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  1. Bumpers 2 and 4 look stylish without overlapping the beautiful grille. I don't think that this type of car needs a bumper guard at all, but if you do, then something small from the bottom. All the same, the appearance of the muzzle of the car in itself you managed to do well. It looks aggressive. The bonnet edge is perfectly fit - the look of the car is expressive. And the radiator grill turned out to be very realistic, let Lego see what can be used instead of stickers. All other bumpers with such nostrils turn the buggy into a piggy or a wild boar. But number 6 is missing fangs. But again, I don't really like arches in this loxlego style, to be honest. Would you render arches with flex axes only, please? Just to see, as the first version of the front arches was not bad.
  2. Igor1

    [MOC] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    My favorite scale and looks not bad! Do you plan to make instructions for this moc?
  3. I agree. I think BuWizz in a hurry released the first batch of 3.0 devices with problematic ports and now they don't even want to sell them (the current status is "Out of stock"). Apparently, with the current price for the device, fixing the problem is also not cost-effective. The situation is sad. I really hope that after a while everything will be fine.
  4. @keymaker Feedback and photos will definitely be after we have played enough with it. The assembly of the moc itself is not yet finished, but what I noticed is that the small linear actuator (92693c01) is missing in the parts list on the rebrickable. There are no other comments yet, everything is fine.
  5. @keymaker Cool! For me personally, redesigning the front axle will not be a problem, there is even interest in this. But you could also initially make the PF servo replacement less of a problem for other users. But these are just wishes. Of course, if you would not like to go back to using PF electrics, then this is your choice, which I also respect. Buwizz 3.0 in this regard should be a very compact solution, given the fact that it has 6 ports. It's a pity that it is not yet fully supported by third-party applications such as BrickController. It's the matter of time. It also seems to me that the popularity of Buwizz 3.0 will not grow immediately, as many people already have Buwizz 2.0 and even SBrick. P.S. I really like this scale that you have chosen. I definitely want to build your trophy truck already! In the near future I will most likely order Buwizz motors and your moс is another reason for me to do this.
  6. The project is really interesting and I really like the front of the truck, but the rear arches made of corrugated tubes do not look very good. To be honest, I don't like these tubes at all when modeling anything - looks like a cheap garden hose. It seems to me that it would be better to use some suitable arches or flexible axles as in the front. I would also like you to provide a place to install two BuWizz 2.0 to power the BuWizz motors. As BuWizz 3.0 is still rare and very expensive. As for the rear shock absorbers, you can try to play with the place of their installation. Then the lever and stroke will be different, thus the stiffness of the softer springs may already be enough. And of course you can use the slightly softer 2909c02 shock absorbers, but unfortunately they are rare. The most important thing is that the shocks is correctly installed so that its stem does not bend during compression. Then it will work in any case, even if the spring is stiff.
  7. But thanks a lot for such frankness! At least some clarity with the connectors.
  8. When specific questions about solving problems are answered in this way, there are even more questions. I think for many people there is a dilemma of buying Buwizz 3.0 right now with the possibility of getting hardware problems, or not buying it at all. Since the price will be too high (including the risk of getting a problematic device). An adequate approach would be to solve all the problems first, open protocols to third-party applications so that there is accurate clarity about the device, and only then raise the price of the device itself.
  9. @Gray Gear So I think that instead of going into a silly discussion of official prices, it is better to spend this time assembling Lego.
  10. I don't know exactly how it is in other countries, but in Russia the prices for Lego sets have nothing to do with the official ones. The real market price is ultimately determined by the demand for the set. Any set is almost always discounted, and this discount depends on demand. In this context, I don't understand the meaning of discussing official prices, if there is always an alternative to buying, including bricklink, etc.
  11. You managed to fit two L motors for driving, that's awesome! I think you could even drift here!
  12. Yes, I'm still not completely sure whether I will buy a Ford Raptor, but I already bought these tires just in case.
  13. @Danil Learn English, and this topic is about the 42129 set, not about the cases.
  14. Too bad he hadn't thought of trying on the 68.7 x 27 tires (Part No: 52985), which I think would fit best.