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  1. Awesome review! I really believe a LEGO bulldozer´╗┐ don't do much apart from pushing things around... but there's lots of fun in pushing things around a chasing cats, of course haha LEGO did a great work in design with this CAT bulldozer. It is very close to the real one D11. Is it expensive? Yes. But I wanna put my hands on this set, for sure! (and properly place a pair of linear actuators on the top of the ripper)
  2. I have to confess... When I saw the first pictures, it doesn't impress me. But now, looking to the model. This Bugatti is really (I thought in the f*** word haha) awesome! It is expensive, someone can say... expen...what? Lego please just take my money!! Who needs to buy little things like food
  3. Pretty cute! Nice work :) Waiting for a demo video.
  4. A pendular suspension on the trailer is a really nice idea! Btw, color vomit... hahahaha
  5. Gorgeous! I am really impressed with detailing of this truck. Congratulations :)
  6. Another impressive model ! Where is the planetary transmission? I am curious about this feature.
  7. Awesome truck! Really beautiful work, looks great :) And yes, to till the Scania's cabin you need to open de front grill first.
  8. Awesome! Really detailed build, bucket, superstructure equipment, working fans ... You achieved the next level with this shovel;) Share some assembly pics, if possible
  9. Wow!! Awesome work! I'm impressed... Looks fantastic!!
  10. Great model... but the engine, awesome piece!
  11. You have a point @kbalage I don't built it yet but from the lxf, there is space enough to change the M by an L motor. I believe there is no need to control both actuators at same time, but I am not sure. Thanks, by the way :)
  12. Hi there, as we know is so boring manually play linear actuators. Then I developed an automatized version with an M motor, an extension wire and a switch control. The motor is powered by the battery box from the RC truck and actuators are switched by a gearbox. LXF HERE Opinions and good ideas are welcome!