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  1. Thank you. Would downloading the Education version firmware also address the datalogging functionality?
  2. Hello. I have 31313, but would like to access the curriculum material for 45544 that is provided by LEGO Education. Identifyying and obtaining the missing parts is straightforward enough, but it is not clear to me whether the "Intelligent Brick" that comes with 31313 can be repurposed for use with 45544. My apologies if I have not described the problem very well - I lack the necessary technical knowledge/uderstanding to describe it better. Thanks, Darryl
  3. dtoerien

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    I agree, especially about including Boost and WeDo - I am new to all three platforms, but am needing to learn about them for a club at school, and would find this helpful.
  4. dtoerien

    Lego GBC Three Forks Module

    Thank you - another one to add to the list. I have now built both the Lifting Cup Miniloop and Cardan Lift Miniloop, but have yet to get either to work as consistently as yours do. The LEGO GBC club that I started at school is now up and running, so perhaps the students can help me figure it out. Regards, Darryl
  5. dtoerien

    [VIDEO] Getting better at LEGO Technic

    Thank you for going to the trouble of arranging and making this - good advice, although at this stage in my life, time is in short supply. Regards, Darryl
  6. dtoerien

    Lego GBC Tipping Ramp Miniloop

    Many thanks. Darryl
  7. dtoerien

    Lego GBC Tipping Ramp Miniloop

    Again, many thanks for such a neat and accessible module - I shall look forward to the LDD file. By the way, I have built the Lifting Cup Miniloop (I have a couple of questions about this, which I will ask when I have time), and am hoping to build the Cardan Lift Miniloop today. Darryl
  8. dtoerien

    lego GBC wheel miniloop

    I echo these thanks - between the two of you, this almost certainly means that the Mini Invisible Lift will be in the Speech Day display. Darryl
  9. dtoerien

    [GBC] Tilt-Shift

    Thank you, this is neat and quite hypnotic. Regards, Darryl
  10. dtoerien

    lego GBC wheel miniloop

    Thank you. I might hang on for that, then, if it happens - I was going to try it from the video instructions, but as I'm fairly certain that I don't have all the parts it is likely to be more difficult still.
  11. dtoerien

    lego GBC wheel miniloop

    Thank you. Is there any chance that you will remake your simplified Invisible Lift in LDD? I fully understand if not. Thank you for this advice - I will investigate Stud.io as time is too limited for LDraw, I fear.
  12. dtoerien

    lego GBC wheel miniloop

    As before, many thanks - I will add this to our build list for Speech Day. The parts for your Lifting Cup Miniloop and Cardan Lift Miniloop have arrived (I haven't yet been able to source the string), and I am hoping to build them over the course of the week. Unfortunately, producing PDF instructions from LDD is two orders of magnitude beyond my current level of ability. Regards, Darryl
  13. That's a clever use of space - thanks for sharing. Regards, Darryl
  14. Bobcat springs to mind. Thank you for sharing as you go along - I always learn so much. Regards, Darryl