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  1. It is simply awful. For sure, a great parts pack, but I doubt it will look good live like usually with the black sets it is.
  2. So, the parts arrived. Everything (including pin and axle connector!) is much better - basically only those axle/pin parts are still yellowish, but out od 24 requested 15 are much, much better and only 9 are between the original and the newer ones. I am still not happy about that 380 euro set has so many flaws, but under a dimmed light it is not visible anymore (yeah, had to tweak it a bit to match the shades...). So in overall, that was good that I did wait. In the future, if they will fix those connectors, I will ask Lego to replace them again or buy from bricklink/pick a brick. Will see.
  3. I am already waiting for the parts. In total, 41 parts are supposed to be delivered in max two weeks. We will see how they look. Ordered some connectors, technic levers 3m, 11m beams and roof tile 1x2 45* w 1/3 plate x 2. And of course 24x single bush 1 module, dia 4.9 (pin hole with axle). Will post some pictures when got it :)
  4. blondasek

    Jeep Willys

    Model is great, price for the instruction low - but hell, the price of building this in this colour from a new parts is astronomical.
  5. @Jim amazing review, as always :) It feels amost like a review of BWE. Hope that the next set will be reviewed by you as well :) This set will be easily obtainable for ~200 euros pretty soon, so it may be an interesting buy. Time will tell.
  6. Hey, thank you for noticing the blue pin! I did not see it.. getting old :D my gosh, panel.. :D Thanks!
  7. I am using external websites, you can see the link by opening the image in the new tab. I do love the big cars as well, that is why I was waiting so long to buy this set. Nevertheless, only a small issues left so in the worst case scenario I will buy a chinese connectors if they match the colour if lego will not create a correct ones in the next ~6 months.
  8. Why you do think that? He can always create his own profle in any app and drive it around :)
  9. @AmitDC for me it looks like that: So it is clear that they did resolve a lot of isuess. I do really hope that soon we will have a better connectors. As right now the liftarms and the slopes from my previous post are correct (at least they are able to make them in correct shade of lime, because I do have a few from this set). Time will tell :)
  10. @AmitDC actualy, funny thing - I have parts with correct colour from one bag and the same parts from another bag darker/yellower. Specially the Lime Technic, Liftarm Thin 1 x 3 - Axle Holes, which I have got 6 in wrong collour (too dark?) and 2 are correct. In overal I will be requesting a replacemt for Lime Technic, Liftarm Thin 1 x 3 - Axle Holes,, Lime Technic, Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Pin Hole, Lime Technic, Pin 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Center Pin Hole, Lime Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Hub with 1 Axle, Lime Slope 45 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout. We will see what will happen. I will wait a few more weeks. I will also try to buy other sets with those pieces in order to see if they are batter now.
  11. Lego did make a better job with colour differences - I have a model packed on 24/09/2020 in CZ and the biggest issue is with pin with axle plus the part with 2 pins and a hole on the middle. =o= Funny thing, the system slope parts on the back, below the plate with lambo, are in two shades - the newer ones are in correct one and the older one are yellow-ish, so I will be asking for a replacement of those as well. To summarize, panels are finally good (all of them), connectors are not good and some small minor differences can be found on the beams and systemic parts (but only older ones). Could be worse. I have a plan to contact with Lego asking for a replacement in a few weeks, so we will see.
  12. Are those links are not working only for me? :) Firefox here. Ublock turned off.
  13. @Tonyst4rk80 thank you for your reply. I did check it againt, but the ring itself is sliding properly, no friction there. I did even swap them, as well as the driving rings, etc.. Still exactly the same issue. I think I will have to live with that :x Maybe one day I will just build a second one separately and swap them. Bugatti was not spinning the engine on reverse gear, because I forgot 16t gear, for two years so this can wait :D
  14. @jb70 I am currently building the pimp version of Sian, box 2, testing the gear switch. Maybe you, or other members have any idea why the shift paddles next to the steering wheel are unable to switch the gearbox from 4th to 5th one or from 5th to 4th, respectively? They are slipping when trying to switch hi-lo gearbox. The gears on the dashboard are also under high stress but they are able to switch the gears eventually. It is similar to the Bugatti version where there is a little bit of resistance, but paddles are able to switch it. Here, not. I did rebuild the whole section and the gearbox twice already, but the paddles are still slipping. I can post a video if this would help, personally I do not have any idea anymore what could be wrong. Does anyone else encounter this issue? Thank you very much in advance for any tips! [media] [/media] EDIT: media does not work ;(
  15. blondasek

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    @kbalage, as I did mention on YT already (and you did reply) - Buggy is selling well and most likely it will be produced again - because the instruction does not mention the screws, as well as the previous website description, etc., they did decide to take it down in Europe, change everything and produce a new batch with the new hub. I bet the same will happen in US when the new batch will be produced in Mexico. Previous models are still on stock/won't be produced anymore, therefore there are no issues here. At least this is the only reason for such an action - stock with old hubs will be directed to 3rd party suppliers which can sell both variants without any issues where Lego will keep only a new one on the website to do not confuse anyone - imagine that the parent is buying this set being 100% sure it has screws just to receive an older version without it. We will see in a few weeks if I was right.