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  1. Nice one , I think I missed this part's launch
  2. Could be the first bike with a good looking fuel tank. How's the top been done?
  3. I can answer that one - yes, it's a part that's already in the AMG One from Bruno. Turns out that it's a really useful one, but I guess primarily it's to avoid a patented part, whether that's the straight pin hub or the 90° pin hub, idk.
  4. Not only are the green ones highly functional, RC, and looking great, but I wonder if TLG ever released a set with as many gears as @effermanmanaged to get in that beast?
  5. @efferman military equipment isn't usually my bag, but man that's a lot of gears. I do enjoy a good technic function, I must say. Hmm... @eric trax in my excitement, I had totally missed that one :D Great to see your line of technical models with system exteriors continuing!
  6. @eric trax, the Cat JCB is finally out of the bag! Also @efferman I see that big grey beast :)
  7. Just in case anyone's been waiting for a nice discount, CADA has 15% off for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, ends 27/11/2023 (I'm not sure which time zone that is related to!) Affiliate link (you get the 15% but can't use my normal code AMorti5% in combination with it): Me neither - but you've done a good job there! btw - I have the same set on its way, and will post a video once I built it. As with the AMG I'll do a bugfix video or section at the end of the review, and that fix with the bush is a great tip to share further - I'll be sure to credit you of course :)
  8. Yes, exactly that. The split part isn't impossible to use, but it's easier with the regular part. Same goes for the 5*3 H liftarm and 5*7 frame, but as those click together in the corners they don't lose significant strength, and after a while you get used to them.
  9. Hey Andrea, welcome to EB! It may be my video that you've seen? I'd suggest to buy the knob gears from CaDA at the same time as the car: Everything else is working fine without extra pieces. The only remaining risk is that you get incorrect worm gears. It didn't happen to everyone and I don't know if CaDA has fixed that in the existing product, so you could also contact them and ask. If you do get it direct from CaDA, you can use my affiliate link for a small discount: You can optionally buy 13x of these 3x3 liftarms. It would make construction a little easier in some places, but it's definitely not a requirement.{%22color%22:%2211%22,%22minqty%22:%2213%22,%22loc%22:%22IT%22,%22iconly%22:0}
  10. It can certainly mean you have less space inside yours for a detailed interior, and perhaps need to be more careful about adding decoration which could fall off in a crash situation. In any case, your philosophy for building this-scale cars is a closer match to what I like, it's why I have the classic German car on my display shelf! I will probably rebuild that soon, with a lower-power L-motor than the CADA Pro! Or maybe even as a static model, not sure yet.
  11. @brickphisto Looking good! It's amazing how you get so many features into these cars, when comparing to those same-size Icons builds.
  12. PM him via the forum, a user's direct email wouldn't be posted in the forum. There's a link to rebrickable embedded in the post.
  13. Ok boomer ;) But seriously, nothing is what it once was, otherwise we'd all be playing with spinning tops. The question is only whether the progress is going in a good direction. I'm not sure it is with a heavy reliance on licensed sets and mobile phone control of motorised models, but that's just my opinion.
  14. Rehosted: Enjoy!
  15. I hadn't realised that. I will ask them to upload it on their homepage.