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  1. Wow ! It's very detailed and looks great, I love the seamless combination of system and technic. Well done!
  2. I'd say red red black but that's just to follow your inherent red theme ! They all look great and I think if people really want they can build it in any colour they want
  3. Well that's a pretty cool addition to the Lego "aftermarket". Looks like a fun project to play around with.
  4. There we go, you just nailed it! those final touches really ties this whole build together.
  5. Both look good but I must say I love the chocolate brown interior! I wish their were more options for tan or brown interiors. Fingers crossed we'll get some more tan in the Bugatti set to come! Well done!
  6. Looking good @Didumos69, I really like the aggressive styling of the shape you went with. It looks mean, with a drivetrain to match! I personally would've left the fake motor out and sunk the spare tire down lower but that's just my personal preference. I see you have a nice set of headlights but no taillights? Or you haven't gotten around to it yet?! Either way living this build, incredible chassis and drive train you definitely went above and beyond for your first RC!
  7. This looks like quite the off road beast! I don't normally agree with third party options but those snow chains look awesome and you couldn't ask for a better driver
  8. Looks awesome! Now let's see if Lego is able to top this beauty
  9. Wow I love it absolutely gorgeous! The details and shaping are spot on very well done!
  10. @Kelkschiz I realized I worded that wrong. What I was referring too is the sag or slack that there seems to be on the top portion of the track, if that makes sense?! Anyways very minor!
  11. Ohh the all black looks so good!
  12. Great looking tank! The shapes you've managed to create look great. My only concern is the drooping on the too of the tracks but that's pretty darn minor, otherwise
  13. This is definitely the best WIP I've seen in a long time, it's really starting to take shape and I look forward to see it all together!
  14. You really captured that classic muscle car look. I love the design and the "mechanical air ride" works great and looks awesome all slammed on the ground
  15. These are awesome, both models look great
  16. I'm not entirely sure if this will help but there's already a thread by @Didumos69 on something very similar.
  17. I love the lines created and the full system Lego interior!! It's beautiful
  18. Very cool! I love that you spent the time to correct the issues, looks great!
  19. This thing is epic with the claas tires. Looks awesome and the performance is great. Looking forward to the body!
  20. Looks good, I just wish I had a common crank. It does sound like an engine.... One that's been drained of oil .
  21. The Focus RS500 was launched in April 2010. A limited production run of 500 units (101 of them for Britain) were produced. It has a turbocharged 2.5 L5 petrol engine which produces 345 bhp and can do 0-62 mph in 5.4 seconds, with a top speed of 165 mph (266 km/h) making it the fastest Focus yet. Flickr Album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmcw9qTe The new model was given the RS500 designation to highlight its strictly limited production run of 500 individually numbered vehicles, all of which were offered for customers to purchase. Each RS500 carries a metal plaque on the centre console, hand-engraved with a unique identification number from 001 to 500. Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr This is my rendition of the Ford Focus RS 500. This is a commission build and as such will not have any instructions. Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr This car is a full manual model and features a 6-speed manual gearbox tucked below the miniature inline 5 cylinder, fully adjustable seats, fold flat rear seats, adjustable steering wheel, open-able hood, trunk and doors, closed loop pneumatic e-brake, custom cantilevered suspension with reverse ackerman steering, HOG steering with working steering wheel, spare tire, 4x PF lights at front, 2 PF lights at rear with fully detailed engine and interior. Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr This is my first full manual model, with tons of challenges along the way and a total build time of over a years work. Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr Ford Focus RS Ford Focus RS by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr IMG_3053 by Dugald Cameron, on Flickr Also thanks @Didumos69 for basic working of the seats and the big push in building and HOG model! And thanks @crowkillers @Rudivdk For your inspiration for the gearbox! And last but not least @Lox Legofor all the help throughout this build, especially for the photos and video you rock bro! And as always more pictures available on Flickr, click any of those pics to see more! Thanks for the interest.
  22. Thanks! I couldn't not have the fold flat rear seats, I mean where else are the technic people supposed to stow away all their stuff? Haha. As for the headlights, I've wanted to use those pieces for a long time and they were too good to pass up on this build. Thanks for the kind words Rudivdk. I actually built your whole set up, it works really well just not for the scale this was going to be. So I took the concept and started from scratch! I'm glad the all manual paid off, it was definitely a tough but rewarding build! Thanks! Black is awesome to build In as there's sooo many pieces to choose from