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  1. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Thank you! It wouldn't feel right to me if the Berserker didn't have his floating eyeball thing to be able to see his targets.
  2. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Update: I've finished putting together that Madcat moc, and after some more modifications and additional parts added I'm left with this: And of course, I built functionality into the mech so that Monstrox's Hologram can control it as well: Basically all of my changes were made with the intent to maintain features of the theme that weren't there initially (battle suit add on functionality, the berzerker's eye, etc.). Honestly I just wanted to be able to put Monstrox at the top of the thing in the same way that Merlok sits on the Tech Wizard Mech. Speaking of the Tech Wizard Mech, I've made some modifications to it as well for more articulation. I have yet to add proper knee articulation but I'm in the process of figuring out how I want to do that so it looks good: Regarding that wyvern-looking moc that @Aardvark17 posted, I dunno it's alright. Doesn't really feel like a Nexo Knights set to me, and it wouldn't fit that well into any of my small displays.
  3. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Just got my hands on a Berserker's Bomber set, got bored with the build after about 12 minutes so I'm now building that awesome madcat moc out of the parts, albeit with a few changes since I've got the parts to add some more articulation and I want to keep the battle suit around still.
  4. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Looks really nice! I don't have a Berserker Bomber yet but once I do I'll try out that build as well. Might have to get a second one since I want the ship and battle suit as well!
  5. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Definitely. The villain schemes are mostly fine, but for me half of the good guy sets have pretty bad colour schemes. The orange and green sets in particular are terrible to look at. I will never understand why those two got so many big sets, while the other three who didn't clash as much with the trans-neon orange and dark blue got mostly smaller sets. Though, I would also argue that this wouldn't have been as much of an issue if all of the good guys used colours that looked decent with the trans-neon orange, dark blue and gold/silver. Many of the good guy sets have too much trans-neon orange, and not enough of the colours that work well together and it just ends up looking unappealing.
  6. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I found the colour scheme for the builds themselves was generally alright, but I'll certainly agree with you that the light orange and dark green for the figures was pretty gross. Then again I absolutely adore the aesthetic of the sky pirates wave, and I tend to modify the majority of my sets that I've got on display so all of mine no longer have any bright orange in them, and now resemble more traditional steampunk vessels than they do Ninjago sets. Still though, I feel that the colour schemes for the builds themselves with that wave were pretty consistent, even if the figures required me to modifications so my eyes wouldn't bleed. Overall, I would still say that Ninjago generally does have far less problems with clashing colour schemes than Nexo Knights did.
  7. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    So I finally caved and picked up a copy of 72004 - Tech Wizard Showdown. It continues to baffle me just how great the set actually is in person when compared to how it looks in videos and on the box. Seriously this thing is great, although it does have its problems. Mainly the legs are stumpy and a bit weak on the articulation side, and the arms are even worse for articulation. I've already made some mods to the legs to make them a bit longer and give them better articulation in the ankle joints, and have made plans to improve the articulation and poseability of the arms as well. I feel like these problems kind of detail some of the main flaws that Nexo Knights sets generally had. No matter how great the sets were, the boxes always made them look tacky and a bit crap, and while there were some very good sets, many of them contained some really odd design choices and clashing colour schemes when compared to something like Ninjago. On another note, I'm planning to get my hands on the Berserker Bomber soon, and if I can find a Lance's Hover Jouster and a Twinfector on sale I'll most likely pick them up as well. It's kind of a shame that this final wave doesn't really have much in the way of villain sets, since they're really quite good figures that, once again look far better in person than they do on the box.
  8. Future Pirates Speculation

    Well, Black Sails IS based on Treasure Island, which if I remember correctly is a public domain work. While I doubt that Lego would put out sets based on the book, they could certainly take a lot of influence from it. Although considering that Treasure Island basically defined most of the tropes that we associate with pirates today, I'd argue that Lego already has taken a lot of influence from it. Personally though I think it would be nice to have some fantastical elements in a new pirates line. Be it taking all the unused tropes like undead, voodoo and curses, or something more extreme like a steampunk feel or some variant thereof. Then again we already more or less got that with Ninjago a few years back, and I don't know if Lego would be too interested in doing it again so soon.
  9. Its funny, when Nexo Knights came out I pretty much just ignored it, since I was riding the Skybound hype train at the time and didn't have enough income to buy too much lego at the time. When year 2 came out I was (and still am) a huge fan of the stone monsters, so I bought a few sets that had the bigger monsters in them, and cobbled together some on bricklink. I feel a bit mixed with year 3. I'm not particularly invested in the year 3 enemies, but I do want to pick up some of the parts, and the boxes for all the sets make them look far less appealing than I'm sure they really are. I'm definitely interested in hearing you guys' thoughts on the last wave. Regarding the line as a whole, I feel that each year had an astounding amount of potential, and never really lived up to it. Sure there were some pretty good villain sets, but a lot of the theme just felt like it wasn't designed for me, which is a shame since I adore the 40k science-fantasy aesthetic that it has. I'd have loved to see where it might have gone though, and a lot of the concept art I've seen is really appealing. Overall it's a shame that the line was ended, since it really does feel like it could have been great.
  10. So my copy of the set arrived today, and after a some fiddling I managed to fit the mini Black Seas Barracuda that I cobbled together on bricklink from the 60th Anniversary set instructions into the bottle with the flags at the top of the masts intact. Good news is I made the thing fit with only a bit of modification to make the masts a tiny bit shorter and it still looks great! Bad news is the ship still barely fits and with the way the bottle is constructed I doubt I'll be able to get the ship out again. All in all I can say I'm very happy with this set and I look forward to displaying it in my living room.
  11. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Kind of a shame to see NK go. While I didn't buy a ton of the sets I know my neighbors' kid was in love with this theme, and I would have been too if it was around when I was young. I feel like while they nailed it with the villains every year they never managed to fully capitalize on the whole gloryhammer-esque science-fantasy vibe in the sets. Everything ended up just being vehicles with questionable color schemes, at least on the hero's end. It's unfortunate as well, since I adore the aesthetic of the theme but had no interest in the majority of the sets, and ended up only picking up a few. Oh well, looking forward to what's coming next. Here's hoping for something closer to traditional fantasy, pirates, steampunk, or a combination of the three.
  12. Nexo Knight Exosuit MOC

    This is a fantastic little MOC! I'd love to see how exactly you did the ankles in more detail.
  13. @Roebuck Very nice, how much did they run you if you don't mind my asking? I've been trying to find some of the older sets online myself, but it seems like complete prices are getting more ridiculous every day. I feel like for most of the sets that don't use massive baseplates, it's getting cheaper now to just bricklink the parts. On another note, I'm not sure it counts as pirates to everybody but I just picked up the 70618-1: Destiny's Bounty and have already started making plans to convert it into a eastern pirate ship.
  14. While I'm not super hardcore about the official sets (I prefer to build mine from scratch) I would recommend grabbing the Skull's Eye Schooner first, since it was only released once while the Black Seas Barracuda got re-released at some point.