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  1. It will if there are, say, 5 motor rotations of slack in the gearing. Then, whenever the direction is turned, the first 5 rotations would not change the position. So whenever the direction is changed, 100 rotations would only move 95 rotations' worth. By moving first 110 you get to "position 105", then moving another 10 in the other direction you would end up at "position 100". Does it make sense? Of course, if you could measure the slack precisely, you could account for it directly when changing direction. The approach above should work without an exact measurement as long as the extra motion is larger than the slack.
  2. Hi Hans. My suggestion would not remove gear slack, but by always approaching a stop in the same direction, the revolution count would accurately determine the position regardless of gear slack. When moving "left" you would stop normally, after maybe 100 revolutions. When moving "right" you would move too far (maybe 110 revolutions) and then a little left (10 revolutions) and stop. Then any slack will not affect the position (as long as no gear skipping occur). Of course, a sensor based solution is more fancy. The jerky motion looks like the motor is being stressed. If that is the case, it could be fixed by lower gearing or a more powerful motor.
  3. Looks great! Regarding horizontal positioning, the motion appears a bit jerky. Maybe that's why it is sometimes off. I'd say that given the gearing, using number of rotations should provide adequate positioning. An improvement might be to always overshoot and move a little back when moving in one direction. That should eliminate gear slack.
  4. Mini Dumper with BuWizz

    Wow, that a lot of PF in a small space. Looks really cute, well done!
  5. If only they would ship a battery box with the sets from time to time so we wouldn't run out of them. Oh, wait...
  6. This is a great mechanical solution that also looks really cool. It nicely avoids a ton of motors and control elements that would be necessary if each platform had to be controlled on its own. Well done I was worried at first that the up/down movement would not be fast and accurate enough but that looks really smooth as well.
  7. [WIP] Volvo EC750E

    That's a really interesting way to extend the LA's. I'm looking forward to see how it works out. It does look like there might be a friction problem with the turn table under load.
  8. [MOC] Mini Claas Xerion

    This looks really good. Is the cabin turned by hand or did you manage to squeeze a knob in there to do it?
  9. 22: 10 15: 6 29: 4 1: 3 31: 2 13: 1
  10. Technic Video Tips (Videography)

    I second this. DaVinci Resolve is the (free) sequencer you want to learn. And this - NO vertical video. It is a terrible a waste of your viewer's screen space and patience.
  11. Got my two units today My shipping story is that it's been a about three weeks since I got the tracking number and nothing happened until late last week. But now they're here. My OnePlus 1 (android) phone could not see them (it just displayed a "Scanning stopped!" message) so after a few attempts I took out my old android tablet instead. It detected both units right away. When "starting up" a firmware update was started automatically, but unfortunately the "This will only take a minute" message is rather inaccurate in my case. The unit flashes red, alternating fast and slow, but after an hour there's no progress in the app's progress bar. I'll leave it running as others have, and if it's not successful I'll try another phone. Even if it's not a great experience so far, it is nice to know the unit's behavior has been seen and corrected before. Update: Re-reading this thread, I gave up on the seemingly stuck FW upgrade. I was not able to turn off the unit so I just restarted the app and tried again. This time it completed in about a minute, with the progress bar moving steadily all the way. So, I'm in business!
  12. I'll be happy to help with Android testing
  13. [WIP] Starcraft's Siege Tank

    This is really great. Well made and looks authentic so far. I always loved that siege tank animation and you've captured it wonderfully. The legged tank from the game was also great but that would be next to impossible to implement in LEGO...
  14. I hate to bring up the "secondary bot" subject again, but I feel we are left with very few possibilities for demonstrating the signature move. Just to be clear; if I build a flipper or an axe, I can only demonstrate this into thin air in the entry post/video? But in the discussion topic there are no limitations? Did I get this right? I don't want to argue about it, I just want to make the rules absolutely clear.
  15. That's creative! I was thinking an EMP cannon. But these solutions are hard to sneak past the contest rules ;-)