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  1. I could see R2-KT being the other minifigure in Jedi Bob's Starfighter. The other 'buildable creature' set that Young Leia was rumoured to come with could also be Lola I suppose. I could see someone not knowing what they were looking at and maybe see a few 'eyes' on the build.
  2. BacktoBricks

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    GITD Nick is a great minifigure, but I find him a bit of a pain to be honest; so many times I've had to put him away in a draw or he becomes a beacon in my dark bedroom at night when I'm trying to sleep. I have to say the current Lego glow in the dark quality is very good. I would rather they just stick to the light grey for the ghosts and stop changing all the time.
  3. BacktoBricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I see. Thank you. I wonder if it's still meant as a little 'inn' joke.
  4. BacktoBricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I don't play D&D so I've no idea if it has any in universe reference, but the sticker for the inn sign on the new D&D set looks like the Eye of Sauron and the inn is called Inn Plain Sight. A hint at Barad-dûr set maybe?
  5. BacktoBricks

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well the auto translate for me said it is 'a new cast in the bigfig version' which I think could either end up looking terrible or really good. Personally I always think the bigfig villains look like their pose is one of squatting on the toilet, but the troll obviously needs to be large. I loved the original troll and think it looks nice and tall and gangly, but that being said it's not really large enough. So a big fig of sorts with a new torso and legs might work out great like you say. I just hope the face print isn't too comical and the 'clothes' are done in cloth like the original.
  6. BacktoBricks

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I get why some people might think the theme should come to a close soon; I myself as a big Harry Potter fan have become more select with the sets I buy now after a few years of the theme's return, but in all seriousness I can't see the theme dying anytime soon. You only have to think that there will be kids of around six who will start getting into Harry Potter that were only just born when the first lots of sets from this new HP era came out to know that they could keep remaking sets for a while and feeding a new audience every few years, especially when they haven't quite covered all locations and characters yet. Also, I know it's a contentious issue, but I can't see how they won't move on to doing sets for the new series in a couple of years too. I don't know how it will work alongside the old films, but the Lego deal is with Warner Bros hence why we don't get book only material unless the designers happen to sneak in an Easter egg. So if Warner are in charge of the new series surely they will want merchandise for it and then the series will give even more material for Lego to work off seeing as the whole point of the series is they can cover the books more in depth than the movies. Harry Potter fatigue doesn't seem to have hit generally even with the material being a lot more limited than say the Star Wars ever expanding universe, so I don't see why Lego should be much different.
  7. Ah good glad you managed to get one. Already starting to see bundles of them on ebay.
  8. Release date for issue 106 with the Shock Trooper was 6th March and the next one is due on 3rd April. They are every four weeks so throughout the year some fall at the beginning of a month and some at the end.
  9. It was released yesterday so I'm guessing maybe the supermarkets just haven't turned their stock over yet. Sainsburys and Tesco are my go to, although issues with Clones tend to go fast.
  10. No posts since January although they have been on.
  11. Quite possible, but if that is the case then Lego has totally shot itself in the foot; when the Infiltrator was rumored to have Padme and Panaka I was all in for getting in. With just the three minifigures and the anniversary minifigure I'm out unless it's deeply discounted as its minifigure value compared to other sets this year like the Tantive Hallway is very poor. I was excited, but now I'm just annoyed. But someone has messed up somewhere though with the leaks for the set and Lego definitely is responsible for some of it; the outline picture of the Infiltrator with Qui-Gon and Anakin disappeared of the Lego website so clearly it shouldn't have been uploaded, whether it is right or wrong. That or Lego doesn't want leakers because it wants to 'leak' info itself.
  12. BacktoBricks

    Disney Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    The rumors for the rest of the year don't mention anymore Story Books. Lego seems to have moved on to the jewelry boxes and the flower pot sets by the looks of the leaks. Moana's Flowerpot and Snow White's Jewelery Box are two sets supposedly releasing later this year, although the Snow White one might possibly get delayed until next year to tie in with the new movie. That's not to say Lego won't do more of the books next year, but I don't think we are getting anymore this year from what I can see. Glad to see some love for Pocahontas. One of my favorite toys as a child was a Pocahontas Polly Pocket set, so very similar to a tiny Lego Story Book in some ways, and I'd love to get John, Meeko, Percy, Flit etc. I'm more for minifigures though.
  13. They all have a white 'pupil' in general, although Maul's used to be black. But basically they all normally have some inner circle. If you look closely at the leaked Maul though it almost looks like he has black pupils, but they've been really faded out. 🤔
  14. Oh dear Maul looks like he's been staring at the laser beams for too long. Really not a fan of this one. Palpatine I can just about get as his eyes are very cloudy sometimes, although pupils would still be more accurate. However, Maul has pupils just like any other human character so I'm not getting why we're going for the whole hypnotized look.
  15. BacktoBricks

    Disney Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think considering the first Disney Castle was pretty scant on the minifigure side of things, that getting four couples was quite good. I'd have love more, but that would have been too optimistic I think. As much as I'd hate to devalue the castle figs, I would love to think that Rapunzel and Flynn might turn up in a more detailed Rapunzel's Tower, complete with Gothel and a Pascal who doesn't seem far too big in comparison to minifigures.