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  1. Oh my god. That was my first technic set (I remember not being able to build it correctly the first few tries) On the topic of spring rates: do we have any confirmation that each color has its associated spring rate?
  2. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    And because your high quality photographs are beloved by the community
  3. brilliant idea, i made something far simpler for crafting in Diablo 3 As StarWars Battlefront is quite controversial on the internet, your video already sparked a discussion on the reddit frontpage:
  4. I know i want some of this cake (and i don't even like those light blues)
  5. @robert, you are awesome. Thanks for doing that!
  6. Today i finally finished my necessary mods: The first thing was to separate the drive-axle and attachment of the lower conveyor. In the original construction there's so much force on the driven axle that it needs far more torque than necessary. At the same time i made the conveyor more horizontal and therefore needed to lower the ladder acces. I'm not very versed in advanced LEGO Geometry so the new gear train doesn't look very pretty: The second mod was a simple idea with a challenging execution: Change the Gearbox from high torque to high rpm by changing the motor gear ratio from 1:3 to 1:1: This way i could move the high torque ratios further down the powertrain to take some load of the bevel gears to prevent slippage. The simplest ratio addition was in the drivetrain and while i was at it i improved the bracing of the gears a bit. (I'm no fan of the single 3L Beam. While it prevents slippage, it may add resistance because it can flex between those axles.) The packaging for the main conveyor was so tight, i had to power it from the outside to get enough room for the additional gears. In the end i couldn't find room in the chassis for the slewing, so i had to add the reduction right after the gearbox (the grey and white 24t gears are visible in the background) All those changes had the desired effect: no more jerkiness in any movement, no slipping gears, a faster output-conveyor and even with my depleted batteries it now (barely) manages to climb 1 stud high obstacles
  7. I meant 42056 Porsche GT3 RS. I thought all its panels will be available in medium-blue but just realized that the smallest panels aren't available yet
  8. My wallet winced when i saw those pictures, i love the Mack Truck. I like the shaping of the rallye car but am kinda disappointed that the first alternate color for the Porsche will be some kind of baby-blue @Jim, could you edit your first post in this thread to include the current pictures? With those rapid discussions i'm always losing track of them
  9. [MOC] Lil' Speedster

    On the first look it reminded me of 8448. Really nice work, i dig those small, functional models
  10. LEGO QA unfortunately doesn't seem to be that much concerned with bending for assembly or disassembly :-( I disassemble such constructions by moving the gear and axle connector a fraction of a millimetre while torquing the other part to keep the axle in place. It takes time but doesn't damage any parts.
  11. Only half a year later, here are reverse video instructions, as amateurish as the model itself:
  12. My mechanical clocks

    Do you have instructions or LDDs of your models? I love lego models of complex mechanical devices. They really help to understand them thoroughly.
  13. I realize now, that i formulated my question in the worst possible way What i was aiming at is the following: If i try to rebuild your rear beam Construction in LDD, the green axle intersects the half-beam: Now my question is how this behaves in reality. My guess is the 3L half-beam bending a little bit.
  14. that's a really great model. I personally find the yellow half beams for windows on the bridge a bit much, have your experimented with the number of frames in your build process? Is the connection of the transverse beam of the rear crane working without bending? I'm with jotta here. That's a lot of cranes for very little space. Maybe instead of the cranes, put something on the platform above the engine for the one crane to pick up.
  15. Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    This vehicle looks crazy functional. A video would be nice. Is the yellow block in the back a counterweight for the conveyor belt?