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  1. This might be an issue of the servo not getting the signal when it's at the "right" position. Is there any input/steering signal where it stops switching back and forth? Maybe fully left or fully right? Have you seen this video:
  2. What an incredible achievement! The front corner looks really nice, considering how many angles are coming together there. You're actually making me consider to buy the Ferrari Do you have a belly shot showing the gearbox?
  3. While i really like a size limit, i'm against a weight or part limit. They might exclude tracked and/or technical dense models. Maybe define a volume, rather than specified x, y and z limits? That way we can expect more unusual shapes which are always fun
  4. Thank you for the encouragement I found the time for some little bug fixes, here is the video that should have been in the competition: For the next version, i have to find a LEGO CAD with the current parts and learn it. Any recommendations? Developing efficient bracing for such a complex drivetrain will be much easier when it just stays in place, without needing to hold it with five hands
  5. As i see it, i'm here to have fun building and use the competition more to get inspiration and a deadline. I'm not in it to win it and it's nice to praise others for the work they put in.
  6. There have been some incredible entries, great work everybody! 3: 10 5: 6 1: 4 4: 3 7: 2 6: 1 It really was a daunting challenge, i see everybody who entered as a winner
  7. I feel exactly the same It has been a great way to try out crazy mechanisms in a small space. I definetly gained a project i will be working on in the future And i learned to work on my timing for those contests
  8. You're speaking what my heart desires I really appreciate the encouragement. Although i won't be as productive the previous weeks, i'll keep at it. There are already several changes to the concept which will make it much more reliable while reusing existing solutions. Just switching out the skipping 16-20-16 gearing for the lift mechanism helped so much that the new weak spot is the motor. No idea why i didn't construct it this way from the beginning. Late night engineering really is something Just replacing the 5L levers for the rear container with gear racks should reduce the torque requirements by >300% By the way, here is another nice gearing solution used at the front: Parallel input/output axis with a gear ratio of 13.3 : 1
  9. I will regret this tomorrow (today) morning, but i "finished" it enough to be happy to run in the competition: There is one bad connection making the transformation only possible with manual help: in a pinch i had to couple a "flat" 20 tooth bevel gear to the 16 tooth side of a differential. The normal 20 tooth gear doesn't fit there
  10. Entry Name: Container Truck Description: A shipping container that transforms into a delivery Truck Dimensions are equal to a 150% length Mack Anthem container. There are three transformations happening in two stages: Reduce track width by 1 stud on each side Lower the container over the chassis The front face moves vertical (linear) by 3 studs The cargo area/container rear + sides swing in an arch to achieve 7 studs of height change To achieve the staged transformation the drivetrain is continually switching the "main" modes when the drive motor is on. The two chassis movements are coupled with a differential, this way always the "easiest" move is driven until it reaches a stopping point. Unfortunately i couldn't take enough time for this project, so the transformation is very janky and needs manual help. That's also the reason there is no cabin I never built anything even remotely as complex as this model and implementing the switch and differential solution with only hours to go was not my best idea. Still, i'm very proud of the dense geartrain with only two obvious design errors. You might want to watch the video without sound, those slipping gears are heartbraking to hear. Oh, nearly forgot the belly shot:
  11. Thanks for the encouragement This is more or less how i envision it:
  12. As expected, i won't be able to finish this project for the competition. I was really looking forward to making a cheeky reveal video, with another truck delivering the container which then transforms (more or less unexpectedly). But alas, "perfect" got in the way of "good". The question remains: should i enter the contest with unfinished business (feels wrong) or abandon the project (feels wasted) ? i guess i'll be able to actually finish the mechanisms tonight, but the whole front is missing. My idea is a container, that transforms to a container truck. The same width+height as the 42078 Mack Anthem container, with 150% length. Doesn't sound very exciting, but the excecution needs a lot of detail solutions
  13. Thanks for the encuragement @whitepen This is the fourth (but definetly not final) rebuild of the chassis, now with the secondary transformation feature implemented: There is a lot to do for the cabin area: The drivetrain PTO (red) will be used to switch between the transformation stages (green and blue): I'm really surprised the drivetrain PTO works without any scraping, those are a lot of gears in a very tight area: Fortunately i got an extra vacation day tomorrow, so i will be able to do a little more work before the deadline. I don't see me finishing the full front, but if i manage to implement the transformation switching i'll be happy. @Jim, which timezone is the deadline?
  14. I finally got another chance to work on the truck. The trackwidth change is simplified and coupled front to back: Drive and steering are electrified. The position of the servo and drive motor is nice, looks like the fuel tanks of the truck: And i figured out the positions for the rear top transformation mechanics: There is a lot more work to do: rebuild the entire chassis to get robust mounting points for the transformation mechanics figure out a way to switch between the two transformation steps design the front end implement front end transformation. I'm enjoying this project and its challenges, but i fear it will be hard to finish on time with work sucking most of my time and energy.
  15. Those are some nicely designed electronics. Have you considered flipping the power board on the other side, reducing the necessary length of the copper strips? Are you open to selling the electronics board seperately, so customers have the option of printing the case themselves? (Although this might hurt your sales revenue)