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  1. Agent 86

    LEGO Creator 2019 - Rumors, Discussion, and Speculation

    I’m a broken record on the subject, but I hope the Riverside Boathouse sees a return to the fully enclosed Creator buildings, like Bike Shop and Cafe (as opposed to the Creator “Modular” buildings).
  2. It would be great to get Hippolyta and Antiope. I'd be tempted just to make it an "Amazon" pack - Hippolyta, Antiope and hopefully TWO Amazon soldiers (for army building).
  3. Agent 86

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think a "cottage hospital" is doable within the scale of the Modular buildings. Of course, if it was a Pizzeria, they should get plenty of use out of the new "teenager" legs from the Harry Potter CMF series!
  4. Great interview - thanks for conducting and sharing it! The most interesting thing I learned ... probably how much the Modular line seems to come down to the whim / feelings of the designer. I guess I'd always thought that Lego would have had some kind of a long-term plan for the line (i.e. some core "every city has one" buildings for inclusion, for example, fire station, police station and hospital / medical centre). But, it sounds as if a lot of it comes down to a single idea or theme from the designer (e.g. Assembly Square was simply "sweet shop and dentist" or the Diner was "a diner and gym"). I did like hearing that Lego listens to all the feedback from AFOLs about the Modular line, even if they don't always do something about it. The fact that they're open to moving away from "small" rooms (or at least small for adult sized hands) is good to hear.
  5. I like the look of Sweet Mayhem's Systar Spaceship, but the price seems very high. Especially in comparison to the buggy which apparently also comes with some kind of unseen, exploding base. I'm a little disappointed that Emmet's house / spaceship house wasn't part of the initial announcements. But, surely something as awesome as that will be made.
  6. Agent 86

    Disney's Future with Lego

    Goodness, I certainly hope so. Cinderella's Castle seemed to get a lot of media attention and I presume that it was a decent seller for Lego. So, it stands to reason for them to also make Sleeping Beauty's Castle. The fact that it is partially a pale pink hopefully won't stop them from making it as a set (i.e. in fear of a "pink" castle only appealing to girls). And a second Disney CMF series to accompany Sleeping Beauty's Castle would be logical. I'm still surprised that a second CMF series hasn't already been released given the popularity of the first (although the CMF schedule is obviously quite packed). If it included Scrooge McDuck - that would be truly awesome!
  7. Agent 86

    [MOC] Fire station Indianapolis

    That is extremely, nicely done. You've done an incredible job of capturing the original building and just making an awesome Lego building too!
  8. Agent 86

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Voltron looks really good. I'm a little disappointed at the restricted poseability when in Voltron / robot form, but it's understandable. I also wish it was coming with minifigures of the five pilots / paladins. Maybe they're saving them for a future set? Something with a Castle of Lions diorama?
  9. I'm hoping for a set with Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy in original red costume), an Invisible Jet (with enough room for Diana and Donna) and a brick-built Giganta! I assume that we'll also get a single set for Wonder Woman 1984 and that it will at least include Wonder Woman and the Cheetah. Hopefully it will be a little more accurate to the movie than the set released for the first Wonder Woman film (although it seems that almost all of the licensors were caught out by a last minute change to Ares' character design). Otherwise, I'd love to see a more Burton-inspired Batmobile with TWO seats so that Batman and Robin can cruise the streets of Gotham City looking for trouble. And, as always, a D2C Hall of Justice would be fantastic!
  10. Agent 86

    [MOC] House in Vilnius

    Awesome work - so many great uses of different pieces. It's very impressive! As others have said, I like the use of the sloping bricks for the grass / foliage. Different colours (orange and tan) may have been slightly more representational of the "real" building, but I like the red and grey colour scheme too.
  11. So far, I really want the yellow house spaceship. Ideally, as a "2 in 1" build (i.e. regular house and spaceship).
  12. Agent 86

    New Century City Block II

    I don't know where to begin with my praise - it is absolutely beautiful. Like multiple pieces of extraordinary architectural design reproduced as Lego buildings. Very nice indeed.
  13. Agent 86

    31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined

    Very nice. How many sets of the Creator Bike Shop and Café did they take? It looks like a LOT!
  14. Agent 86

    [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    Very impressive! And you're the creator of the Modularised Tower Bridge as well? How extremely talented.
  15. Well done! I look forward to seeing your Modularised Opera House too.