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  1. Having initially been put off buying this model due to the frogeyes I have now purchased and used the X4 dish mod for the headlights. I was also unhappy with the ride height but despite not liking the instafix suspension mod I have ended up using it. What were Lego thinking of when they released this unrealistic model?
  2. Great model. Was this the same Brunel that designed ships and bridges etc?
  3. williamyzfr1

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    If it looked like the picture in the first post we would all be happy but it won't look like that unfortunately.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Thank you, I would have posted the picture here but whatever way I try the file size is too big.
  6. All finished & BB8 looks great. The modified version doesn't fit the original stand too well but if you remove the two long flat black tiles in the cross piece of the stand where it supports BB8 you can substitute a 2x2 black tile with single stud in the centre and place a 1x1 square black tile on top of it. This raises the height in the centre of the stand sufficiently to support the centre of the base of BB8. These were parts I already owned but any combination of 2x2 plates & tiles to raise the height by two tiles would also solve the height issue.. I have ordered flat plates to cover the remaining uncovered studs.
  7. So LEGO & CADA parts are interchangeable but they are not the same?
  8. Cheers, I've noticed that already as I started the build with the original parts and left overs from other builds whilst I await the ordered extra parts. Personally I find it helpful.
  9. I have today received a second hand BB8 in parts and am awaiting the extra parts needed. Looking forward to the next build.
  10. Whilst specific to the thread it would seem many of the Technic Forum members prefer builds of published MOC's. I was tempted to do this on more than one occasion but the cost of the parts from Rebrickable or Bricklink was insane. One recent example was a Lamborghini and the MOC publisher suggested a Lego Chiron as a donor for parts, even then the total cost was from memory >£700 for one 1/8th Supercar. Makes Lego supercars cheap IMHO.
  11. I am currently half way through building the last part - The head. Not suggesting any fault of yours but I find myself one 3x2 plate in tan missing (step 272 of modified build) so awaiting arrival of the missing part from Ebay. I am so used to the orderly builds from Lego where you work from numbered bags in order that this build was quite challenging, as I found myself looking for parts from multiple numbered bags simultaneously. The end result has been worth it as the modified build is so much cleaner and realistic. So thanks for the MOC, it is a great improvement on the standard model.
  12. I am now pretty advanced into this build, very surprised by the lack of activity on this thread for a new Lego model.
  13. williamyzfr1

    To Paint Technic Or Not?

    Personally, I think the standard 911 wheels are perfect for the car but each to their own.