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  1. In fact, Benz actros as early as June has been completed, Man in July also completed, as arocs in early September to complete, because the early row too busy so recently only one upload multiple works to eurobricks
  2. i like RC more than manual,
  3. yes, before i failed there times for doing ACTROS, SO I think this model is really difficult to make.
  4. hi everyone, this is my new creations for BENZ ACROS 4463 dump truck,
  5. No needs improve, you like this,just like this. You dont like,just dont like. Thanks If you really wanna the lego can be 100% similar with real one, please play it
  6. Hi everyone, This is my new MOC; VOLVO FH16 750 with A60H dump truck, there has RC functions, please enjoy photos and video. Thanks for watching. video: \
  7. video ready on youtube:
  8. Hello the dumper volvo a60h is not finished, coming soon
  9. Hello Everyone, Here is my new MOC: RC New Gen Scania S730, let go to the photos...
  10. hello everyone speed: 28cm/s weight:3450g heigh:26cm length: 59cm width:16cm My new MOC: BENZ ACTROS 8x4 Crane Truck; this is my third times to do benz actros I try many times before, I really like new benz truck but i think this model is really difficult to do in technic figure scale. it has 1 XL motor for driving (I lack of XL ) 1 servo for steering and 4 m motors for crane, 2 m motors for outrigger. video coming soon...
  11. hello everyone, this is my new moc: RC Landrover Defender110, is has 4 XL motors for driving, and 1 servo motor for steering, speed: Max 30cm/s weight: 3450g Video:
  12. Is great modeling skills. But i want to know how you can make boom lift? Because i had made one liebherr 6.1 before, i know the boom lift structure. So i want to get some ideas from your model.
  13. Hello I'm working on fully rc Volvo EC950E, this is my first time to do a real test with soil. This seem strong power to play with lego bricks, beam or soil.
  14. Hello everyone, this is my new MOC: Fully RC MAN A95 double decker bus - Hong Kong KMB version, KMB is famous bus company in Hong Kong over 80 years. so i really like that bus. totally it has 8 motors for driving, steering and auto door purpose, 2XL driving, 2Servo steering, and 4 m Motors for auto door. Speed: Max 40 cm/s weight: 5600g Video:
  15. Thank you very much, this is my first moc at scale modeling forum.
  16. Hello, can i ask you some parts could be a problem? What kind of problems? Thanks for your suggestions. You mean turntable, shovel or crawled problems?
  17. Yes no third party products, metal parts or others, just only Lego bricks and motors, i used 42055 yellow large turntable with four direction 1:3 gear and 1 xl motor, it is really more powerful for large turntable. How to balance? I always cal parts weight, the yellow body a little bit heavy than front arm. Body 5.5kg, front arm 4.8kg, crawled 3.8kg
  18. Hello, I started to create a monster mining shovel: Caterpillar 6120B, it is really huge but i believe it must difficult to do with Lego bricks. do you have any suggestion for me??? now i working on large turntable and track. if you have any suggestion please give me, many thanks
  19. Hello everyone, thanks for give me suggestions, now i going to stage two, i will update photos soon.
  20. Hello everyone, let's me introduce my new MOC: Liebherr HS 895, Speed:1cm/s weight: 5150g max loaded:1.2kg video here: