meth I love building technic Lego for the way things go together and I'm delighted to see similarly fascinating building techniques in city Lego where it's "just bricks".
  11. Chmashdehjare

    Pet Shop interesting piece

    I'm pretty new to modulars and just cracking open some boxes from under my desk. I have a question about an interesting piece I found in the Pet Shop modular. For step 14 in book 2 when building the first floor of the actual pet shop, there is a 1x2 light blue brick with a slot in it. I'm mostly a Technic guy so I've not seen one of those before and my thought was to wonder to what use this going to be put (excitedly so I must say). But in the next couple of steps it just gets covered up and no use is made of the slot. So what's the point of using that piece instead of a normal 1x2 brick? Or is the non-slotted variant not made in that color? Just curious. This city building instead of Technic is pretty cool!
  12. Chmashdehjare

    Can you ever have too much Lego?

    I think the answer is certainly going to depend on who's answering. My wife and kids (adult kids) will probably say yes. My grandkids would say no. I also say no. But that's not really the question. i have this mental image (and no idea of its truth) of the set designers in Billund having two things I don't have: access to any piece they want, and (more importantly) easy access to getting those pieces. And the easy access is either because they're all in front of them (not likely) or they know how to easily get them. And that's just a matter of organization. Pieces are organized and there is a cohesive search method. i don't think the problem is having too much Lego, but the problem is having too much Lego that can be stored and accessed easily. If you're having to go out to the garage and root through boxes to get those pieces you just know you have somewhere then that's the problem. I build mostly official sets because for me it's relaxing to follow instructions, search out pieces that are right in front of me, and watch a creation happen in front of me. I create and design all day for work, I need the lower stress building to relax. When I do want to play and create I find it hassle to have to go downstairs and search through the drawers in the playroom that the grandkids also play in to find that pieces I think are there. So, no, you don't have too much Lego. You don't have enough room!