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  1. Well, personally my all time fav is 42043. Lego outdid themselves with that model. I would be happy if they introduce something like that again, but this time fully remote, good looking, with pneumatics, suspension, fake engine and some linear actuators. I have no idea what it could be but I want it :(
  2. I like this set as it has space for improvement easy way with a medium inventory. Cannot wait to make it look amazing next to the Mack :)) same scale I believe.
  3. @Milan my apologies, but this has to be frontpaged :D It looks amazing, @gnat_bricks! I love the chassis details and the tail lights. Any chance for instruction? :>
  4. I do also wonder about that. I am not gonna lie, I am tempted to try CaDa's theme. What is making me cautious is that I do have a few (hehe) Lego themes that I am collecting in full (Speed Champions, Modulars, 1:8 cars, Star Wars helmets) and getting another "theme" from non-Lego brand is hard to choose. F1 seems to be a great thing but it is huge. However I do see a potential there as Lego lacks a lot, but I tend to try to mix both worlds (mostly pollute Lego with CaDa's parts like tires) however I am still on the verge. I have tons of Lego pins so CaDa may not deliver them at all (if in the same colours) but what I am "worried" is that CaDa will not be so future proof. Lego is softer, thus bending easier but after years on the shelves it does not break. Will CaDa be the same? Nobody knows yet, I believe. But if someone do, let me know! :) Competitions is always welcomed.
  5. @Lego Tom: I am not even sure how you were able to bent that liftarm so much :P @efferman should see it :D
  6. Well, this is a no for me. Did not buy first one, will not buy that one. They are so far, far from the ~2000's if we compare what Lego could do back then and now. However I do welcome new tires, always :D
  7. I have to say I cannot wait for the whole Space theme. Time to get Perseverance too x)
  8. Amazing model, but only as a curiosity. Cost of buwizz partz alone, with current sale, is ~420 euro witout tax (so around 500 euro with ~20% VAT) - this disqualify this from making it to have fun... It is always nice to see :) PS. I think I will stay with my modified Buggy which may only goes ~9-10km/h but at least was much cheaper :D
  9. blondasek

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I just wish they would sell the coaches separately.. :)
  10. blondasek

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I do hope for a heavy discount next year, let's say ~60% RRP. This way I would not feel so bad for the loco ;)
  11. With all due respect @brunojj1 but the way you are replying to people who mention anything except praising CADA is making me less and less interested in that brand. You are very unpleasant and I do hope that you either change, or CADA will release you from being "face" of their company here.
  12. I would say, ditch the Lego instruction and go with Pimp my Ferrari from @jb70 on rebrickable: You will get much, much better experience and it will be something worth to show. If you do not have any parts for this version in your inventory, the whole cost is low anyway.
  13. I think, @Milan, this deserves frontpage :P Amazing mod! I am already collecting the parts from my inventory (I did disassemble the set long time ago :D).
  14. @brunojj1 of course, Lego get more expensive too. Situation, as of now, is that you can buy most of the sets for 50-65% of RRP without any issues. With Cada I believe it is similar. However, as I did mention - we will see in few years if Cada do not "stall" - if people are willing to make MOC's out of one set (alternates) and this become popular, they have a great chance to successfully compete with Lego as long as they will be much cheaper. Hell, even I will risk buying it, having over few thousands of spare pins from Lego to replace the Cada's one where it is needed. However with Lego I know that someone will make a great MOC, I know that someone will improve them - with Cada they are mostly "perfected" by designers like you, which is a great and a bad thing at the same time. Time will tell. I do cross my fingers for Cada to became a great Lego competitor, fair and square. Lego needs it. We need it.