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  1. this is my first bigger moc. https://flic.kr/p/2m4URWZ as if what it is, i haven't finished yet but i wanted to share it. it is not finished (which can be seen).
  2. I have some custom minifigures. I can use them in my Mocs? I'm not sure where the northern moors are.
  3. these are my flickr pictures which broke before. https://flic.kr/p/2m4T2Au Ered https://flic.kr/p/2m4Xqyc Lydia https://flic.kr/p/2m4S31Y Hal, but a better picture. Thanks for help @Louis of Nutwood And @Henjin_Quilones.
  4. unfortunately there are problems with sending the remaining photos.
  5. This is my free moc. Earlier I wrote that his name would be Cane and his brothers, but now Cane and his siblings would be more apt. I mention Cane because he will be a character related to part of Hal's journey. Cane is the son of Erak ogrudur. He is a skilled fighter and a little less traveler. He has two brothers and a sister. The first picture shows him in the background of the forest. Cane's older brother is Halad the halberd. It is famous for exceptionally good use of the halberd. The second picture shows him. his little brother is ered. he is a good sailor and fighter. the third photo shows him. he also has a sister named lydia. shoots a bow well. photos broke and I will send them in separate messages.
  6. There will be a little problem with a white background, but I will try to figure something out.
  7. my photos are not very good, mainly because I do not have the conditions for it. My next moc it will be Cane and his brothers.
  8. Hi! This is my sigfig. Hal Vyrmrost titles and occupation: none short bio: Little is known about his past. Weird (for Mitgardian) clothes result from the fact that he just wears what he likes, and still has little. He is a mage and a traveler (and has a dragon, by the way). hometown: none if there are any mistakes please forgive me as i am not good at english.
  9. I would like to join mitgard
  10. How to join a guild?