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  1. shadefoundry

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    There's a couple of licenses I'd love to see Lego tackle, even though they're all definitely never going to happen: Shrek - we've already seen minions and trolls, so this would be a lot more likely than some of the other licenses I'd enjoy seeing. Indie superheroes - This is a lot farther of a stretch, since most of them are pretty adult-oriented but I'd love to see characters like Spawn or Invincible done up in Lego form. The Elder Scrolls - This is the kind of theme that could go for decades. There's so much to this franchise's world that would look great as sets, plus it would be a great new Castle theme when Harry Potter eventually runs its course. Thief - Definitely never going to happen since the franchise has been dead since they screwed up the reboot, but still. Dishonored would be another fun one. Magic the Gathering - As much as I dislike what Wizards has been doing with it of late, I love the idea of seeing sets set on different planes with different characters. This is another one that would make a great castle theme, but without the limitations of being strictly castle since the Magic multiverse covers all different genres just through a fantasy lens. Dungeons and Dragons - See Magic the Gathering. Sea of Thieves - Has potential to be a pirates theme without the historic problems that classic pirates had. More Nintendo properties as a whole! Zelda would be cool, so would Pokemon, or even Animal Crossing.
  2. shadefoundry

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I mean, it kind of is? It's the same character, they just did a more comic accurate version of him as opposed to the more classic-inspired version we saw in AoS. You could always make a pretty close version of the AoS one by using the other Ghost Rider head right?
  3. shadefoundry

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I guess it's probably better to post it here than in the superhero's rumors thread, so here we go. I started redesigning the brickbuilt wings that came with one of the recent Vulture figures to be more comic accurate. The figure's torso print seems to be inline with the Ultimate universe version of the character, so I took a bit of inspiration from that.In terms of sizing each wing is 3 studs smaller horizontally, and the backpack thing has been completely removed in favor of one of those back pieces with the 2 pin holes and a couple of mixel balls plugged into them. I'd like to bring the feather tiles in a bit closer, maybe one stud under the rounded plate would be ideal, but it's still a work in progress. C&C always welcome :).
  4. shadefoundry

    Hoots! Gloryhammer, ready for Epic Battles

    Dang, there's a Gloryhammer thread here? Your customs look pretty good! I've got a few purist ones I put together for Angus XIII and Zargothrax myself. Angus is based on his design in the most recent music videos and Zargothrax is based on how he looks on album covers. I'd post them, but I don't want to derail your thread.
  5. shadefoundry

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I saw some really high res photos of the new Spider-Man and Miles figures. They look so good! I do think that the arm printing on the blue isn't opaque enough, but that can probably be solved by putting those arms on the 2012 torso to get it all nice and consistent.
  6. shadefoundry

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just saw the new leaks, Mysterio's helmet is definitely an improvement. Hopefully the reuse of the torso will mean its easier to get ahold of now. Ghost Rider definitely looks better from that angle, and I think he'll look even better than that in person.
  7. shadefoundry

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm really digging that Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider, it looks very comic accurate which is nice, and since the set it comes in is $25 here in Canada and also comes with the new Spidey figure, it's an easy buy for me. Same goes for the new Miles figure although I might wait to see if it ends up getting really cheap like the other mech figures have and pick up just the figure. It'll probably depend on the parts list for the mech.
  8. shadefoundry

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    These look so cool! I especially like the eerie wendigo-looking design they have going for the big bad! Anybody have ideas for what could be used to moc something along those lines up? Maybe something about the size of the version of him we got in the firetruck mech? That would allow the use of the cattle skull piece... Edit: I just watched the halloween special thing that they ran, they definitely tease a bunch of monsters that may or may not be extinct, as well as confirm that there's countless different realms with life in them. I don't want to be optimistic but I think it would be really cool if they were to retool this theme to be more along the lines of fighting extradimensional beings as a whole. A lot of the past sets have a really heavy lovecraft feel, it would be really interesting imo if they were to continue this theme leaning heavier into that.
  9. shadefoundry

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    So in terms of placement, I've currently got Snape's Office next to The Quad's Entrance, and the Potions classroom parallel to it, next to that tower piece that's got a bathroom and Dumbledor's office in it. Speaking of which, isn't Dumbledor's office supposed to be in the big tower connected to the great hall? And if that's supposed to be Myrtle's bathroom, it should be on the other side of the display right?
  10. shadefoundry

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Oh dear, I definitely don't have the space for that at the moment . I'm going to have to plan for that at some point though if I want a Chamber of Secrets though. Relatively speaking, where would they be still? Like which part of the castle would they be "under"?
  11. shadefoundry

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Thanks for this list. It seems pretty complete which I appreciate since it'll make the mocs easier to decide on since I'll know what I'm looking for. In terms of existing pieces, any chance you know where the heck the two little classroom modules (snape's office and potions class) from the Whomping Willow set are supposed to go? I'm currently using them to give a bit of space between the Greenhouse and the Viaduct Entrance, but I'm not sure that's really correct.
  12. shadefoundry

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Question for you all. Besides the Bell Towers, which important parts of Hogwarts are we missing? My shortlist is the Dark Tower, the Middle Tower and the Library, but I'm probably missing some. Just wondering since I'd like to start filling out my display once I've got the space for it.
  13. shadefoundry

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    This is honestly a beautiful creation. It looks damn near perfect, and the details are so nice! I really like that you integrated the room of requirement into it. I've been trying to find something to do with mine for a while now :P. I'd love to see how it looks connected to the rest of your Hogwarts! @f2iso100 Thanks for the kind words! I spent a lot of time making sure the structure would fit in well with the official sets, so I'm glad to hear that it looks like it does :). Content-wise the back is pretty sparse. The tower just has some quick little shelves of potions that I took wholesale from the Whomping Willow set since I built the structure using my extra copy of that set. The main structure is completely empty, mainly because I don't really know what's supposed to go there and didn't really have any ideas as to what might. I'd like to add more details to the thing, so suggestions are very much appreciated. As requested though, here's a picture of the back, as well as the updated front. You'll notice I updated the roof bit slightly, and am now using one of the slightly larger tower cone pieces since I found an extra in my parts bin.
  14. shadefoundry

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there rumors a while back around the release of the Endgame sets that TLG was really happy about the recent performance of Marvel stuff and that we could expect an increase in quality of new sets in the future? How would that exactly look? Like can we expect a drastic shift? Or is it going to look more like a steady progression? Personally I think the most recent waves of sets have been a pretty nice improvement for what they are, even though I haven't really wanted to buy any of them.
  15. shadefoundry

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    I just finished my attempt at The Quad entrance that was somehow left out of the Great Hall set. I built it with as many connection points as I could fit in, since I'm not sure how my final display will look once I get the Astronomy Tower. In terms of placement, it connects nicely to the Great Hall tower, and combined with the arch entrance segment from the Whomping Willow set, makes up the whole of that part of the model which connects to the astronomy tower. I also built this little connection piece out of spare bits that gives a bunch of different points of connection at roughly the angle that the aforementioned arch segment has connected to The Quad. It's nothing fancy, but its useful for getting things oriented. Apologies for the low quality images, I don't have much space in my living area to display things. More images are available here though: