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  1. Thank you all for giving me idea 's and a direction! Once done, I might also make instructions Now I will have to try some things to see if it works. A rotating bin with scoops is my best bet at this time. Thanks again and I will keep you posted!
  2. Start As I like building Technic Lego, but become more and more fed up with sorting pins, I thought it would be nice to combine my new Mindstorms to create a pin sorting machine. I came across some Youtube footage from Ayuki (1st class hero) and another (from Germany or Austria I think) of several sorting machines.. This gave me plenty idea 's to start from and I have created a try-out setup. The raw machine works quite well. But I am not satisfied with bulk delivery of the pins, more on that below. Setup The basic setup is like this: Insert pins -> select chute through color -> select output/chute through size -> bin This gives me 4 sorting options (=bins), thus I can auto sort: - long black pins - short black pins - long blue pins - blue 'axle to pin' pin .. in one go! With an altered program and another sorting shift I can sort grey and sand, long, short and axle to pin pins. How it works On the pictures below you see the color sorter. A conveyor belt feeds the pins (one by one with some margin in between) through the machine and down a chute either on the left or right hand. The Mindstorms color sensor checks color of a pin as they travel by and sends a right or left turn to the servo motor. The axle is operated by the servo and a "bionicle tooth" on the other end sends the pins left or right. And they go down the chute. Note: the chute down and the final sorters are not on the pictures as they work fine. Only thing is that the pins do not 'stick' well to the conveyor and when not in a straight line they sort of 'roll' on the conveyor, and not move forward. But overall it works remarkably well when feeding by hand. As mentioned the second sorting process also works very well. So they are not on display -yet!- for now. The challenge The main problem I am facing right now is that this thing should operate more autonome. I want to be able to up-end an entire bin with assorted pins into the machine and it should feed the pins onto the above conveyor. Things to keep in mind: 1. pins should be in a straight direction 2. pins should be fed one by one with some margin Attemps I am currently working on this problem. So far I have tried: 1. Container with rubber conveyor and some roof pieces for better flow: (the rubber belt is missing in the pic, it was at the bottom off course. In the next picture you can see the rubber belt I used ) 2. Double rubber conveyors in 45° angle setup: 3. Combined studded/studless and gravity: 4. And a worm wheel: So far, I think the container/conveyor combination and worm wheel will be my best bet.. Alas both have problems. The first, (no. 1) did not feed pins very well; they pilled up and become stuck very often. The latter (no. 4) does not take all pins very well and a lot where left on the surface. I maybe should try some more using a studded container with smoothed/no stud tiles and angled bricks or something? Help wanted Does anyone have any bright ideas? Help would be much appreciated!
  3. bord4kop

    2018 Creator Sets

    The creator JB car can be ordered in the shop! I am not to overwhelmed by the looks though..
  4. bord4kop

    2018 Creator Sets

    And now there is a JB Aston pcture from a picture on reddit... (the new Creator Car). It does not look that good IMO, but the scale seems to be right, which is a big plus! And as someone suggested; the F40 did not look that good on pictures as well. And that one turned out quite nice IRL .. So we can only hope and pray
  5. bord4kop

    2018 Creator Sets

    A classic Porsche would be best But thsat would also be so awesome..
  6. bord4kop

    2018 Creator Sets

    Does anybody have more info on this rumour: I am really looking forward to a new -proper- car for my collection
  7. Great model you did there! Excellent, almost looks like Model Team / Creator the way you used technic panels to shape it so well, great job!
  8. Epic this one I can 't wait for the video to watch it in action
  9. looks nice! A bit dusty perhaps? Really good how you managed to get everything in such a limited space. Good job! Any chance on a video? good morning.. missed my coffee, excuse me
  10. awesome! Reaaaally cool build you did there, excellent
  11. It has been a while But since I have dismantled the project I have been building last years (on and off) , I figured I should take some pictures and might share it anyway.. It is a BajaBug, based on Nico71 's auto 2-gear chassis. Shame I never finished it, but hey, building is the most fun in Lego isn 't it!? Here goes.. Simple 1-shot movie: Remote controled Quite reasonable suspension travel 2 Medium motors for drive Servo for steering Auto gearing up/down (CVT?) when needed, but this is the engineering by Nico71 really Opening door(s) Working flat four engine
  12. Slightly tilting did the trick. One must keep the cube aligned to the corner of the base where it is in. The corner nearest to you and the sensor.