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  1. amorti

    The fastest bike (?)

    I picked this model up again yesterday and, well, a project is never really finished, right? Although, maybe barring colour choices, I think this one is now. I improved the chassis further by moving the servo one stud forwards and mounting the swing arm one stud further forwards. Benefits: The servo is hung from the frame only on pins not axles, so it's stiffer The swing arm in turn is hung from the servo, so it's stiffer. In a theoretical way, a longer swing arm within the same wheelbase should also mean more stability. Deducted a couple of parts and the remaining part are smaller=lighter. Does mean you can't use the long panels on the belly pan any more, but I don't mind it. Allowed a simplification of the support for the rear of the buwizz I also figured out to put studs on the fuel tank using a half-pin with bar. It's a little more secure, plus now you could add a 1x1 round tile here and brand your bike if you wanted. Here is a render of mine just as it sits: And in red: As it sits there are 221 pieces including the two dummy PF plugs. A Buwizz costs 130€, servos now cost 70€+ from an EU seller, and RC motors 45€+ ( maybe they got cheaper because of the Buwizz motor or other Chinese equivalents?) so you're at some 250€ for the electrical parts, but other than that only the tyres are rare, and you can also use the 81.6mm scrambler tyres and according to renders it looks 100% fine. Just in case anyone is thinking about building it in another colour, the red parts are also all available in yellow, orange, black, white, DBG, and lime. Maybe good to know for any Kawasaki fans out there! Thanks again to @piterx, and always happy to hear suggestions or criticisms from the community. PS: Would anyone be interested in instructions for this? I never made any before, but it's a modest part count and I have it in, so I could have a go.
  2. amorti

    [MOC] RC Daihatsu Hijet S110P

    Looks great, and that's a lot of functionality for something so small. I guess you also like mighty car mods? They have a pickup kei car in their fleet of modified cars and it looks good fun.
  3. Darkicedesign joints are annoying because the little screws get loose. I suggest adding loctite. Freakware offers CaDA metal joints, they're the best available. Darkicedesign does metal axles which would work well. I have a couple carbon axles in Chinese sets, I don't know a European supplier of them as loose parts I only saw them on Ali.
  4. You'll definitely want to strengthen a few things, metal universal joints will be essential in the front and probably carbon axles in the rear swing arms too, unless you drive it carefully with no hard starts and stops. I'll look forward to a video
  5. I do mean this :) Well, I suppose more precisely I mean it draws more current. I don't know if it's the same thing. And it's fine, I don't feel attacked, honestly. I just try to speak in plain words on this forum, where I know a lot of users aren't native English speakers, that's all. keeps the CaDA motor in stock for 13,99€. Why not order yourself one, build a simple chassis, and see what it will manage with each motor? Both for speed, and either a scientific torque test if you have the equipment and interest, or a simple ramp climbing test. I believe you'll be surprised. And I believe you'll buy more CaDA motors!
  6. I know it simply because I have all of those available and have tested them side by side. In the order stated, the motors have both more torque and more rpm. The cost of course, is that they pull more amps. I know this because if how easy it is to trip a Buwizz safety fuse with two of each of the motors attached. With Lego L motors you can easily run two in ludicrous mode, with mouldking you're ok in normal but will often trip the fuse in fast, and with CaDA you can only use normal, but even then it's still fastest and most powerful. You don't get something for nothing! But yes, there are several tests out there. Most scientific is probably this:
  7. amorti

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    Are the old style panels on the front end admissible for the challenge?
  8. amorti

    [TC20] 8824 Hovercraft

    I really like this, the more so because I had this one as a child. Proportions are great. The mudguard and skirt panels are spot on, yet it really retains the feel of the original. I really like how you've used the new gear off the differential as a clutch gear. Very clever. Would have liked to see some bevel frames, not that they'll be necessary but on general principle, as they're part of modern building. Can you use an 8L axle with stop down to the steering pivot? The half bush at the top feels like it could ping off. I don't love the white soft axles, but I guess it's a 7L and there's no white axles that length. Imagine it in the standard/modern colour of yellow
  9. amorti

    [MOC] Iveco X-way 2021

    Could the drive motor be connected without universal joints and the second bevel gear which isn't with a bevel frame? They seem a bad call for such a big model, I bet it clicks teeth if you flip power from back to forward.
  10. @Yoseep those CaDA monsters pack a punch. In the front you'll definitely snap plastic universal joints in a second, no matter how many rubber bands you twist around them. CaDA joints are the strongest metal ones I've found so far (except darkicedesign, but the use of a grub screw to tighten against an axle is no Bueno). In the rear you'll definitely have crunching from the 12 tooth gears. If you look through the thread you'll see I've given some options to strengthen the rear swing arms. Those mods work fine for mouldking motors, however CaDA motors are even stronger. I think you'll need some carbon axles out from the motors, as plastic axles bend in the middle and allow the teeth to skip. Also check out my suggestion of an even tighter method to bind the wheel to the hub. It helps the universal joints a lot by keeping movement in the expected plane and putting the wheel's crosshole nearer the power.
  11. amorti

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    Looks good! Remarkably well controlled. I think hanging two more motors out the back will upset the balance. Try drifting in an early Porsche... How purist are you? CaDA Pro L motors deliver significantly more speed and torque than Lego L motors, and they're pretty cheap.
  12. amorti

    Tiger 6x6

    That'll work! However, while those joints won't snap, they do wear out after a while. Metal joints would work better.
  13. amorti

    RC Baja buggy V.2

    Looks cool. I'd be surprised if it has a positive caster angle though, considering the rake on the chassis.
  14. amorti

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    Looking good! Try to lose the red bushes behind the front wheels. Without it, the wheels will swing back and forth less, so you'll be able to build a neater wheel arch.
  15. 600mah is what you get in a MouldKing battery. It doesn't get you far, but it's fine especially for smaller lighter models.