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  1. Hi Holger, thanks! I'd love to be able to mold the switches in ABS. It's just a little more to capitalize than I can afford right now. I do plan to kickstart them again, probably next year sometime. I want the tracks to get a solid footing/following first. We've got a handful of dedicated followers, but it's going to take more than that to make them happen. Of course, if I can find a benevolent benefactor to fund the project, I'll move full steam ahead! Anyone have $200k they're looking to burn?
  2. Pre-orders all shipped earlier this week. If you haven't gotten yours yet, they'll be there soon.
  3. I tried to keep the pictures as honest as possible. There is a bit of a matte finish to the plates. It's really not too bad, but I'll see if we can polish them a bit more.
  4. Yeah, we're going to polish it a bit more. It's not bad, and probably acceptable to most, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. And hopefully 9V someday soon.
  5. Color is still a shade too dark, but we're otherwise there:
  6. Track Ballast - Ideas needed has instructions on ballasting, among other things.
  7. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Hi @Ludo, if you were to double these up 4x6 as you say, I would connect the back 2 studs to the 9V cable, and then connect the 2 wheelsets together with a 2x4 electric plate. The coupling would then sit on top of the electric plate, and the bogie plate finally on top. The 9V wire would then run through the center of the carriage, similar to powering headlights on an old 9V set. Does this make sense? I can mock it up in LDD later if it would help.
  8. hey @M_slug357, haha, yeah, that's a pretty good idea. I've got designs ready, just need to get tooling going, so I'll definitely add the next few sizes on there. Was thinking it looked a bit sparse too.
  9. Thanks Ludo! Among the additional curve sizes, switches, 9V, and power-pickup wheelsets, I've certainly got my projects cut out for me!
  10. We had a minor hiccup where the material we ordered came in the wrong color. Was more of a dark grayish-blue than the Lego dark bluish-gray. That's since been fixed and we are gearing up for production! I've had a number of people ask, and I'm finally comfortable enough with where we are, so I've opened the site up for pre-orders: Expected ship date is 8/22.
  11. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    That would be a completely different animal. You could utilize the old 12V system rail as ColletArrow suggested. Using that as your 3rd rail with power and then the 9V tracks as the common would get you a 3-rail system, but other than building reverse loops, I don't see what we'd gain from that. Could it be done, sure, but I don't think there'd be a lot of interest in that. It wouldn't be dangerous, no, unless you're planning to run this off a car battery.
  12. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Not at the moment. I've been preoccupied trying to get the tracks up and running. I hope to get back to this and have some prototypes by the end of the year.
  13. As someone who has a compelling interest in these things, I keep tabs on everyone making track, so I know who you mean. I'll respect your request for silence, but I would suggest letting everyone know who it is. There aren't many of us, so it's not hard to figure out, and given there's no legal recourse you can take, public shaming goes a long way. Call them out here, put them on the defensive.
  14. The colors of the samples are darker. The mold shop just used a stock gray for these samples. We have color-matched coupons, so production parts will match the dark bley as closely as possible.
  15. Thanks all. @Ludo, I've looked at a couple distribution options, but I haven't gotten in touch with anyone yet. It's on the to-do list. @BMW, I noticed that too. The studs are about .001-.002" undersized. It's being addressed. EDIT: By the way, here's a picture of the "field test" of R104s at Brickworld. NILTC was kind enough to rip out a corner of ME tracks: