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  1. All my leaks were fake. Bye bye losers Please ban me btw losers
  2. Mr No

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Do not be afraid my son, we will get the trailer and all the plastic goodies.
  3. Rings of Power teaser trailer this Sunday at Super Bowl
  4. We got the beautiful Creator Pirates ship, the awesome Creator medieval Castle and now we are getting a Vikings ship this summer. What other historical sets would you like to see in Creator? Perhaps we could finally get a new Western set? Or ancient Rome? Ancient Greece? Egypt? Discuss potential future Creator historical sets. Also, are they selling well? Does this tell Lego that maybe they could release new themes like that or perhaps more Creator sets?
  5. But there are small chances they could catch him, right?
  6. I did not tell anyone about the store, there are around 700 and more stores. I doubt they will find him.
  7. I am taking full responsibility for this, if somehow it turns out not to be true then I will stop posting leaks, I know this thing is ultra big so I had to be sure before posting it.
  8. As some of you might have seen in the Indiana Jones thread, I was teasing some big license that is coming this year, thanks to my source, same one for both Indiana Jones and Knights of Valor, told me that we are finally getting a Legend of Zelda theme! In 2022, isn’t that awesome? And yes, they are minifigure based! No app gimmick as far as I know. Now as always take it with a grain of salt but I trust him, and he confirmed that the set numbers, some from the nice pal who found the list on brickmerge, that is his source and according to brickmerge they are coming in April, so we should get a reveal soon! Now keep in mind, the release date is speculation based on brickmerge set list which is set for April release, and some of the numbers are complete from my source: 77011 Legend of  Zelda 77012 Legend of Zelda 77013 Legend of Zelda 77014 Legend of Zelda 77015 Legend of Zelda  77016 Legend of Zelda 77017 Legend of Zelda Enjoy!
  9. Go ahead, it's not like another thread is needed. And it was about the show from the beginning.
  10. Lego got better at hiding their leaks, we had no idea about Hidden Side or Super Mario until they got revealed by Lego, I say don't give up hope..not yet.
  11. Mr No

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell because I heard about something big license wise.
  12. Mr No

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    All I can say is that this year will be expensive Lots of good stuff coming
  13. I think this year's sets are great. I hope Lego will make the boxes more unisex friendly in 2023, though I wonder what color would fit that better.