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  1. blondasek

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow. Just wow. Since Lego is going close to 4kg models.. :) Efferman - is it possible that you would show more pictures of the front outriggers? There is a really brilliant technic used here.
  2. blondasek

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Cannot wait Jim! This year all models are much, much more better than from 2017, but still I think that 2016 had the best models so far. 2015 was slightly worse than 2016.
  3. blondasek

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Normally I would agree, but this set has more than 4k pcs... It could be a bit smaller but fully functional, don't you think so? Mercedes Arocs is smaller, but much more functional than this big baby.
  4. blondasek

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    @Jim do you know if TLG will send you 2h2018 sets earlier in order to prepare reviews before 1st of August?
  5. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @Jim how it looks with your review? :) Even though I have it, I am still waiting to see your point of view.
  6. What I see as the problem here is that we have bigger sets with the same amount of functions/same functions in weird colours theme another year. Since 42043 there was no set which was at least complex as Mercedes. That crane is big, but is it better than 42009? I enjoyed building Bugatti, it is a great, great model with a few awesome features, but it is not a model to play with. I hope next year, with a new valves and gearbox rings we will see really complicated, but not so huge, flagship model which will be focused on functions. Backhoe loader on Class tires maybe?
  7. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Sure, I will. Nothing much for now, I only shaped the hood differently and I am figuring out how I want to make the doors.
  8. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I get my box for 310 euro from official store and I just finished building it. This is really complex and well done model. Minor flaws like shape of a hood (I have changed it with a few parts) and suspension (it does go back from a pressure, but only a ~1,5 studs maybe) but in overall it is a piece of a beauty. Specially the back. I love it. Looks awesome next to the Porsche.
  9. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Emm.. that's really bad, specially from Sariel's side, as he reviewed the model a few days before and he also saw the issue with suspension during the live building and shortly after presentation... Thank you Jim!
  10. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Ok, because I can't find an answer. Did anyone ask Designers about the front suspension? In any interview?
  11. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Jim, I really hope that your review will be honest and cruel. That's a shame that this model has such a big flaw.
  12. If old motors will not be compatible with the new system for Technic, than it will be a disaster. Buying new sets just for the same (or in the new cover) engines, just with new type of connector is just a pity. Also not mention, that there is no reason for keeping the PU from the Trains not compatible with PU from Boost...
  13. There is any chance that you will find some time to take a look on that before (if) you will disassemble that piece of beauty?
  14. Only a few questions Sariel - at the end of live building, you were trying really hard to do not show the flaw of the front suspension or it is just me? Can you confirm, after touching at least two models, that it is a problem? Did anyone from designers said anything about that?
  15. blondasek

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    The live building just finished and at the end you can clearly see that Sariel was trying to hide that dysfunction of the front suspension. That's bad... I can also write that my Porsche do not have any problems with the front suspension, however I had to modify that after I add engines (XL and Servo) under the hood with the small battery box on the sport bag place. It was necessary to replace them to harder red one and mount wheels one stud lower. I hope that solution for Bugatti will be as simple as in Porsche, but it doesn't look good when such a pricey model has such a big flaw.