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  1. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Thank you to all of you who gave me such helpful advice, and to Milan for relocating me. As it is turning out to be rather busy weekend, it will take me a couple of days to respond thoughtfully. Regards, Darryl
  2. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    In your case, a thousand well-chosen words.
  3. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Thank you, it does - it is very helpful to be able to see how you have organised your elements. Thank you also for taking the trouble to post photographs.
  4. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Thank you, that will help me once I have sorted out the bulk storage.
  5. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Hello, and my apologies if this should go elsewhere - it relates to both storage and workplace, I guess, but isn't strictly either. I have a modest but growing collection of elements (type and number), and I would like to arrange them as best I can before the task gets out of hand. The question is how to group them most logically/usefully. I seem to recall Technica being helpful in this regard before, but as far as I can tell it no longer exists (LUGNET also lists Lutz Uhlmann's Part Reference, which sounds promising but also doesn't seem to exist). One approach would be starting with individual elements (e.g., LUGNET's Technic Elements, which seems to be strictly alphabetical) and then grouping them. The opposite approach would be to start with groupings of elements (such as BrickLink's Category Tree) and then working towards individual elements. I would also like to learn about the various Technic Elements, especially their proper names, and how they are related (in "families") in the process. While I appreciate that there is unlikely to be a definitive or 'cananonical' point of reference for this, I would be grateful for any advice on how best to proceed or to be redirected. Thanks, Darryl. P.S. I am a librarian by training and profession (and by nature, I suspect), so there are are powerful forces at work here.
  6. The Pullbacks: Series 1

    For #4, "Iced" springs to mind, as in "die" or "to be killed" (Urban Dictionary). Kind of like "the final word" - it has that look. Darryl.
  7. No, England, which is now a profound step further away from Germany (and the rest of Europe for that matter). Odd that your other videos work. Oh, well, great opening shot of it perched on the rock!
  8. Thank you. This is next on my To Do list. I finally finished JJ2's Super Crawler 2, but work has been hectic. I get a message saying that the video is not available. Your other videos appear to work, though.
  9. Thank you, that was very interesting and informative. I particularly enjoyed your creativity and skill in producing the fifth video - the packed suitcases highlight the astonishing, and humorous, attention to detail. Regards, Darryl
  10. Many thanks for this and for the instructions.
  11. Many thanks for the helpful advice. I'm beginning to appreciate the difficulties of dealing with this in the axle.
  12. Thanks, that is what I was starting to conclude. Your other advice is beyond me at the moment, so I will need to work through it more carefully. Thanks. Your link informs me that hotlinking is not allowed. I gathered from another topic that a worm gear might feature, but am not sure what this means.
  13. Yes, i run out of gear rack very quickly, which is why it sounds like something is shredding or about to pop off. If the gear rack were longer, which I was thinking of doing, would't that create the same problem?
  14. Thank you. Unfortunately the issue of gearing is another area that currently way beyond me. I had suspected as much, but it will take a little work for me to figure out the next step.
  15. Hello and thank you. FYI, I was very interested in building your crawler (karma.lxf) but didn't have a V1 IR receiver. See below for the hubs (top and bottom view). The steering works really well, it's just that it over-steers very quickly; i.e., the motor keeps trying to turn but there is nothing left for it to turn. Perhaps the steering requires more finesse on my part?