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  1. @eric trax Wait what - new control system? Consider my interest piqued!
  2. I'd also like to see it. Maybe seeing something new would inspire me to pick the bricks back up, they've been sat in the cupboard unloved for a few months now.
  3. @LvdH I've found the DBG pins and blue axle pins to be loose, but never tight. The blue ones would be loose on the axle end, the DBG ones would be loose on the pin end. Fortunately on Bruno's red one, the blue ones were never critical and the grey ones while working almost as non friction pins, were never at risk of falling out. I think the same issue was a real problem for t-lego's centenario though, since he had pieces' attachment relying on the friction of the blue pins' axle ends.
  4. @kbalage there's no "try" here, @aFrInaTi0n has clocked the bikes on GPS at 29km/h
  5. @kbalage In my specific case, I'm asking a bw3 to handle two BW motors off the fast output direct to a 91mm tyre, in a motorcycle weighing @700g. I don't think it's an unreasonable ask, but it will shut down under hard acceleration. I specifically spent over 250€ on a BW3 and two BW motors with the expectation that this would work. Firmware can't magically whistle up enough power to drive a full size pickup truck at full speed, but it should be capable of reducing power to keep it running without me manually setting up power curves. Those should be a default. It also shouldn't completely shut down when overloaded. Maybe go into a limp mode so you can still at least try to brake or steer. Even with this whinge out of my system, the out of range issue is, as you rightly say, a much bigger concern. Those ten metres or so of range (don't tell me it's "up to" 100m!) disappear very quickly at 25+ km/h.
  6. Look forward to your thoughts. @Jim would admin allow a separate thread for that?
  7. Same as @aFrInaTi0n - the fast motorcycles we like to build, as well as anything else fast, absolutely need a failsafe when they get out of range. If you don't have that, you can be certain your 300€+ of bricks are going to hit a curb, go in the only water for miles, end up on the autobahn, etc. Also same as @shroomzofdoom: you sold it to me the BW3 and two BW motors package on the premise a BW3 can power two BW motors without shutdowns. It can't. Frankly, that's false advertising and the EU already has something to say about that. Edit: just looked through the website for the wording which I reckon claimed that, there is none. Either I'm crazy, or it was removed in the meantime.
  8. For us mere mortals right at this moment... I mean, you also can't buy individual brand new Lego pieces for a few months after release, unless someone parted out the set on BL.
  9. @brunojj1 it only increases my excitement for the next Master set! I think it's great to get exclusive pieces like this in alternative brand sets, it really differentiates the copycats from the creators.
  10. Since nobody tagged anybodyyet... @efferman can you confirm if it's your design? @brunojj1 looks like the cat is out of the bag!
  11. @LvdHthanks for sharing, where did you find the pics? I like the technical action of the piece. With the Lego orange one and a lot of torque, it can wobble in and out, but looks like you would get a more solid engagement of the slider by using the shift fork there, not to mention it bears more similarity to a real gearbox selector mechanism, imho.
  12. 14.99 seems fine to me, but i'd personally rather pay more to get it inside Europe, and not have to pay customs.
  13. The turntables need grease to run well. They have the advantage that they'll never melt unlike an axle in a hole can. You can tighten up the wheel to the hub like this: Pins in pin holes, means less play. You just have to get over the use of the middle 1L of the 2L part of the pin. Also you can then turn the wheel inside out, to get its axle hole nearer the driving axle, so again less play:
  14. I did have a few short shots from cada. Nothing big like that yet, though!