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  1. "old" set. It was my dream at some point.. came back to Lego too late to get in a decent price. Nevertheless, a great MOC! Looks amazing and maybe this time I can afford it :)
  2. Just finished @kbalage's video on the "new" digital instruction on Lego website. Personally, if I would work in Lego on this I would be ashamed. So many mistakes were left untouched, video name is wrong.. where is the QA? This is so wrong.
  3. blondasek

    New Hogwarts Express

    I had high expectations for this set, but Lego killed it. Well, at least some parts should be cheaper on BL so I can make my own version for Lego layout.
  4. blondasek

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    I am not sure you were talking about it here before, currently I am "finishing" the collection for 2022 (two new sets are a small surprise :D) and I am building Mercedes duo. I really wish that Lego would produce all kinds of the wheel covers for F1 made by Pirelli.. they look gorgeous! One of the best prints I have ever seen in Lego. @kbalage do you think it is possible to reach out to Chris and ask him for that in the future? :D That would be awesome, even if an option only from B&P or Bricklink. Yellow tires, red tires, green and white. Would be amazing...
  5. @TechnicRCRacer thank you for pointing that out! :) @kbalage for the beam with print, I saw it in your review - for sure Lego will replace it :) As for the examples, I did notice a lot of changes with the tiles where the molding point has been moved from the side to the bottom of the tile. At least with 1x1 tiles and 1x4-8. Also, as TechniRCRacer mentioned - the comma part did change the molding point too. The best example I believe is from the "black" Dodge Challenger from the speed champions 2021 set, the roof piece has a molding point exactly on the middle from visible side. As far as I am aware, Lego will change that so the molding point will be on the bottom side of this plate.
  6. @kbalage are you able to tell us if more parts do have a less visible molding lines and/or in completely different places, i.e. 1x1 tile and some longer 6-8x1 tiles too. I did notice that lately, specially with some speed champions sets where I had some older 1x1 plates with molding lines on one side where some others (same colour) from the new batch with molding line on the hidden bottom side. Personally I really do like it.
  7. @langko I bet that the direct price comparision does not include the shipping tax which we know is really expensive nowadays. If you would buy the set in Europe only for the shipping you would pay more, am I wrong?
  8. So in short: -> Lego again did not make even basic checks with the instruction/live building (...), -> prints on the side with mould lines?.. -> same gearbox design, no improvement at all, -> big gaps in the cockpit, -> higher price, -> fancy box which does not fit the rest from the series, -> plaque which was not included earlier.. hope someone will make them for all three cars or maybe Lego would be so kind.. Really disappointed on the instruction mistakes (gears and 21/22 panels), great look overall. Waiting for @jb70 and Pimp my Ferrari Daytona SP3 :D And of course, heavy discount on the set. For 250 euros it should be great :)
  9. Looks awesome, but yes - @allanp - no need for comments till mechanical functions will be revealed. Unfortunately I do not expect anything "super", so.. will buy it with ~30-40% discount.
  10. blondasek

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I would not expect them to fix anything ;> I did receive like ~60 parts from Lego for Lambo and only some did match enough to be used. You can always try (what I will defenitely do) but do not have any hopes ;)
  11. And I actually see them making rims and tires together, like on the smaller scale with Speed Champions.
  12. I phrase my question incorrectly - see where I made mistake :D I wanted to know if he is designing something right now. What was the latest model designed by him after Land Rover?
  13. The dino is amazing. AMAZING. You outdid yourself again :) Bravo @grohl! PS. if it is not a secret, are you designing something new for Lego? I.e. new technic set for 2023 lineup? PPS. @Jim wildlife badge is needed, like @Jurss sugested :)
  14. blondasek

    The future of Back to the Future

    BrickDepot already did a review: @kbalage is not happy for sure. Nevertheless, waiting for your review! :D
  15. Yes. I am currently living in Romania and BrickDepot is a Franchise Lego network in whole Romania. They do have a few stores in every major cities + website with VIP card and points, GWP, etc.. That YT channel is also theirs. They were the one who provided the Osprey to some of us, i.e. Sariel.