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  1. A few dull pictures, just to get back on topic... I sketched the grille tonight, but the duckling thinks it can be done better.
  2. Guys, maybe I missed something, there was a lot of discussion about cracking gears, doors and hood without locks, etc. But has anyone reworked the grille on the Zetros before? If so, where are your photos? I just liked the grille from the early leaked prototype better.
  3. I built the 42099 with PF L-motors and it didn't cause any structural problems at all. The rigidity of the frame was also not affected in any way. It seems to me that a smaller motor with the same characteristics would be preferable for building anything. Here is an example of such a model.
  4. I don’t understand at all the meaning of all the repeated discussions of PU L vs XL. There are technical characteristics of motors and they have been known for a long time: https://www.philohome.com/motors/motorcomp.htm. The L motor is technically not much different from the XL. There is no need to look for some other hidden meaning, they are what they really are. TL;DR PU XL sucks.
  5. @Gray Gear Yes, the bar is inserted into the pin with little force.
  6. @howitzer Yea! Here is an example of how you can now fix the turn signals on a Geländewagen.
  7. @astyanax Yes, these pins are frictional. They sit very tightly.
  8. It's funny, but with the release of these pins, the irony of one well-known logo now loses its meaning... And I can finally build this MOC.
  9. @kbalage Apologies, but it looks like I was really wrong, because 4272 and 32002 on the long half of pin are both frictionless. I also noticed that in the list of parts in the video, the new red pin has some kind of new number 6378120, perhaps it will be with friction (like 2780). Given the recent release of some new Lego pins, this would make sense!
  10. 4272 - is a friction pin. The frictionless pin has a slightly different size and has a different number - 32002. In the video I can clearly see a red pin with friction 4272. Previously, this pin was produced mainly in blue and LBG colors.