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  1. Really beautiful castle! It shows that a moc has not to be always a big one. It reminds me of the old classic castel lego sets.
  2. Robin_IV

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    I really love your work at the minifigures. It was surrely hard work! I love your Eomers Hideout Tower. It has so great stone pattern and details. Have to build a castle in the future too. I love your arch from the gatehouse. Really beautiful tile work.
  3. Robin_IV

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I would really enjoy to see new Sets like a harbour with a quay wall, crane and a storehouse or smaller boats like a sloop/schooner. But with more details and appropiate to the minifig scale. Also a smugglers cave (1000+ pieces) would be very nice...
  4. Robin_IV

    Lego Quality Reference

    E.g. BrickLink. On Bricklink there are many sellers who buy professionaly sets and resell them in the original brown Lego shipping box. So you have to buy sometimes at least two or three. Like this one. He has a Min buy of 100 000 CZK (one hundred thousand) which are roughly 4 400 dollars. I didn't mean other Brands witch frauds. I mean seller who sell sets as new when they aren't and reseal them or used but with old heavily bad parts (like in your example) or parts which he has added from other sources and not the original set which could be even older and worse. If he would take care of parts and store them accurately it would not be such a disaster that bricks break like glass. And even then he must make it clear in the product information for the buyer that bricks might be like cookies.
  5. Robin_IV

    [Help] - Flexible hose

    And I tested LSynth in LDraw and it works perfectly for bending pieces. (ropes, chains, hoses) But Hm. Maybe I should use pneumatic hoses instead. Because I have to bend them on very tight space. I have to order some additional and test it in RL.
  6. Robin_IV

    Lego Quality Reference

    I would never buy such sets on Ebay. There are so many frauds out there. I would not take that risk. It's not worth the money imo. And as we all know Lego uses 4 identical seals for their boxes. ^^
  7. Robin_IV

    Lego Quality Reference

    Here are a few examples: They call it "marbled bricks". Heres the video I have talked about when they change the colour: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ And heres another interesting vid from TLG itself. They also metion when they mix the colours. Do you mean 31076?
  8. Robin_IV

    [Help] - Flexible hose

    Thank you for this hint. I will use this function on rebrickable. Your're right. I use MLCad but you can't bend parts anyway. Only with a complicated coordinate system. I read about that in LSynth it is feasible to connect the pneumatic tubes with pneu. hoses. But I have no clue how.
  9. Robin_IV

    Lego Quality Reference

    Ah ok. I heared some time ago in a video that it is usual in the brick modling process, when they change the colour from one mold that it could be that the new colour used is slightly different in the first hundreds molds until the old colour is completely out of the machine. Normally they try to throw away this output but of course there are always slipping some parts trough. It seems that Lego is putting such parts in their smaller sets. I have bought two days ago the Set Pencil Pot. I had to recognize that I contained two different white tones. Especially the Brick 1 x 6 and the plate 1 x 6 where slightly darker. :D
  10. Robin_IV

    Lego Quality Reference

    My originally reason to say that was because I thought you got a discolored brick in this set. I know that there is no colour medium bluish gray. -.- But I should have mentioned that. My fault
  11. Robin_IV

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    Part 1: - Part name: Slope 45 3 x 2 / 33 Left & Right - Part description: --> It's a slope corner piece which has a 45° slope on the 3 stud long side and a 33° angle on the 2 stud long side. It's actually this part down but cut in the middle between the two studs. 4861 - Part usage: --> I missed this part in my MOCs. It's important for corners where two sloped walls (one 45 and one 33) come together. Part 2: - Part name: Slope 45 3 x 2 / 33 Inverted Left & Right - Part descrition: Like part one but inverted.
  12. Robin_IV

    [Help] - Flexible hose

    I think I found the answer! The Technic Flex system hose in LDraw is equal to the Bricklinks Hose rigid 3mm D. But they have different part numbers which was confusing. -.-
  13. Robin_IV

    Lego Quality Reference

    Depending on the BrickLink entry for this set the part shoud be Light Bluish Gray ->. I use them since years and I do have no issues. They only break at my case when they are old and brittle. The yellowing effect itself has normally no effect on the quality of bricks. It's a chemical reaction of the colours in the material. But Bricks that lie in the sun evaporate plasticizer which leads to that they lose their flexibility and break easily. This process is happening over the time anyway but is heavily accelerated when exposed to the sun.
  14. Robin_IV

    Lego display room / game room ideas?

    How big is that center piece. I do not get the point. Depending on it's size it could be a sailing ship wich are always nice display models. Or you put all creator cars in a row. It could be also something asthetik like a huge minifig out of LEGO. a big legobrich or a big version of the yellow castle.Or you get the ship in a bottle which is a nice display stand. What is also a nice idea connected to the bar is you build Bottles out of Lego. e.g. Gorbatschow, Jack Daniels... Many ideas ;)
  15. Welcome to Eurobricks! :) It's really beautiful work. The edges between the glass panels look very clean. Do you use acrylic glass or real glass? How do you connect the panels? What did you pay for the m² glass? If you want to post pictures in a topic it's better you upload them on a cloud like flickr, imgur or picasa and embed them in your post. So you do have unlimited space. Heres the tutorial: Flickr Tutorial