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  1. Seriously impressive, I really hope Lego show some interest as I would be one of the first purchasers.
  2. So thats the only problem, perhaps you could simply PM SNIPE and start "sharing" with the rest of us.
  3. To be fair the only mechanical question that I noticed you ask was whether the Daytona SP3 had a shift block - Like the Sian. You answered your own question in a subsequent post - The Sian doesn't have a shift block.
  4. I wanted them also but not at this price.
  5. I could have used a couple of them earlier today, its a shame Lego do not make them.
  6. I have ordered the parts I don't have to complete these two superb mods, which I really think add a very major improvement to the model. Makes me wonder why the designer didn't implement these two mods at least? Ferrari must have collaborated as much as Mclaren did with the Mclaren F1 car (In particular the initial flawed wheel insert stickers). I am hesitant about the "A" pillar mod as the designer conveys the real lfe curved windscreeen with the use of flexi's. Perhaps I will implement the other mods in the future but for now these two are really outstanding. Great work. Thank you.
  7. Even with using Lego 62462 (technic pin connector round 2L with slot) parts 21 & 22 do not even touch the red sloping bonnet (Please see my earlier post and picture link). I intend substituting the four 62462 for four Beam 2 (43857) Black.
  8. I have done the bonnet mod and light orange bar at the back end. Also covered up the holes at rear below exhaust with flat plates. For now this model is finished.
  9. This works for the bonnet with no bending or conflicts, although coverage is not as good reasonable gaps are maintained. Bonnet Mod
  10. According to my instructions and my model the black exhaust side pieces exposed studs should be half obscured by the vertical 2X1 beams either side of them yet your ingots are mounted on these studs and are fully visible. Your whole exhaust outlet seems higher? I am going to try two flat 2X1 tiles just to cover up the studs.
  11. I have the set but haven't opened the inner box yet. I need to slow down on the Lego builds but I couldn't resist this one. If I look on Rebrickable it seems I have 21 sets built.
  12. I have had enough of this book I have now been let down by two Ebay sellers due to the rise in prices. Do I need this book NO did I want it YES. I will have to get over it and hope I win a copy in the Lego draw otherwise I will have to draw a line under the whole experience.
  13. I did I have maxxed out my entries.