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  1. I believe you will have a very hard time beating that little wooden bridge with other minibuilds. It's just about perfect!
  2. Nicely spotted! That is yet another piece I will have to add to me ever-growing wishlist...
  3. Whoah, what are those branch(?) pieces!? That makes for a very simple yet elegant tree.
  4. Frike

    Why is Bricklink down?

    I didn't know I was this reliant on BrickLink but I'm feeling withdrawal right now. It's difficult not being able to check the part catalogue with colours, what sets pieces appear in, etc.
  5. I don't have this set specifically (yet), but lots of new pieces I get have those sprue marks - or worse. It's really sad to see, honestly. Some pieces are so bad that they almost become unusable. The marks can portrude so much that other pieces wont fit next to them properly.
  6. Frike

    [MOC] Sir Reginald's Return

    A lot of people avoid using big old pre-fab pieces, but I really like them. You've managed to make this looks very LEGO-y while still having lots of detail!
  7. Frike

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I feel validated, finally somebody that shares my view on this new CMF troll! From the one CMF troll I got I found the shield and cape to merge fairly well with the older sand green trolls. If I could get just a couple of more shields it wouldn't look quite as out of place, though.
  8. I love the round columns sticking out from the walls! The transition is really smooth, are there SNOT tiles on the sides to account for the jumper plate offset?
  9. Frike

    How to build 《Cave Troll》

    Wow, thank you! I remember seeing this MOC way back, it was a great source of inspiration at the time! Whenever I return to an old build I always like to play around with new parts and colours, making substitutions and upgrades. I think that would be a ton of fun if I find the time to replicate this.
  10. I'm always a big fan of your building style and choice of colours! You have a recognizable style, even for something simple like groundwork and vegetation (or maybe it's the photography skills). And I really like your "codex entries" for flora and fauna - I'm a sucker for flavor text!
  11. Everyone is praising this new Orc, but I find it really disappointing that they went with olive green instead of sand green. I already have lots of the trolls from the old Fantasy theme that this guy is an iteration of. But other than the new shield, they don't merge well at all in my opinion. The Black Falcon looks amazing, though! But I was sad to see that they did the absolutely awful printed cape, just like the CMF Viking.
  12. Frike

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    While I have absolutely zero interest in Brickheadz (no, not even these), this sounds great to me! It's fun to see that there is actual interest for the theme.
  13. I can't even find the ones we are allowed to vote on. When I go to their voting page I'm greeted by 621 results, but all of them say "This entry did not advance past the phase." - what am I doing wrong!?
  14. Unfortunately this summarises my thoughts too. Sweden only has two LEGO Stores (both in Stockholm) and they are on the other side of the country for me. Now BrickLink is my only source of parts, and that is often more expensive than I would like. There is just one thing from which you said that I would like to change. The new B&P/PAB search function does not just work terrible - I can't get it to work at all.
  15. Frike

    Let’s talk armor

    I really like to equip my knights with the pointed visor helmets. The option for accessories in different shapes and colours is great. I also think that it often works well to change the colour of the main helmet instead so that the entire visor is the accent colour instead. Is the option "Original classic space with flip up visor" referring to those flat visors with a plume/feather on top (Part 3843)? Do those only attach to the old types of classic space helmets, or can they attach to other headgear? I would love to have one of those in the future, but pieces that are almost 45 years old tend to get expensive, even when in poor condition!
  16. Every time I open this thread I giggle at the first post, "spare me the discussion about Nexo please". It's weird to see the same discussion almost 7 years later.
  17. I didn't know CMF Series 23 had been announced (you can see them on LEGO S@H for anybody else). There is definitely something that looks awkward about the shoulders in the CGI images, but the real-life picture makes it look normal I think.
  18. You keep creating one breathtaking build after another!! Not only is the entire build astounding, but all of the levels have enough details to be presentable on their own. I'll definitely be coming back to this for inspiration!
  19. I can chime in on this with my anecdotal story too! I had quite a few of the sets from the Fantasy Era, mostly from the 2007 wave. I recently uncovered most of these from an old box, and they were covered in dust but still mostly intact. I decided to disassemble them to clean and sort the pieces, and in the process I had quite a few pieces break on me. Of course, the pieces that broke were all either Dark Red or Reddish Brown. I suspect a set that is still sealed might fare better (and make for an excellent display piece). But if you ever decide to disassemble it, you might experience pieces breaking despite your best efforts at being careful!
  20. I have also noticed this, and I have to agree that it is somewhat disappointing. I don't want too many prints either, but with at least two different printed torsos and legs you can make a nice variety of soldiers that still look cohesive. Different helmets and armor pieces only go so far, unfortunately. For example, I am having a very hard time creating different units with my Black Falcons despite the new pieces looking incredible.
  21. I can appreciate the nostalgia in how both this and the Forestmen GWP have black trees, but I much prefer reddish/dark brown trees. It's really not a deal-breaker or even worth fuzzing about, but I would have preferred brown.
  22. Sweet! Hopefully those pieces will appear in Bricks & Pieces... Pick-a-Brick?... whatever the new system is called. However, the new system has been extremely disappointing so far.
  23. Frike

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    This is my understanding as well. If I have the item in my cart at checkout, then I expect that item to be "reserved" for me. If some of the other items are backordered, I expect the GWP to behave just like any other item, that is to be "put aside for me" until the remaining ordered items can be fulfilled. It seems like a logistical nightmare to handle it differently. Would they have employees just chucking them into eligible boxes before they ship out, and then just be like "oh I guess we ran out"?
  24. Frike

    [MOC] Crystal Mill (Colorado)

    There's so much that I like in this! The vegetation, the waterfall, the roof, etc. Excellent work, truly inspiring!