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  1. blaisetheweezerfan

    thoughts on Lego avatar(movie)

    good to know
  2. blaisetheweezerfan

    thoughts on Lego avatar(movie)

    I think the molded pieces are cool and also the older pieces in new colors are perfect for MOCs
  3. blaisetheweezerfan

    small Lego train

    ok good to know
  4. blaisetheweezerfan

    small Lego train

    im sorry I cannot show you the image the file is too large but I made a small Lego train update someone told me I need to upload the image to another website and paste the link so here is the link
  5. blaisetheweezerfan

    Grey Ridge 4-6-0 no. 26

    it looks amazing and really detailed
  6. blaisetheweezerfan

    hello I am blaisetheweezerfan