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  1. Agent 86

    [MOC] Row home

    Very nice. It looks deceptively simple, but there is a lot of brick built detail in the façade and roof.
  2. Agent 86

    10264 Corner Garage

    I like it. But, I'm not sure I love it. I'm impressed that the quite old rumour about a "garage and veterinarian" was correct. I didn't think it would be because there was no obvious "story" potential between a garage and a vet (unless a car hit an animal and the car needed repairs and the animal needed surgery). The price seems a little high for quite a small building given how much of the baseplate is taken up with the drive-through for the gas station. I'm not sure if the price per piece count is higher than other Modulars, but it just doesn't *look* to provide the same value for money as others. I look forward to seeing a photo with an actual vehicle in the drive-through. It seems like it will be a bit of a tight squeeze to get a car in there. I find it amusing that we have a garage to repair four vehicles (fire engine, limousine, Cadillac and tow truck) and a veterinarian to care for a handful of animals (most of which are still in the Pet Shop), but we still don't have a medical centre or small hospital for all of the minifigures! I'm not sure about the seemingly completely open stairs. Anyone can just wander all the way up to the roof - through someone's personal apartment! I guess it reduces the piece count and keeps costs lower to remove all of those "walls", but it strange. The colour scheme of the second and third floors also seems repetitive - it reminds me of the Detective's Office, Corner Deli and Town Hall. I was probably counting on it being at least partially the new colour - "sand red" (or whatever it is called). Additional thoughts: I think I'll move the balcony up to the top floor - it makes more sense to be part of the apartment as opposed to the veterinarian. Then, I'll move the printed veterinarian sign to where the balcony currently is. It will be partially obscured, but I don't like how the two signs currently block each other (i.e. the Jo's Garage sign blocks the view of the Dr Jones' sign). And then I'll just mirror the build of the middle window on the top floor when completing the second floor. I *think* that will resolve some of *my* issues with how the Modular looks.
  3. Agent 86

    MOC: Forestside House

    Wow. That is ridiculously beautiful - I want to holiday there!
  4. Agent 86

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That’s lovely! I’d be very happy with a Modular Police Station which resembled this real world building.
  5. Agent 86

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    Cool - thank you! I've now added even more builds to my wish list / to do list. I really like the townhouses. And now I'm wishing that I'd purchased a second Pet Shop when it was readily available - the alternate design is really cool. And I didn't even connect the dots! I look forward to seeing your alternate builds for the Detective's Office, Brick Bank and Diner too. Are you working off your own designs or some alternate instructions which are available online?
  6. Wow. That is HUGE! For once a thread title that doesn't disappoint - it actually undersells the scale of the build. Great work. I look forward to seeing the finished product.
  7. Agent 86

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    Very nice! I like the hospital, bike shop and ... is it a book store? Or a “books for cats” store because in your Lego City the cats are as intelligent as humans? The row of four townhouses is also beautiful. Are they your own designs?
  8. Agent 86

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Very nice! A lot of interesting built details which really add to the façade.
  9. Agent 86

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A Garage wouldn't be anywhere near the top of my list for a Modular building. I'm not fussed on including cars with Modular buildings and I'm sceptical about the ability to create an interesting façade and multiple upper levels with a ground floor garage. Something like this, but really expanded upon and improved could be interesting:é,_Fortitude_Valley,_Brisbane.JPG And the Garage rumour does fit the earlier rumour about the next Modular being at home in the Lego City line. It also makes sense given that the Downtown Diner was originally designed to be a car dealership and the "car" element may have been a source of inspiration for the next Modular. It is fun to be discussing rumours again! I understand that Lego doesn't like leaks, but if they're not willing to tease us with small reveals, then I'm definitely in favour of rumour-mongering!
  10. Agent 86

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree. Thankfully, it seems that they’re moving away from such dedicated “story telling” elements in the builds.
  11. Agent 86

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    I like your Lego Hospital MOD. Was the original version, without the extra floor, built from two sets? Or one set and a lot of your own bricks?
  12. Fingers crossed! I'd happily also buy a pack with Denny, Penny and Renny. And maybe a "clean / new" version of Benny.
  13. I like the Dream House (although it is undersized and seems a little overpriced) and, like everyone else, the Space Squad! I'm still intrigued by the Systar Spaceship and now the Party Bus, but I don't think they're really for me. Maybe with a decent discount. So, the Sewer Babies are presumed to come in the rumoured (?) Brickpocalypse Statue of Liberty D2C?
  14. Agent 86

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I haven't seen that Hospital MOD before and I couldn't seem to find a thread on it in these forums. Do you have a link to more photos and details? It looks pretty good to me. Yes please! I'd be VERY happy with a "full-sized" (32x32) and a "half-sized" (16x32) Modular each year. Given that the Creator line appears, at least for now, to have abandoned residential and commercial buildings, it would be a great way to release some more of those types of builds.