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  1. Nice review. I really want the Millennium Falcon. But the sheer size of this thing makes it upossible for me to display it. And 800bugs have to be digested.
  2. Imperial armada and flagship sails scan

    Hello sirtomino and welcome to the pirate forum :) Nice to have a new member in the LEGO World! And don't lose heart because your family members are laughting at you. You are not the only one who happened that. Here you are welcome as a AFOL (adult fan of LEGO)! I can't send you pictures because of copyrights. But here are a few links you can defintely check out!
  3. Really nice minifigs. LEGO should take a page of your book! ;) ;) I really like the hauberk on the green right minifigure. When you have the blender models, how do you produce the pieves in plastic?
  4. Start of MOC sailing ship - HMS Providence

    This is the direction of the hull shaping i want to reach. Important for me is the poop deck with the rudder and the stairs to reach it. Without them I would be very disappointed. The ship would get too small for me (like a sloop which O don't want) and they are a distinctive attribute of a sailing ship for me. You see them in every pirate movie. Whether I lower the waist (as in Picture) or not ist left opened. I depends on the way I am able to implement this in reality. As well as the railing at the waist.
  5. Start of MOC sailing ship - HMS Providence

    @Anders T No. It's not geeky at all for me. :) Thanks for the information. Yes, I did know before that the rate system and the count of guns was not defined. It should just be a guideline to estimate the strength of a ship as you said. But new for me was that the guns on the quarterdeck and on the forecastle count only 1/2 each gun although I knew that they (the quarterdeck guns) were smaller as the cannons on the main gun deck. Anyway the name "Providence" of my ship was my own invention because I liked it and the sound of the word fitted to the charakter my ship should have. This name was actually the reason why I started this MOC. I've just looked up the name in the PotC Wiki ( I know the movies and I love them but I really didn't know that Captain Barbossas ship had this name while he was under British flag. My intention actually was to create a fantasy but historical accurate frigate. ^^ But it seems someone beat me to it (the creators of the movie). -.- My MOC should be a heavier frigate and at the first time I wanted to make a full going throug upper gun deck (the deck opened to the sea). But it was not like they where build in the past. There was always a hole in the middle to split the forecastle and the quarterdeck that you saw a part of the main gun deck below. The problem following with this insight leaded to a problem with the space and the counts of guns I usually planned. ^^ Well. I have to correct now the rate number of the profile I posted here. What do you mean excactly with this? Do you mean they had hunting cannons on the fore and two stern cannons?
  6. Future Pirates Speculation

    No no Guys. This is not proved. I just read a comment in this topic here before which said, that there will be possibly a new pirate realease in 2019 because of the 30th year anniversary of the LEGO Pirate Theme. The Pirate Theme was introduced first time in 1989! ( I wrote: Because I was not sure. Maybe I should used the word "if" of "wheter" instead of using "when". Sorry. Im not that strong in the english vocabulary. So my intention was to say: If they are going to release.
  7. Future Pirates Speculation

    I am very excited when they are going to release the new pirate packs in 2019! I hope they will be not too expensive like the Jurassic World Sets releasing in April 2018. They do have a price of nearly 30 Cents per Part.
  8. MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    Only if they will release a good train set I am going to buy it. It's so poor that "Train" is not a enduring theme in the LEGO kategories and that they have sets like the high speed train over years and over again. And I wish to me that they reintroduce the option to buy single cars and engines and spare parts sets as they were available 20 years before...
  9. MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    Thanks!! I love it really. It will inspirate my own boats much!!
  10. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Amazing. It's so amazing! I love this water spilling over the side. And this whale. So detailed!!! Thumbs up!
  11. MOC Soldiers Outpost

    I can just follow the others. It's a very nice building! I love the detailed walls and will try them out by myself. I wish LEGO would sell such amazing themes and sets...
  12. MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    I really love your MOC. Especially the Court house! You have put so much detail and love in it. And it's really amazing which brick collection you have! Would it be possible to send me detailed pictures from the dinghies on your ship? I want to get inspirated for my own ones. :)
  13. [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Medieval? Moc? I will be there and like it.
  14. [Moc] Medieval Castle

    Take my money, take my cat, take my lego collection. But give me this amazing building!!! It looks very nice!
  15. [Moc] Council of Saruman

    Really beautiful MOC!!