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  1. Jantayg

    RC Buggy Motor

    You can change the direction in the buwizz app for each output. You donnot need to change the orientation of the connector.
  2. Thank you for all the info. It makes it easy to decide how many buwizz2 to replace with the 3.0 :)
  3. That sounds good. Will there be any option to reduce the max speed of the motors on pf ports? I would not want to give 12 V for pf servo for exapmle
  4. Thank you, In this case what happens with the pf ports?will the voltage be limited to 9v? As I think the real benefit of using buwizz was the possibilitiy to runnthe motors faster.
  5. I would like to ask some questions from Zerobricks about the 3.0 version, as I could not find the information on the website. Will the new version also support the 4 speed modes? On al ports, or on pf ports only? What will be the exact weight of the unit?
  6. yes, this was the best compromise to reduce weight, I really like these tyres Well, I had some issues with the sand, but not with this model. The area where I usually play with my models is in intertidal zone, and I time it always to low tide, so the sand is damp. This way it gives a very nice surface for drifting, but it is not like dry sand. Once I tried a modification of this model on dry sand, and sand was stuck into the wheel hub: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=x873c01&name=Technic, Steering Arm with 4 Ball Joints, Complete Assembly with Black Wheel Hub&category=[Technic, Steering]#T=S&C=11&O={"color":11,"iconly":0} Attika visited me in the past, and hi had some issues with sand getting into his buggy motor. The sand went between the gears, and you could feel it at certain point while rotating it manually, but eventually it came out, so no problem now. I know that playing outside, specially on sand is a risk, but believe me, it is a great fun drifting on the sandy part of the beach:) The pneumatic dampers is not my idea at all, I have seen it to be used like this on several MOCs. As I understood the competition, this should have been the main feature of the MOCs, so my focus was on this. I started testing on other peoples MOCs first, and at the end I came up with this. The rest of the model just had to be as simple as possible to reduce weight to allow 1 motor and 1 buwizz to propel it.
  7. Thanks for all the votes:) I have about the 8th iteration, I am trying to find the ideal number of motors. I had 4 in it, obviously that effected the look a bit, but it was a good experience. I gave it up with 4 motors, as it gives a lot of challenge not just squeezing them in, but also make the suspension strong enough to handle the torque. I have 3 motors in now, with 4wd, and kind of happy with the setup. It does not look good yet, but I am happy with the performance. I have not got a lot of time, and I have more projects, so it will take a bit of time. My plan was to make a video of the "final" version, but was not sure about instructions. I do not want to promise anything:)
  8. I have not seen it properly in your design, yes your axles are 4 studs from eachother, in my case 3, so yours should work. My parts are from bricklink too, I can test it later too.
  9. Jantayg

    LEGO Speed Computer (32467)

    I had the same issue with the wires, so I had to replace it. It was not an easy fix, as I had to break it to open the computer bart, as it is glued or welded. Also you need to make sure you buy a similar diameter wire. I managed to glue it back, and it is working now as it should.
  10. Hi Didumos, I like your idea about reducing friction. I build mainly rc mocs, and I have the same goal there too. I tried to use the new parts to build something simple, and efficient, but I found an issue with positioning the orange selector parts. The half stud distance from the line of the axles does not work, as it is too small, and there is a lot of friction between the orange part and the grey driving ring. I made a bad quality picture at the time I was testing, and you can see, that the frame I made has not the pins fully in, so the gearbox can work. So what I am trying to say, that in your setup you would have the same problem. I made a working setup just to see and feel the friction, but the orange part needs to be mounted just a bit more than half stud from the line of the axles. As you see this is out of system, so very hard to achieve, when proper bracing, and the rotation of the selector axle has to be done. I hope this helps, and I wonder with what kind of idea you will come up with to solve this:)
  11. Thanks Guys, I know I could have put lights on it, and I was thinking about interior too, but has not done it at the and, as was focusing on the performance. I made lots of test jumps, and videos, but was not happy with the result. Regarding the suspension, I found it that its better with a bit stronger spring, as more force is needed to pull the piston out, I hope you understand what I mean. The motor is ok, a few scratches on the bottom. I was expected a bit of damage on the parts, as if you go outside, increase the speed, there is going to be crashes.....
  12. Hello Guys, Today I would like to present my first moc here, which was built for the Buwizz fast car competition. I have been back to Lego for about 2 years now. I have built a few Mocs, and mods, but I have not found them good enough to show to others. :) I hope you like this little buggy, let me give you some more information about the build. I was half way with a build when I heard about the competition, so I decided to change that according to the rules. I usually build with more motors, so the challenge for me was to make the model efficient. I started with a 4wd version, with differential on both axles. The main feature was the independent suspension with small pneumatic pistons as shock absorbers. I started to test this solution on Agrofs buggy modded by Kbalage. It worked well, so I decided to use this solution in this build to help the stability of the car after the jump. As you see, I had to give up the 4wd setup, as the single rc buggy motor even with Buwizz 2.0 was just not enough to do the job. I have some pictures of the old version, and I have a plan to put 2 motors in it, will post that, once its built. So I decided to reduce the friction by eliminating all the gearing, so the rear wheels are propelled from fast output. I hope you will like it Guys, let me know what you think. :) An earlier version with 4WD: At the very beginning: Suspension test: Here is the final video: A few photos:
  13. Jantayg

    [APP] BrickController2

    Just an update, as it looks, the phone does not work with the controller anymore, so there is no problem with the app. I am now hunting an working firmware for the phone.
  14. Jantayg

    [APP] BrickController2

    I do not think so. I will download a gamepad tester, and will let you know the result. If thats the case, I guess downgrading would be the only option.
  15. Jantayg

    [APP] BrickController2

    Mine has 2 modes, and tried to change the modes too. I tried in the tester part too.