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  1. amorti

    First Technic MOC after years...

    Sehr schön! I'm impressed with how much you got that tiny motor to do. The modern motors are much stronger.
  2. I did find differentials could be unreliable under a lot of power but also put it down to the thin gears. They're absolutely fine for manual models though.
  3. We won't talk about Lepin gears! But MouldKing's and CaDA's seem to be 100% as good as Lego, except the thin 12t gears. Only because they replicate the old hard plastic grey ones rather than the newer softer tan plastic gears. Did you find same?
  4. Are there really that many? Genuine question. On most it's pretty prominent, and I know that if you look close enough, and you really need a magnifying glass, even Technic pins have the logo on them. Good point, Sembo also make some self designed models, although I did note their Audi R8 shares a lot of chassis with Madoca's Icarus. My pieces are the same with Lego, CaDA and MouldKing mixed together. The only ones I keep separate are Lepin. Pins and anything with an axle shape is basically all pure junk. I only didn't throw that stuff out because the panels, beams, and flex axles can be salvaged.
  5. You can speak for me too. But I do understand that in a Venn diagram, it's a circle of "builds with plastic bricks" with a circle of "only builds with Lego" inside. There's always going to be some who'll never leave Billund. And that's fine, some people only had Apple since the days when they made the original smart phone. But I think it's a shame that a) those guys are missing cool models at value prices, and b) they should withhold that from other members. Let's not push our luck with "&co" though, as you quickly get to stolen MOC brands including plenty stolen from members here... CaDA is a much easier argument to make.
  6. They do have a few pieces you won't find from TLG, and they're pieces which are really useful such as 5,7,9,11 stud length beams like this, with alternating holes. Thanks Jim, for the open-minded approach. English is his second language, think in German you'd say politik, which doesn't quite translate the same. Still, you got the meaning. I didn't realise they did these in 4L too. I've never used these parts but I've wanted them frequently I really wish they'd put one of the sticks as left-right :/ I agree totally and 100% with everything you've written here. Lego will remain the original Technic, but it's good if they're kept on their toes. Monopolies are never good for a consumer; you get to eat whatever they feed you and pay the asking price.
  7. amorti

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    You mentioned on the stream that the front suspension might be too soft. I'm guessing a single axle is even more twisty. What happens if you use 2L axle connectors instead of 3L, or #2 Angle connectors?
  8. Shame, but foreseeable. I've said my piece on the other thread. No one will read it there though, and many will put their heads in the sand if they do.
  9. Some people like being offended. They think it matters. Truth is these aren't the old days when you could choose Lego or Lepin; original designs made of quality pieces or lo-fi copies of them that almost fit together sort of ok. No, the brick market has moved on. CaDA have original licensed designs and quality pieces. Even MouldKing are now making original designs and allegedly trying to fix things with mocers they've previously screwed over, in order to sell more in Europe. Imagine eurobricks remains an Apple echo chamber in a world where Samsung phones are better *and* cheaper. It's getting towards time to make that choice.
  10. The power cable looks like a USB cord, but the wires are actually not connected the same way. Yes it's dumb, but it's how it is and you know that if you RTFM. So what you did, was short circuit a lipo which ofc exploded it.
  11. Fair enough, and that's why I post any reviews or comments about their sets elsewhere. However some people might be open to cheaper and stronger pf motors, but close when they read your post that it's all junk so I'll still correct you if you give misinformation. That is, unless you can substantiate that all Chinese motors are junk (they're not) and draw more current (if they do they give more power for it). Ps: "mouldy king"? Really? How childish.
  12. 1) In what way is this different from original Lego PF solutions? Except having a lipo inside and Bluetooth control. 2) The servos I've had have all been hard left or hard right except one which would allow a part steering if you tapped the steering buttons. If you use a Lego servo on these boxes though, they behave same as on pf controls, as video shows. 3) True that Chinese servos often just miss the center. But they're cheap and you get what you paid for. I've also had two Lego servos fail to RTC by the tracks in the control circuit rubbing through as this video shows the difference is they cost 30€ a piece whereas Chinese servos are maybe 10€. 4) The new generation of Chinese motors from MouldKing does draw more current. They also give more torque and more speed. And the battery boxes have enough juice to power them. Fair trade imho.
  13. I don't have the later MouldKing box, but the earlier type definitely does not have analogue control for drive or steering through the app. The sliders on screen show proportional inputs, but the box outputs on/off.
  14. The transmission can withstand shifting while driving, with 2 buwizz, 4 L motors, and 3200 pieces? That's seriously impressive. Did you ever try it with 4* higher powered CaDA motors?
  15. +1 You wouldn't share the instructions of a paid-for MOC, and for me this falls in the same category. Even paid-for MOCs have free parts lists. So I see no logical argument against this.