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  1. Hello Michael, I am also planning to dust off my Mindstorms EV3 set which sits safe in the closet for a very, very long time...longer than it should be. So You are not alone with EV3 :-) Have a nice day :-)
  2. Hello, This is my little useful creation powered by PF battery box or from renewable energy gathered by energy meter from old, good LEGO Education. Hope You enjoy and it will light up Your day;-) Have a nice day
  3. Hello, Another little bit of offtopic, but I have found another usage of the crane ;-) Have a nice evening
  4. Yep 😁😁 my son handles screwdriver better than opening bb for PF, PU and Mindstorms;-)
  5. Time will tell if my decision of buying it now was good or not;-) Anyway my son didn't manage to open battery box;-)
  6. Hehe ;-) One thing for sure - he will handle the screws with screwdriver :-) That I know and I saw with my own eyes ;-) He was unable to open EV3 brick and old BB for PF :-)
  7. Mine arrived today...I need to give empty battery box to my 3 yo son and check if he is able to open it ;-)
  8. AVCampos - I had planned to buy it anyway (but of course later) - LEGO made me to buy it earlier ;-)
  9. Ah...ok. I thought it would be about the electronics or something :-) Thanks JaBaCaDaBra :-)
  10. What were the issues with battery box? Maybe I have missed this information.
  11. Liebherr ,Crawler 4x4 and Top Gear Rally Car are still there.
  12. I can confirm that it went missing from official shop in Poland along with Volvo 6x6. So as a precaution I bought mine from for around 86 EUR (shipping incl.) yesterday.
  13. Hey there, A little off-top maybe, but here is my son's mod of 42100 made from.... ;-) Have a nice day ;-)
  14. Remember my little boy ?;-) Well...he turned 8 months and is mastering crane operating:-) He knows how to operate HoG steering, he likes the orange fan on the engine and the light at the top of the cabin. Finally he did stress test of the crane and they both passed it sucessful:)
  15. 999.99 zł/229.99 Euro/179.99 Pounds Starting price for the crawler:)