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  1. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Totally agree ;)
  2. Just awesome! One of the best Claas I ever have seen here :)
  3. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    About System parts... Well, what is the problem? If we think a little bit it is not a novelty, we will find out many Technic sets with System parts. The hood of 8110 Unimog is built with System parts, the bucket lift arms of 42030 Volvo is System parts, the wheel covers of 42054 Claas... and so on. My point is: it is Lego!
  4. Thanks! Just one stud lower makes a big difference. Have a nice build ;) The process is a bit complex because involves many steps. I will try to provide a manual soon. Thank you @Moran !
  5. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    This set looks amazing!
  6. Thank you! Believe me, I spent lots of time on LDD and after with the bricks. I reinforced the entire chassis because 42043 is pretty heavy. For those who want to try, HERE is my LDD file ;)
  7. Hi everyone! Finally, I put my hands on 42043. I always felt 42043 was a great model, but something seems wrong or misplaced. The suspension was my biggest concern when I decided to reproject a new one, lowered and more aesthetic with the entire model. I will show you some results of days on LDD and more other days building, hope you enjoy it :) For a comparison with the original build of 42043, I put my mod side by side with 42043 pictures from Jim's awesome review. A closer look Cabin and crane were modified too. 42043 looks massive and now looks beautiful. It is one of my favourite models (alongside with 42009). 42043 with a new suspension. by Evandro Ortigossa, on Flickr
  8. Outstanding car! You really got the Lambo lines :)
  9. Awesome!! Really good detailed. One of the best tow trucks I have ever seen. :)
  10. Volcano RS Supercar

    Pretty good video. Rear design is awesome... Beautiful lines!
  11. [MOC] Scania T144 Wrecker - Slades Garage

    Awesome truck! Great shapes, the truck's curved roof looks to fit perfectly with the real Scania cabin. The winch seems massive! Waiting for a demo video ;)