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  1. mrsmoony

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    I'm quite happy with the current selection of LEGO themes (though I'm sad to see Kingdoms seems to be indefinitely on hold because of the LoTR sets, and I'll miss the HP line) and I'd love for many of them to continue (especially the Superheroes line); the biggest area for improvement for me is not in the sets, but in the availability at the PAB walls. I'd love to see more bricks that can be used by people working on ambitious projects. I totally get the need for brightly coloured 2x4s because obviously LEGO wants to appeal to kids, but it would be great to see more pieces, especially in muted colours. Sometimes it feels like no matter what LEGO store I go to, the part selection is only slightly different. I'd probably spend a ridiculous amount of money at the LEGO store if the PAB walls had more parts, or changed parts quicker. Also, it would be interesting to see more Disney themes, though that would probably have more appeal for kids as I'm probably part of only a small number of adults who would love to see themes devoted to classic Disney characters (in LEGO, not Duplo!). Edited to add: Oh, I almost forgot my most important complaint (and I don't have many complaints with LEGO): I'd like to see a more conscious effort to include nonwhite minifigs in the licensed themes. The purpose of flesh-toned minifigs in the first place was, as far as I know, to match the variety of characters in licensed sets (I believe LEGO agreed that having a yellow Lando would be odd, for instance). I'm not sure about the degree to which they have control over which characters they can use for licensed themes, but I'd like to see more of an effort. A Kingsley Shacklebolt could have come in one of the Hogwarts battle sets, for instance. As for the current themes, we really need that Nick Fury minifig that we thought we'd get, and there are plenty of other characters they could make minifigs for (Storm, Luke Cage, etc.). On that note, more female minifigs in some of the licensed lines would also be appreciated -- I'm mostly thinking of the fact that, as far as I know, none of the LoTR sets have an Eowyn or Arwen (though I know Arwen is not exactly an action character).