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Found 5 results

  1. With all of the other entries for the [TC6] SBrick contest, I thought I'd post some work in progress pictures of my own entry. Some time before the contest actually started, I was starting to build the chassis of a most unusual truck, a custom Kenworth C500 tridem-tridem with a Cormach 23000A loader crane, assembled by Falcon Industries of Canada. My model is not quite a straightforward replica, but more inspired by this machine. Initially, I was planning on making the model more like a flagship set, with no remote control, and just a single motor for all the crane functions. But, when I heard about the competition, I just had to adapt this model to enter. The model itself is about 30% complete, consisting mostly of the chassis, and some parts of the bodywork, including the unusual C500 engine hood. The model currently has the following features: Drive, via XL motor, to the rear three axles, and to a modeled V-12 engine. (not quite realistic, but it looks cool.) Steering on the front three axles via Servo motor, with differing angles between the axles. This is accomplished with steering arms of differing lengths. Lights, controlled via a switch. An opening hood, with two fold up panels on each side, and two removable panels, as for a real C500. Opening cabinets on either side, as on the real thing. (one has not been added yet.) I plan to add more features, including the crane itself, and the rest of the bodywork. The crane functions will be controlled with a function splitter, somewhat similar to 8043, but different, as the splitter only has two motors, but six outputs. Thus, for the purpose of the contest, the four functions are: Drive, via XL motor. Steer, via Servo motor. Function split control, via servo motor Function splitter, driven by XL motor, with six functions. (Raising the crane arm, bending the crane arm, extension, winching, slewing, and the outriggers.) Now, on to some more photos of the chassis. This shot shows the rear light cluster, but I've got a better shot. These two shots show how the hood opens, and the removable side panels. The engine actually has many details, including a supercharger, a cooling fan, an airtank, an oil filter, and a batter box, with wires. The battery box is the dbg box with two strings coming out of it, representing wires. This shot is in the dark, with the truck lights on. And now, the money shot, the underside, showing the different lengths of steering arms to get different steering angles, and the drive train to the rear. These are detail shots of the undersides, showing better the drive and steering mechanism. The truck is so long, you can't really get a good view of the underside in just one picture. A detail shot of the opening cabinet. I wonder what, if anything, I should put in there. The rear bumper, with license plate from set #8682 Nitro Intimidator, mudflaps made out of track links, and the taillights, which actually work. Although, the license plate is not correct, as the real truck is from Canada. That's all for now, I hope you guys like it. P.S. I actually had this written out earlier, but I accidentally turned off my computer, and lost it. Oops.
  2. Mercedes Benz Arocs Crane Truck Full rc MOC with 21motors, 2 sbricks. 100% lego orginal parts
  3. hello everyone speed: 28cm/s weight:3450g heigh:26cm length: 59cm width:16cm My new MOC: BENZ ACTROS 8x4 Crane Truck; this is my third times to do benz actros I try many times before, I really like new benz truck but i think this model is really difficult to do in technic figure scale. it has 1 XL motor for driving (I lack of XL ) 1 servo for steering and 4 m motors for crane, 2 m motors for outrigger. video coming soon...
  4. Hello to all! This is an alternate of set 8258 Crane Truck 1800 pieces Size: 61x17x21 cm Weight: 2,1 Kg Gearbox for operating motorized functions - Outriggers - Third lift axle - Crane (raise) - Crane (extension) Other functions: - HOG steering - Towfork - Fake v8 engine - Winch - Opening hood - Opening doors Hope you like it Building instructions available here. http://mrtekneex.alt...ilding8258.html
  5. Hey all, My latest MOC is modeled off of a 10x6 Foden S108 crane truck tractor unit run by Mackenzie Transport of Auckland. There are some differences between the real truck and my MOC such as their trucks are white but mine was made in red due to parts constraints and the other difference being that the original Palfinger truck mounted crane on the truck has a five-stage extension on it but my version only has two-stage extension because that was the most I could have before the crane arm became too large and out of proportion. Photos of the original truck can be found here: MOC's Features: HOG steering Live axle suspension on the rear axles Pneumatically controlled pendular suspension on the front axles Stabilizers Locking turntable Tilting cab with straight six piston engine under the cab Full interior of cab with suspended seats Motorized truck mounted crane with two-stage extension Custom stickers LED running lights The combination with everything expanded This photo is one of my favourites and shows the custom stickers of badging and the original number plate from the truck The truck on its own Everyone's favourite photo, the under shot This photo shows the controls for the crane (the PF switches) along with the switch and pump for the front air suspension The engine without the cab attached The interior The mechanism for seat suspension LED running lights Now for the trailer, a three axle extending trombone trailer. It has full independent suspension, landing gear and of course an extending deck. The trailer extends 29 studs, bringing it to a total deck length of 122 studs/97.6CM. Trailer when extended with lattice boom load Trailer when retracted Trailer suspension system Underside when extended Underside when retracted Another photo of the combination Statistics: Total length with trailer extended: 173 studs/138CM Length of truck: 77 studs/61.6CM Width: 19 studs/15.2CM Height: Truck weight: 2.4KG Trailer weight: 0.8KG Load weight: 0.2KG Pieces count: 4000 +/- Time to build: 60+ hours This is the first time I have used a white background instead of no background and I am very pleased with the results and will definitely do it again. As always more photos can be found on my Bricksafe and for the first time, a video can be found on my YouTube channel! I hope you enjoy my MOC as much as I do Bricksafe: YouTube: