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  1. Igor1

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I completery agree!
  2. Igor1

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Unfortunately, the tires from the new buggy turned out to be bad for me. They have very poor grip on hard surfaces. And I'm a little disappointed that they were used again in the new set. But in general, the new Ford in orange looks very interesting, at least as an excuse for modification and motorization.
  3. The worn-out pipe connectors on the exhaust look epic!
  4. ...but there is always someone cooler than you!
  5. A little provocation for my favorite from @rm8
  6. @martinator Yep it is! Russia & Ukraine.
  7. @2GodBDGlory Thank you very much for your feedback on the wheels, but also I would glad to hear any criticism both on the MOC and on my work itself. I'm sure that on this forum there are people with tremendous experience in design, but so far there is no criticism at all in this topic. Please feel free to express your opinion. As for сhoosing the right wheels, even a Bentley can make a real off-road truck: https://www.justmotoring.co.za/2021/01/01/bentley-arnage-monster-truck-is-not-your-usual-lift-kit/
  8. Damn, I also have to build a pickup truck now...
  9. Finally! This topic is starting to come to life! Of course, a factory that produces military equipment can afford any of its execution.
  10. @Aleh Yes, I wrote earlier, I'm building something like a lifted off-road truck (with custom wheels). To make it fun to ride. However, the question of appearance and selection of wheels is very important for me. I would like it to look like some kind of custom G63 from BRABUS, for example. But only in the process of experiments it will be possible to understand what will fit from the wheels and what will not. I'm afraid this topic from the drift version review will go into the WIP topic of building an off-road version. I was planning to finish with this MOC, but it still won't let me go! I'm even starting to seriously think about a separate instruction for the off-road version, if it turns out to build something worthy. And if it will be at least interesting to someone else, of course.
  11. @Aleh There are a lot of real cars on such wheels, but I just don't see a great alternative from Lego in this regard. So I think that these will also fit to the MOC. I would prefer something like this:
  12. I'm really looking forward to the new Lego wheels 81x35 (from the official catalog photo). I think they will look very cool on the off-road version of the G63!
  13. @Aleh I wouldn't want to greatly disfigure the original body, since the fenders will be 5-6 studs long each. In addition the front wheels will brush against them when turning. In fact what happened to build is more like a lifted truck.
  14. The model looks very natural. Cool! Only the engine has shifted a little back.
  15. The off-road continues. Last weekend I got a little sick, so the field trip was postponed, but not the carpet tests. After that I had to modify the portal axles a little more. The 6.5L red shocks were too stiff and had little travel. Which was not bad for drifting, but not at all suitable for off-road. I ended up swapping out the shock absorbers for longer 9.5L with normal spring. After that the suspension travel became long and realistic. Despite the reduction of the portals (12/20), the model drives quite fast. And the power reserve is enough to even lift the hood up from the start. After all the modifications, the MOC became heavier by about 100 grams (1700g versus 1600g for the drift version). The new wheels from the buggy (42124) turned out to be completely unsuitable for driving (very poor grip). In the end I decided to put wheels with a reference to the 9398 set, but with a slightly smaller diameter (82mm). Due to the large size of the portals, the new axles turned out to be wider, so that the wheels protrude beyond the dimensions of the car. To keep the wheels turning the front bumper had to be trimmed a little on the sides. To make it look even more off-road I added a bottom bumper guard as well as a couple of off-road attributs (such as a snorkel and an LED roof chandelier). But not much, because such cars are usually needed for show-off, not for real dirt. But we'll light it up! I almost forgot. Compare how much the car's clearance has increased as a result! More photos here.