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  1. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Tow Truck

    Hey again! Today I have finished this MOC in Studio, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make instructions. You can find file here. Note that towing fork, boom raising and extending are contolled by ropes, hope you will understand where they should be connected. Also note that there are illigal solutions and some parts have to be bent. If You have question, please contact me! Edit: I don't know how but I forgot to mention that boom can't set in starting position without help because of friction
  2. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Tow Truck

    Well video is ready, but with mistake: we set camera wrong so the extended boom isn't in video. But still the video is here: Also I'll try to finish Studio file next week To be continued...
  3. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Tow Truck

    Hi again! Last week my friend and I shoot a video, so probably video is coming next or maybe even this week! While filming video I found 1 problem: in turns the wheels touch the hood and I don't know where, therefore I need to rebuild the whole front part but I'm very tired of this MOC. Also I have an announcement: I decided to make this MOC in Studio, at this moment I have done about 30% of the work and this truck already has 1862 part, so it is going to be quite big. Here is foto specially for you;) To be continued...
  4. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Tow Truck

    Thank you for kind words! It means very a lot to me This model was clean when we started doing fotos, but you can see a lot of dust because it was very windy and sand on the ground was dry As I said earlier, video is coming in April No, surprisingly. There is a lot of free space Unfortunatly I can`t create instructions for this model for 2 reasons It has some illegal techiques, so LDD instructions is impossible I have no my own camera, so good quality fotosequens is also impossible But when I`ll disasseble it I can take not very good quality fotos of everything in this MOC, so you could create instructions. If you are intrested in this please let me know
  5. Hey! I want to show you my latest MOC, Kenworth tow truck. And yes, this is my second Kenworth in a row, but there will be at least 1 more in May. Kenworth is my favourite truck brand :) Features: 8X4 drive and fake V8 engine - 4 L motors Front axle steering - 1 Servo motor 2nd axle lifting - 1 M motor Rer outriggers - 1 L motor Boom raising - 1 L motor 3 stage boom extending - 1 L motor 2 independent winches - 2 M motors Towing fork - 1 M motor Manual towing fork extending Pendular suspension on 2 rear axles and torsion suspesion on 2nd axle 10 openable doors on each side and openable hood Dimensions: Lenght - 69cm Widht - 19 studs Height (lowered boom) - 25cm Height (raised boom) - ~70cm Weight - 4.8kg Some of mechanisms used in the boom, such as raising and end of the 3rd stage were inspired by @efferman `s tow truck and the boom itself was inspired by @Ivan_M `s mobile crane. This time I tried to make a slightly narrower but higher cab, sleeper also is higher in comparison with my previous MOC. Also I made whell arches as tight as possible, so sometimes in turns rear wheels touch them. More fotos: You can find more fotos in my Flick Video is coming in April! P. S. I remember that some of You complained about custom fake engine, but I don`t want to switch to other engine in nearest future Hope You like it!
  6. I think that you should check everything around the Z24 gears, sometimes they touch other parts when these gears are under load.
  7. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Australian Road Train

    Thank you for your kind words! I have some videos, but they are not in very good quality Also I found some fotos showing what was inside the model: Finally, some interesting facts about this model: I started this MOC on 23rd June and placed last parts on 23rd October, so building took exactly 4 months This is my second MOC, second truck and second Kenworth I started my first MOC on 15th December 2017, this model was disassembled on 15th December 2018 Hope you like it!
  8. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Australian Road Train

    I'm very lazy:) Also because I wanted to post it here with fotos from event, but I received them only on this week (I haven't my own camera)
  9. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Australian Road Train

    So, there is limit on truck lenght? I know that road train limitation exist, but I never heard about truck lenght limit.
  10. anatolich

    [MOC] Kenworth Australian Road Train

    There are trucks with even longer sleeper in USA, but they are whithout axle under the sleeper. In Australia you can see trucks like that: So this truck is somthing average between American and Australian trucks Edit: just found American truck with axle under the sleeper
  11. Hello! Some time ago I finished very ''small'' MOC. The idea was to built unusual semi-truck and the choise fell on the australian truck with long sleeper. Features: 10x6 drive and fake V8 engine - 4L motors 2 axle steering and steering whell - Servo motor Fifth wheel - broken Servo motor (it can`t return to center) Pneumatic pump - M motor Pneumatic switch to trailers - M motor (this function is usless, I don`t know why I did it) Dimensions: Lenght - 2.5m Widht - 19 studs Height - 23cm Weight - 8.5kg More fotos: In start of December I went with this model to Robotex International. And of course some fotos from the event: After event I took the truck apart, but trailers are still assembled. Sorry, for mistakes and short discription, I can learn english only at school. You are welcome to ask questions:) Hope you like it!