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  1. That's unfortunate. I came to accept that a lot of the motors and battery modifications are made in the Europe and enthusiasts such as buwizz. I found a modified RC brick control that allows to run 2 buggy motors with no issues from an Russian lego enthusiast. Again all of these are unobtainable for me since I live in the US. I'm happy enough with the power of 3s lipo batteries gives to my motors safely without burning up.
  2. In your Falcon truck, are you using a transmitter/ESC with your 3S lipo? Kind of curious how you're running that with no issues. Yes the PF plugs melts when running 3S with buggy motors. If I soldered the wires I'm sure I'll catch fire eventually but I won't go there.
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one out here trying to make these buggy motors faster. I've removed the thermistor from the motors and so far, I've only melted the PF plastics and the motor still works (I just replace the cable+PF plastic part). Two models I've tried to use two buggy motors, range rover (i know its heavy) and Ford raptor. I used 30A esc with 3S and 2S Lipo. It runs pretty darn quick but at the same time it melted the PF plastic just as fast. So I went back to using 2L PF motors with 3S lipo and it works just fine. It won't be fast using the buggy motor but at least the L PF motors can climb over bumps and hills vs buggy motors with out melting the plastics. I've also tried using two ESC+transmitter to run on each buggy motor on 3s lipo. One of the buggy motor would stall. On the other hand, I use a 3S lipo with a buggy motor(thermistor removed) on a much smaller scale model and it still works fine for the past few months now.