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  1. 30: 10 9: 6 20: 4 53: 3 59: 2 33: 1
  2. Are you sure you want to use those 8 tooth gears in such a powerfull drivetrain? I have a feeling that they are relatively inefficient. Those have been used in several crawlers. But with high power transfer the inefficient tooth design heats up and they die easily.
  3. schraubedrin

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    The Lamborgini leak showes us the new helicopter blade part (i think) Found here:
  4. schraubedrin

    Custom Technic pull-back motors

    I actually liked the mechanisms used in 8202 and 8205
  5. schraubedrin

    Technic 9398 has no torque

    Is there a difference in torque between the axles? That would mean one of the motors has a problem. Is there a difference in torque when you use the other ports on the IR receivers? (switch the servo with the motors) That would mean an electrical problem, e.g. corroded contacts.
  6. schraubedrin

    [TC18] H&C F6 in technic

    This looks like an impressive project. Might be fitting for the current small car contes: [TC18] Technic Small Car Contest
  7. What an incredible looking model. I love the seamless combination of Technic and System parts. Is this the normal green color?
  8. schraubedrin

    Generic Contest Discussion

    It's really interesting what everybody thinks of the goal of the contest. I think that's shaping our contest ideas quite a lot. For me those contests are a motivation to build and a way to jumpstart creativity. And i think restrictions are a great way to boost creativity, they start my "problem-solving-engine"
  9. schraubedrin

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I'll add another voice in favor of small scale contests Although the theme for the next contest seems to be quite clear, what do you generally think about a part restriction contest? Something like "no gears" or "no wheels" would certainly yield interesting results.
  10. schraubedrin

    Where should I start with Technic?

    If you're focused on power functions, i'd suggest to search a used 42030. It has the complete collection of power function parts and can be available bellow 100€ (depending on your country). New sets with power functions below 100€ are rare:
  11. schraubedrin

    [APP] BrickController2

    I've finally got it working Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement, @AVCampos and @imurvai. What i endet up doing: - Buy a cheap Samsung Galaxy S5 (~30€) - Try it with the original Android 6: C+ Hub gets recognised (Wuhu!), XBox Controller doesn't (Dang it!) - Install lineage OS 16, attemp it there: XBox Controller gets recognised (Yippie!), C+ Hub doesn't (Wait what?) - Search for a middle ground, find and install lineage 14.1: XBox Controller and C+ Hub get recognised (f finally!) Although i'm incredibly happy to have worked it out for a small price i'm more confused than ever. Somehow lineage OS 16 enables or disables the functionality of the app (as proven by the difference between the LG G2 and S5). This implies that some features Brickcontroller2 uses to connect to the C+ Hub get lost from lineage 14 to lineage 16 - but only for Samsung phones?! Maybe my S4 Mini might even be able to run Brickcontroller with a different operating system? That's all from me for now. I'll be back playing with Lego instead of phones
  12. I first thought this to be a problem too. But after a little thought, that gives us kind of a load-locking differential as some people hoped it would be
  13. schraubedrin

    [APP] BrickController2

    Welp, that didn't help. Even with extensive firmware updates, Brickcontroller2 doesn't work on my GT-i9195i with Lineage OS 16. Now i don't know what to do of this excercise. AVCampos' and my experiences didn't show any data deciding whether a smartphone does or doesn't work with Brickcontroller2. I guess i'll search for a cheap used LG G2 on ebay now...
  14. schraubedrin

    [APP] BrickController2

    We found the culprit: i can't. According to nRF this is not supported on my device. This list of "Device Support For Beacon Transmission" kind of confirms it (only for GT-i9195, mine is a GT-i9195i) Unfortunately i couldn't find any information whether newer versions of lineage are able to fix this. Although it may be, as @AVCampos's LG G2 (i guess LG-D802) shouldn't support it either, according to the list. I'll try to install lineage OS 16 and see if that changes anything. Skimming through the xda forums, i've got a little bit of hope
  15. schraubedrin

    [APP] BrickController2

    Thanks for the input. That's very intresting as the G2 only has Bluetooth 4.0 as well. Have you been able to connect to a C+ hub in another version of BC2 ? @imurvai, are you sure the S4 Mini is a lost cause, even though nRF Connect was able to connect to the hub?