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  1. Maybe they realised there's strong competition now, and something needs done...
  2. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    Nice one! You do seem to have over engineered the front end though. Rather than adding more pieces, you'll get more stability by putting pins in pin holes, and axles in axle holes.
  3. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    I reckon you'll have to deal with quite a bit of asymmetry on that build to get it balanced! Maybe even look at fixing the servo off-centre to help that, or put a weight brick in the mix? Should work well if you can balance it though, those tyres have a lot of curvature.
  4. amorti

    The fastest bike (?)

    Turns out buggy motors are heavier on the side with the gear train - who knew? The bike is better balanced by putting the buwizz half a stud to the opposite side - this also helps access to the charging port. file updated again.
  5. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    @2GodBDGlory I did just try shifting the buwizz half a stud away from the buggy motor's gearing. It really helped the bike run straight at free-pushing speeds, so I'm going to roll with it. As an added benefit, it's going to make it much easier to charge the buwizz while in the model.
  6. 48w gets a little easier once you're doing it at 12v. At that point it's "only" 4 amps. Not quite sure what you're getting at wrt Chinese clones? Buwizz was the first Bluetooth Lego Controller and while there are now several Chinese clone brands offering similar and MouldKing and CaDA boxes both happily give more constant current than a Buwizz 2 (only by my own experience comparing the two, no scientific measurements here and idk about buwizz 3), none of them offer anything brand new as buwizz did. They also all have tiny battery capacity by comparison, and none are supported by brickcontroller2, which is a huge difference because driving models on a touch screen is rubbish. Where it does get interesting is MouldKing's newest crane set comes with an analogue remote control and a box which basically does everything a Buwizz 2 does. That's something new. That same MouldKing set has a battery box with not 4 but 6 pf ports. And each of those has not 4 but 6 terminals on it. I have no idea what the extra two terminals do, but it seems interesting that powered up uses six ports with the additional two used for position sensing.
  7. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    I think two buggy motors is overkill. You can already get a lot of speed with one, doubling up isn't going to help anything. Especially since PF batteries can't supply nearly enough power to spin two of them.
  8. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    I think you'll be better off starting with something simple, and light. You can always greeble it up later.
  9. One of my two buwizz 2 couldn't hold a connection, and was rattling. The aerial had fallen off. Looks like it's just plonked on the board and blob-soldered, there's not even a hole for the wire to pass through. Anyone else had this happen? Not sure whether to try and fix it myself or not. It's under two years old so I guess this is still in warranty. Emailed support on Friday, let's see what they say. Btw, do we need a new thread for buwizz 3?
  10. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    Seems reasonable there would be a connection. A wheel with a fixed weight will give a certain amount of gyroscopic effect, which needs to be enough to overcome the tendency of the bike to just fall over. In real bikes, it's often said that you don't feel the weight of a large bike (Pan European for example) once you get it moving. The inverse being true - at slow speeds, it's a pig to keep them upright. The higher up the CoG is, the more you're going to need to force the bike to change direction. This holds true in real bikes, too.
  11. amorti

    The fastest bike (?)

    Way back in the early days of overpowered Japanese bikes like the Z900, it was common practice to brace the neck to stop speed weaves. You could go a lot faster if the two wheels are kept in line. I think that is all this bike needed, too. Notice in the video, the headshakes are basically gone?
  12. amorti

    The fastest bike (?)

    Edit: Apologies for the upright filming and wind noise. Turns out mrs amorti isn't Spielberg. Still, you get the idea! This was normal (7.2v) but as we know, you can turn it up to 11 with ludicrous mode.
  13. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    Amazing how few pieces you have on that dirt bike. I'd have to take something apart for an XL motor but if you're willing to share the model, ofc I'll build it. The XL will be a MouldKing motor, they're not as strong as CaDA Pro but still a lot stronger than Lego.
  14. amorti

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    I see why you'd suggest it, but this is exactly what this topic isn't about. We don't want this... We want proper, self-balancing motorcycles. Made of Lego. It sounds mental, but it's really possible as shown by @piterx's Fastest Bike and Baja Bike. I've built both of those and driven the Fast Bike (still waiting for tyres for Baja Bike) and can confirm it works. Download the files I've uploaded, and try for yourself! As far as I can tell, the main tricks are sufficient trail for it to track true, even balance down the centre line, and a stiff chassis for stability. Not sure about this one, at least not if you want to drive it outside. Having previously said I doubted the suspension would even move, I've now driven the fast bike and the suspension definitely does eat up bumps. I think the frame stiffening I did helps, because the front of the frame now forces the fork to eat impacts, rather than making the frame flex.