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  1. schraubedrin

    General Part Discussion

    The new Ninjago Set 70670 introduces gears that look to me like the old style gears: (timestamped video)
  2. Out of curiosity: did you try the Unimog Tires (Tyre 94.3 x 38 R) ? They might fit the SUV-look
  3. schraubedrin

    [REVIEW] 42094 - Tracked Loader

    Great review. You always manage to make me wanting to buy every available set Why on earth didn't they make at least one of the panel fairings in yellow?! It would fit the colour-scheme perfectly and we didn't have those since 2011.
  4. schraubedrin

    [REVIEW] 42096 - Porsche 911 RSR

    Are those Skid-Plates below the rear diff? It's curious that they decided to include those but not a closed underbody. @Jim, great review, as always. I'm really on the fence with this one. i hate off-colored stickers more than the fact that they are using them in the first place
  5. Thank you, that was already interesting. I was surprised how confident you're building in this dense tangle of parts without using the "hide-parts-tool" It's unfortunate that you're in the middle of the project, it's the beginning or changing big subsections that i have the most problems with. If the oportunity arises, don't hesitate to upload a longer video, even if it's 80% static image. It's perfect to watch during building sessions. Maybe you'll participate in the TC15, than there's an opportunity to record the beginning of a project
  6. Just to get a feel for the rules: Would the lander from interstellar be allowed: And what about SpaceShipOne, it needs another vehicle to get in the sky but isn't an orbiter and flies mainly by aerodynamic lift:
  7. Thank you very much for the pictures, this clears things up quite a bit. I have to admit, i thought you had only put in those 16t-clutch gears as placeholders with the complete gearbox coming later This small and compact design really surprised me.
  8. I think i understand it as far as possible without trying to build it myself You've obviously put a lot of thought in this already. It's crazy how well this concept fits in your current design language That sounds like a really solid strategy. Now i'm really keen to see you working on LDD
  9. Thanks for answering my questions so thoroughly. That's a good reason, this drivetrain may be very torquey. Would it be possible if you flip the differentials? This way you could still support the input side directly while using the 24-tooth side as locking-side. maybe if you move the gearbox nearer to the XL-motors? Using the old 2L driving ring might grant you more space. Although you might have to rebuilt the fake V8 input. On a completely unrelated note: could you maybe make a screen-recoding of you working in LDD? (e.g. with OBS) I think digital examples are one off the best methods to exchange ideas. It's just that i'm so slow using it, that i normally don't bother. Therefore i'm interested how you're building such complex, free floating structures.
  10. This is a great idea, i'm looking forward to your progress on this project. Why do you use additional gears to achieve the locking differentials if you just could connect the driving rings to the differential housing? This way you'd save space and gears. Am i guessing that the fake engine is in the rear of the car? If so, you may reconsider the placing of the cross-gearing: the gears subtract torque from the axles and standard 4WD-vehicles have more torque in the rear (for better acceleration) For the type of vehicle, this seems to be a perfect base for a SUV: not too much suspension travel but still sporty.
  11. schraubedrin

    Compact heavy ratchet joint techniques?

    Are those 4x4 dishes and only one Stud apart? We could help better if we knew the working space and connection points. In this tight space I can't really imagine anything stronger than the 44224 Technic Rotation Joint Disk. Although i'm not well versed in uncommon building techniques. And i guess a ratchet would need some elastic deformation of parts...
  12. schraubedrin

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    That's improbable. Unless the pictures are official we aren't allowed to post them here. Sure, there will always be someone ignoring that rule and until a moderator removes them they will be visible. After that, the inevitable discussion follows whether or not it's allowed to post links to the pictures.
  13. schraubedrin

    Technic Pub

    I would hope so, it has been free since its beginnings in 2009. It's the main image hoster for reddit and this didn't even change when reddit started its own hosting service With this big user base, i think charging money would kill it pretty fast.
  14. schraubedrin

    General Part Discussion

    Maybe this part: ?
  15. schraubedrin

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Is there any reason this thread is still pinned and not the 2019 one? Are we starting to put the early released 2019 sets into the 2018 wave?