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  1. I am enjoying seeing all these older sets. I might have to track down some of these older pieces and rebuild some of the sets. There is something elegant about their simpler designs.
  2. I did some looking around online and it looks like the catalog is probably the 2016 Holiday catalog. So probably no news about the new sets in it. Wait and see I guess?
  3. Really nice build! Hard to believe this came from a motorcycle.
  4. The Lego store calendar indicates that the new catalog will be coming out on November 7th. We will hopefully get more details then.
  5. There is another Snow Groomer from 42038 here with an lxf file.
  6. cadre

    [moc] 10 alternate models from Creator #31046 set

    Awesome alternates! I have this set and will have to try some of these out. Thanks for sharing!
  7. cadre

    CREATOR 2017

    I was looking for these yesterday. It's like you read my mind! Looking forward to the names.
  8. Nice one! I've been seeing lots of great C models lately, this one included.
  9. Really nice C-model! I'm going to try to build one myself.
  10. Nice ideas. I was thinking of doing some enhancements on my 42036 bike. Thank you for the inspiration.
  11. cadre

    Creator 2016

    The May Lego store calendar is out. 31052 Vacation Getaway will be available in May, it doesn't mention anything about any of the other Creator sets though.
  12. Hard to tell which of the upcoming 2016 sets to recommend since we don't have all the details yet. You can find some videos on youtube from the toy fairs that might help you make a planning decision. I'm looking forward to 42053 since I would like to get some pneumatics.
  13. I'm not looking for RC yet, it might be something I expand into in the future. Right now I'm mainly looking at expanding my stock of parts and learning build techniques. I'm also considering 42038, I like the orange and the tracks.
  14. Hi, I'm new to Technic. I bought the 42032 last month and for being such a small set I have been having a blast with it. I've built the A and B models a few times and have played around MOC'ing various things. I'm looking to get some more sets. My interests are mainly in construction, farming, MOCs and C Models. I'm looking for some recommendations on a mid-range set that is currently available in stores. I am eyeing the 42043 but won't be able to buy it until later this year. Is the 42042 good for a part set? Would I be better off combining a few smaller sets? Budget for right now is around $150 US.
  15. cadre

    Blue Power Jet

    Nice one! Looks really sharp in the blue and black.