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  1. GroundskeeperWillie

    Grass seeding robot Lego mindstorms EV3

    Awesome! Very well done.
  2. GroundskeeperWillie

    2020 Mindstorms set

    Did anyone explore the possibility of bluetooth connectivity between the smarthub and NXT or EV3? It seems it should be possible, right? I'm kinda fond of using Lejos and its workflow but would of course like to be able to integrate the new stuff.
  3. GroundskeeperWillie

    Nico71's Creations

    Great work! I can hardly imagine the work that must have gone into this marvelous machine. The programming mechanism reminds me of this "punch card" programmable crane from the 8888 ideas book, published in 1980:
  4. GroundskeeperWillie

    [MOC] Kverneland FastBale - Non stop Haybaler

    This is an amazing build I have sometimes considered building a baler but have always given up fast because I could not find a way to cut features to avoid it getting too complex. It's incredible how you have just taken all features and the full complexity head on and solved it too! I'm gonna watch that video quite a few times
  5. GroundskeeperWillie

    Moc - Claas Xerion (16.5:1)

    This looks great. Those tires are just what's needed for a Xerion. But please - we need a video showing off all those functions
  6. GroundskeeperWillie

    Ideas Book 8888 Excavator

    Yeah, remember that thing. Was a fun build, even though I missed the right coloured parts and had to do a rainbow build. Worked well :-)
  7. GroundskeeperWillie

    PG52's creations

    Very well done, I like it a lot. Fine looks, clever steering and suspension and useful engagement of the PTO. The only thing that bugs me is that the hoist looks so massive with the mini LAs. But for this size that's almost impossible to do anything about. This is even a problem for the much larger 42054 Claas. Makes me wish for smaller LA's.
  8. GroundskeeperWillie

    [APP] BrickController2

    Yes, that works. It gave me a hint to enable location permission. It is beyond me why that should matter but alas... And with location permission on, voila - both nRF, Brickcontroller and the BuWizz app work and can connect to my BuWizz 1! So, thanks for the pointer I'm looking forward to trying out BrickController but unfortunately it seems it can't connect to my cheap PS3 clone controller. Are there any tricks for making that work? That was the official app. Turns out there was an update I missed and the error is gone. It's an Android tablet but its away on vacation ;) I'll try it our when it gets back.
  9. GroundskeeperWillie

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, I've tried Briccontroller 0.32 on my Nexus 6P but it can't find my Buwizz 1.0. The Buwizz app also can't find it (and now it just crashes as soon as it is started ). However, I can see the Buwizz in the Bluetooth settings. I can connect to the Buwizz using the Buwizz app on my tablet so the Buwizz itself seems ok. Any idea what's wrong?
  10. GroundskeeperWillie

    [WIP] 2-stage Tractor | 42054 C model (Refinements to attachment)

    This looks great. Good work!
  11. GroundskeeperWillie

    [APP] BrickController2

    This sounds great! I'll be happy to try it with my Buwizz v1's as soon as it is out in the Play store. I went through the user guide but I could not tell whether it's of any practical use without a bluetooth controller. Can you control a model just using the app or is a controller necessary?
  12. GroundskeeperWillie

    [EV3] Fully Automated Candy Warehouse

    It will if there are, say, 5 motor rotations of slack in the gearing. Then, whenever the direction is turned, the first 5 rotations would not change the position. So whenever the direction is changed, 100 rotations would only move 95 rotations' worth. By moving first 110 you get to "position 105", then moving another 10 in the other direction you would end up at "position 100". Does it make sense? Of course, if you could measure the slack precisely, you could account for it directly when changing direction. The approach above should work without an exact measurement as long as the extra motion is larger than the slack.
  13. GroundskeeperWillie

    [EV3] Fully Automated Candy Warehouse

    Hi Hans. My suggestion would not remove gear slack, but by always approaching a stop in the same direction, the revolution count would accurately determine the position regardless of gear slack. When moving "left" you would stop normally, after maybe 100 revolutions. When moving "right" you would move too far (maybe 110 revolutions) and then a little left (10 revolutions) and stop. Then any slack will not affect the position (as long as no gear skipping occur). Of course, a sensor based solution is more fancy. The jerky motion looks like the motor is being stressed. If that is the case, it could be fixed by lower gearing or a more powerful motor.
  14. GroundskeeperWillie

    [EV3] Fully Automated Candy Warehouse

    Looks great! Regarding horizontal positioning, the motion appears a bit jerky. Maybe that's why it is sometimes off. I'd say that given the gearing, using number of rotations should provide adequate positioning. An improvement might be to always overshoot and move a little back when moving in one direction. That should eliminate gear slack.