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  1. schraubedrin

    Limited Technic Reviews

    That's just sad. Your reviews have been a part of the reason i became a forum member (and i've always been part of the "stay up till midnight"-crowd) There are very little reviews that convey the feeling of building and understanding a model as good as yours. As you're describing and picturing the model during the building one gets to know the model well enough to be able to discuss it with members already owning it. (The only increase in detail being @grum64's projects) As the next best thing, i would enjoy those too :-) I really hope you can sort this out with LEGO. With the designer interviews by @Sariel, there seem to be more communication channels open than before, maybe they'll hear it this way...
  2. schraubedrin

    [MOC] Red Buggy

    That's an ingenious solution! It took me embarrassingly ling to spot the 7L gear rack.
  3. schraubedrin

    [MOC] Red Buggy

    Can you show a detailed picture of the steering mechanism? Based on the current pictures i'm unable to reconstruct it.
  4. schraubedrin

    [MOC] Red Buggy

    That's a really nice and clean build. I like that you didn't use too many parts. How's the steering angle? I always have trouble building a good mechanic with the small steering arm.
  5. schraubedrin

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    I should have guessed that you already optimised this drivetrain to death Another idea to reduce the torque on the shifter rings would be to double them. But this would be a huge step-up in complexity with questionable outcome. Whatever you do, i'll follow this thread closely
  6. schraubedrin

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    This will hurt the efficiency a bit, but have you tried running the complete gearbox at higher speeds to reduce the torque?
  7. schraubedrin

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    Since the motors are strong enough for the 4th gear, why not raise all gear ratios? So the gears go from 1.00 to 3.00? In the end i guess you'll mostly use the first and last gear, so the gear jumps in between only help smoothen the transition.
  8. schraubedrin

    8081 - Extreme Cruiser - MODs and Improvements

    Wow, it's awesome what people are doing with this set. Thanks for showing me! Unfortunately my dark age began just before this set was released, that's why it took so long for me to acquire it A good idea, as the necessary parts are pretty generic so quite a lot of people will be able to participate. Except for the steering rack, it needs another solution using current parts It's my pleasure I'd be interested what you think of it. I'm happy about your feedback, it seems to be not a bad idea to take another look on older sets.
  9. After finally getting the 8081 Extreme Cruiser and enjoying the build, i just had to make it remote controlled. There's so much space in this chassis! And small offroaders are always a win (Unfortunately i neither have a good camera nor a nice photo-studio, so the pictures aren't that nice.) Everything fits nearly seamless, except for my horrendous cable management: (original on the left, MOD on the right) For propulsion i used two L-Motors geared 25:28 to the wheels, steering is done by a servo. As i built this mod from my own parts, i didn't use the original Technic Gear Rack 1 x 2 with Ball Joints. The result is a convoluted mess with far to much slack. But it works well enough to drive over other peoples feet Here's the belly shot: The servo is located above the L-Motors. To insert my steering solution, i had to ditch the original fake V4. The Battery Box fits perfectly in the boot. And replacing it doesn't take more than opening the boot lid. to take it out. (It's positioned on short axles) And finally i remodelled the front a bit, closing some gaps and installing glowing lights In the end i'm really glad, that i searched for this model even though it's relatively old. It's a nice build, a good parts pack, very modable and still nice to look at. @moderators: i started this thread because no such topic existed and i didn't knew in which of the other 8081 topics i should put my post. Feel free to move/merge it.
  10. schraubedrin

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Incredible, that you made this a working detail. Now i'm really looking forward to the video "WIP LEGO Technic replica of the Liebherr LTM11200 crane, part 3/3" to see the boom in action. Because with the pictures i can't figure out how this will work, everything seems connected...
  11. schraubedrin

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    I'm in awe of the size and complexity of this model. There are so many ingenious details! Until now i didn't understand every part of it, are the ends of the blue 3L pins at the tip of the boom for an extension? And what are the linear actuators on the boom for?
  12. schraubedrin

    [TIP] A perfect fit

    Because i have a hard time seeing those perfect fits, i recently build tools to help me find them: It's a collection of Pythagorean triples and multiples of those with axles in the corners to point at/insert in stud holes. They make building stiff constructions a lot easier and faster.
  13. schraubedrin

    General Part Discussion

    The new Ninjago Set 70670 introduces gears that look to me like the old style gears: (timestamped video)
  14. schraubedrin

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    Out of curiosity: did you try the Unimog Tires (Tyre 94.3 x 38 R) ? They might fit the SUV-look
  15. schraubedrin

    [REVIEW] 42094 - Tracked Loader

    Great review. You always manage to make me wanting to buy every available set Why on earth didn't they make at least one of the panel fairings in yellow?! It would fit the colour-scheme perfectly and we didn't have those since 2011.