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  1. Man oh man! Love it! Maybe take the two center brick w arch pieces out of the back of the cab above the windows to add a cargo that you added the smokers windows ( little windows in front or the door windows) great job
  2. Looks great...can you show more of a side view? Nailed the bumper for sure
  3. This looks great! Sorry I haven't shared much with you but I'm on vacation and away from my pics and lego's. Plus I could help more with the body anyways. I'm so excited for this. I love the chassis and my only complaint would be that there is no fake v8. Is that an option?
  4. If you scroll down there are a couple of links in here that have a few pictures. Although I basically stopped posting here because I'm computer illiterate and could never get pics resized or to actually post. If you want I could find you on Facebook and I could send you all the pics on there. And yes, I am a 67-72 Chevy c-10 freak! To me, they are the most beautiful truck ever built and my first vehicle was a 72 fleetside two tone blue and white. Your chassis already looks better and more real than mine ever did. I struggled with fitting suspension as well, but mine was slammmed on the Porsche wheels. Let me know if you have a Facebook and I'll share with you all the techniques I used. Thanks for building this! I first saw this topic on my birthday! What a present!
  5. Finally! So I basically have a few thousand dollars worth of technic lego sitting around for this reason and this reason only. For six years I have been trying to build this truck. If you search Chevy c-10 on here you will see my attempt. I've been able to replicate the body pretty well but I'm not good at the technical aspect. I've currently built a body out of system lego's and have been trying to come up with a basic chassis. Please please please finish this! I can't wait!
  6. Your building style is very unique. I am very excited to learn from this build. What exactly does "in system" mean?
  7. Again this looks great. I'm looking forward to getting to my Mac and checking out the files you shared and really looking forward to seeing where this goes!
  8. This is fantastic! Glad to see you making your own moc. Looking forward to seeing this progress
  9. Rodzilla4

    [MOC] 1:8 Scale Scorpion CK-R Supercar

    This car looks great. I've been waiting to see someone do the new orange parts justice. The rear end is perfect and my favorite view is from above looking into the cabin. Great chassis and excellent bodywork. Can we get a video?
  10. Rodzilla4

    [POC] Paddle Shifter Unit

    That is great! The work you have done on the 42056 is amazing, and now that I'm done with using the rims on my moc, I'm going to build it, and definitely incorporate this! Good work
  11. Rodzilla4

    72 chevy c/10

    I've posted another link at the top with a few pictures of how the body was built. As I've said before the chassis is nothing spectacular. It would be awesome to see someone with more lego technic talent to build an improved version! I'm stepping away from the "moccing" game for awhile, in hopes to practice and learn from other Mocs or official sets, then maybe come back with something better in terms of functionality in the future. Thank you all for the views and comments! If someone is interested in building this, and or making it better, I have thousands of photos and can easily build the body and most of the chassis in ldd and can share the file. :)
  12. Big fan of old school Chevy trucks! And especially made from lego. You did not disappoint! Very clean model and instantly recognizable
  13. Rodzilla4

    72 chevy c/10

    Thanks Meatman! I'm still trying to figure out how to post proper links. Sorry to the moderators for the editing. I think I've got it figured out now. My favorite part of the build was getting to add some system bricks for engine detail. They don't stress me out like the technic pieces:)
  14. Rodzilla4

    72 chevy c/10

    Thank you all for the kind comments. I do plan to take some better quality pictures and a short video to show that the functions I listed do in fact work, but for now here are some of the many stages this truck went through. Some are approx 1:10 scale and some 1:8.
  15. Rodzilla4

    72 chevy c/10

    Thanks kiwi! I will get better pictures soon now that I know I can just put a link up. And lox, yes they turn very well. When fully turned they just miss the small black panels. If I can talk my girlfriend into it, I'll try to take a short video of it in the next day or two. Thanks everyone for the kind words! This truck and I have been round and round, so it's really nice that someone else appreciates it.