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    ship in a bottle

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    On a square rigged frigate!
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    Lego, sailing ships, pirates, roman empire, ancient buildings, big guns and cannons, archery


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  1. Robin_IV

    Sabre Island Remake

    Hmm. I love it!
  2. It is very nice to have you back. I appreciate your work and I'm a bit jealous. ;) I wonder what Held der Steine would say about this model if once finished. :D
  3. Robin_IV

    [WIP] grist mill

    An unspectacular title with a spectacular model behind.
  4. Wow! Very impressive model. I really like the container.
  5. Robin_IV

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Very interesting what the guy of the LEGO House says at Minute 1:50 after Joshua mentioned that the Pirate Theme is still very popular.
  6. Switches and more curves. This sounds very pleasant to me! I browse more often than I want through your Product Page on your website @coaster. I would so much buy R120 curves. But I have NO Room for these behemots :D And I really love this test mold of the switch.
  7. I also put a lot of thinking in this topic. But I never understood why the motors are so 'bad'. But now you mention this it makes sense. Because Lego can't demand from kids and parents for lubricating the axles of their Technic Sets like I do it with my highspeed Buggy. :D So TLG have to bring save products (sets but also motors in general) without this modifications necessary we AFOLs do. And this excludes strong and fast motors. As much as it hurts to say this. Overall this Rallye Car is fast enough for me for a Lego Set. But it is definitely to much money for what you get (2 DinA4 Sticker sheets :P). This is a very small car. 80€ or even 90-100€ would be OK. But not for this price tag (Yes the price will fall. But if it would be cheaper from start it could be cheaper with sales again...).
  8. Robin_IV

    [MOC] Gotheborg - Swedish East Indiaman

    Very beautiful!! This size is amazing.
  9. Robin_IV

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    One question. HOW?? :D :D Would it be ok to share the digital file with us?
  10. Robin_IV

    HMS Surprise

    Very nice. This model looks beautiful!! I love the Surprise because of the POTC and the Aubrey-Maturin Novels. Wish you had more pics of the real model with higher resolution.
  11. Robin_IV

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

  12. Robin_IV

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    What do you think? Of course no wheels. :D
  13. Robin_IV

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Thanks. I will do! :) The Technic Structure sits where the Orlop Deck would sit. The two rows of LBG Plate gets additional support from the Hull pieces underneath with Studs. The Goal is to build both hull pieces connect them with the middle black wall (with this huge amount of Bricks with studs on side :D) and than build on TOP of that the technic structure and the rest of the ship. The technic structure is build so that it is pull and push resistant. So theoretically I could carry the ship from above (if the clutch power of the wheather deck would hold) and the weight of the hull pieces can be carried and do not rip or break off. (Thats at least the idea but of course it makes no sense to carry a ship like this...)
  14. Robin_IV

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Amazing. Where do you have all this torsos from? I see them for the very first time. nearly all of them.
  15. Robin_IV

    Pirate ship bows.

    It should not look selfish but I do have a idea. Just a bit bigger than yours. :) More images on my image hosting platform.