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    Lego, sailing ships, pirates, roman empire, ancient buildings, big guns and cannons, archery


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  1. Robin_IV

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    I'm a huge fan of the Roman Empire and I never saw something like this. You have my recognition. Well done!
  2. Robin_IV

    [Moc] Black Falcons vs lions

    Wow. Wanna have this minifigs *-* Great castle. Nice touch for the water. It is implied but not too overdone. You seem to be good in building castle things.
  3. Robin_IV

    [Moc] Helms Deep

    Nice build. Better than the Lego version imao. I think the curved slope leading to the gate could be more implied. But this is nitpicking. Ignore it. :)
  4. Robin_IV

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    Great fort. I like the colour scheme overall. I especially love the roof and the ride. Where was this display presented?
  5. Robin_IV

    Powhatten Village WIP

    Wow. This is beautiful work. Nice roofs and walls. The houses look very good!
  6. Robin_IV

    Welcome back to Hogwarts Harry!

    Nice. wanna see that moc. What is this for a torso/leg print of the man?
  7. Robin_IV

    Future Star Wars Sets

    My wishlist: Mos Eisley Cantina (Now with a halfround bar instead of a quarter circle!)
  8. Robin_IV

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    Yes. Lego must bring back the classic themes. Pirates have to come next year due to the anniversary (they just have to) and Knights should also get an update also not only on new sets but on new ideas and designs in set design and not always the same over and over again. I don't understand why they refuse to honor something which made them so popular two decades ago. Ninjago is -speaking at itself- a popular and high quality theme which hit the mark. This creativity which were put and still is put in these sets should be transfered to other themes except for what the individual likes of the Ninjago theme. And well know that lego is able to produce something HQ. Coming back to topic: This creativity I wish to see in a new LOTR Theme. I understand that there has to be set pricepoints and that there can't be all sets for over 100$. But come on. Nobody can tell me that to release 12 sets in total for such a huge story like Lord of the Rings (with 3 Movies) is enough. Look at StarWars. And these were 6 movies (with now the new ones). LOTR deserves imo much more than a 13, 13, 20, 30, 30, 40, 60, 60, 80, 100, 130, 200 dollar theme. There is some room for improvement. I know I maybe want to much but I just wish it.
  9. Robin_IV

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Wow. Beautiful scene. I really like your ship. Always be attracted from ships. Also nice desicion to only make a gatehouse which is nice and very detailed. a castle in this size is quite brick-consuming. But could have get maybe a bit of wall extension left and right imao :D
  10. Robin_IV

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    Ok. Thanks. Maybe I will find this scenes on YT Yes. Exactly. I also heard this from other people who did text reviews that they were confused about the decision over this set. I think its not bad at all. We have too less ships in TLW but for LOTR there could be done so much more. Maybe TLG was annoyed with licensing or something like this. If they would make an update on this theme they have definitely much material to choose from...
  11. Robin_IV

    [MOC] 10-gun (full hull) pirate ketch "Pelican"

    Yes. This is what I meant. It looks better now than before. Just a little note to the figurehead. In the age of sail the name of the ship had nothing to do with the style of the figurehead. So the ships had completely different names which where not related to the figurehead. Just said this if you want to give your ship an other name. But if you like this name theres nothing wrong with it.
  12. Robin_IV

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    I would love to see a new LotR Theme. But I have to agree that the old sets were not that spectacular. It was not because of the set choice but the poor composition of the sets itself. Don't get me wrong I like 9474 and 10237 but e.g. the 9472 9476 79005 are very small for what they could be. Also there could be done more with the Elves village Elrond (something like the ewok village) with trees and river or the 9469 could have get at least one hobbit house. Or a set where Frodo first encountered Aragon. Would have been a nice village set with little houses and the inn. When I first saw the 9474 I really wanted it. But when I saw that it was that small and for this price I was disappointed and didn't buy it. 9473 is a really nice set though. And the pirate ambush ship is ok but nothing special. But I don't know where in the movies it has played a role.
  13. I just read a text in a Star Wars Encyclopedia about the Mud troopers before I opened this post. They also mentioned Han Solo. It's quite interesting that there will be a Han Solo Mudtrooper. It's a pity that he has no helmet. On his stand there is a pin. Will there maybe come more Star Wars Special Minifigs in the next month?
  14. I think I know this guy. But don't know from where.
  15. Robin_IV

    [WIP] BMW i8

    Really good. Glad to see that you continue.