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  1. Nexo Knight Exosuit MOC

    This is a fantastic little MOC! I'd love to see how exactly you did the ankles in more detail.
  2. @Roebuck Very nice, how much did they run you if you don't mind my asking? I've been trying to find some of the older sets online myself, but it seems like complete prices are getting more ridiculous every day. I feel like for most of the sets that don't use massive baseplates, it's getting cheaper now to just bricklink the parts. On another note, I'm not sure it counts as pirates to everybody but I just picked up the 70618-1: Destiny's Bounty and have already started making plans to convert it into a eastern pirate ship.
  3. While I'm not super hardcore about the official sets (I prefer to build mine from scratch) I would recommend grabbing the Skull's Eye Schooner first, since it was only released once while the Black Seas Barracuda got re-released at some point.