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    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest - Results

    thanks @Bob De Quatre for the contest, congrats to the winner ! And special mention @The Librarian for 2 amazing entries
  2. El Oleonda jungle, the redcoats are chasing some retreating lotii troops, but... So, the Lotii are retreating in the jungle after the success of the landings of the coalition to free Seawatch. The reds are leadinbg the hunt But the lotii prepared some surprise to secure their withdrawal... Ninja troops are ready to give trouble to the dauntless pursuers ! Using a whole range of cunning, from straw dummies... ... To disguised troops Do the reds scrape a living ? A first build response to the attacks of the coalition
  3. Professor Thaum

    [COR - FB - GOC] Lotii Garden, Port Raleigh

    Gorgeous diorama. Love the curved path. This technic worked well for sci-fi round landing pads, but it's killer for this one too.
  4. Professor Thaum

    [GoC] Lotii Shophouses, Port Raleigh

    Very smart and clever build. Love the color choice.
  5. Swamp along a important town of the island of Cocovia, at night. Redcoat 1 : Always me ! Each time there's a party in town, I'm off for a night patrol in the swamp ! Megablocking, goddamn life ! Redcoat 2 : Yep, Dick, I know, we're still patrolling this cesspool while the other could enjoy a party to break everything thanks to all that dough from the mines ! Dick : Let's be comforted, Doug. The warehouses are filled to the brim with gold, there will be other parties for sure, and we won't miss the next ! Doug : For sure ! Errr, Dick, did you hear ? Dick : Yeah, one of those stinking coypu ! Hurry up, if we bump into it, it will muck our slacks up ! I don't want to spend my rest hours rubbing the clothes ! Doug : Sure ! Let's move on ! ******** bonus pic : C&C welcome as ususal
  6. EL Oleonda, nearby Seawatch, over the forest canopy. Ninja 1 : Learned friend ninja, apparently the daring plan of the honorable Taisa fell through. He planned that our miserable opponents would continue to flip flop after their landing and that he would then counter-attack quickly... But the missal lickers, the scrooges and the illiterates already came to an agreement and they are attacking now. They don't even stop to take a shit ! taisa Ninja 2 : Ai, Oko-san. Let's go back to warn the honorable Taisa. I'm willing to wager my miserable pair of shoes that he's gonna be mad to learn that his plan was so well-oiled that he could strap it on and stick it to him. C&C welcome, this is a second build for the lotii
  7. Professor Thaum

    Oleon - Kojima settlement

    That roof is a very nice idea ! Glad to see you back @Bodi !
  8. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Bukhara in Uzbekistan

    Wonderful job ! The tower is gorgeous ! Nice job on the figs too !
  9. What for a gun ? Could you detail it ? The fig legs and torso are very cool (where are they from) the heads are fleshy, so ugly !
  10. Yog ! 😳 Very impressive encampment ! The lotii are in quite a jam !
  11. Professor Thaum

    [ SR - FB ] The Cocovian Job : Part 2

    Sure 😁
  12. Professor Thaum

    José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Yep, very interesting ! thanks !
  13. Professor Thaum

    [WIP] The Black Pearl - 20th Anniversary

    Left version is better. Awesome Black Pearl ! All that pics are gorgeous !
  14. Professor Thaum

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 6

    The others are too young to know about him
  15. Professor Thaum

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 6

    Mwahahahahaha. Clever street and nice micro house on the hill
  16. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

    Very cool, I like that space classic touch ! That X-Wing
  17. Professor Thaum

    The Seawatch Campaign - Coordination Thread

    I will take part to "the defensive" builds for the Lotii. Just tag or PM me when the attacking builds are on or then the offensive is launched
  18. Like the others, that mardierian stairs is gorgeous ! And that's a nice town scene ! Special mention to all those windows technics
  19. Professor Thaum

    What ChatGPT has to say about BoBS...

    Seconded !
  20. You're still a riddle to me... I always wonder what's going on in your brain after seing your posts...
  21. Professor Thaum

    What ChatGPT has to say about BoBS...

    I must confess that I don't understand what's going on ! What's this... thing ?!
  22. @MstrOfPppts, @MayItBe, @TribunM @CrappyMocMaker Down to works guys ! For the Dark Side glory !
  23. Professor Thaum

    Who's the worst lego youtuber these days

    thread closed
  24. Professor Thaum

    Who's the worst lego youtuber these days

    Do you think that thread is really appropriate ?