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  1. R56 curves: Running production now, so these will go out as soon as they're done.
  2. The 3D printed ones are ok, but the surface finish is definitely not the same thing as the LEGO ones. The bigger issue is they don't hold up to repeated use. We 3D print a lot of parts when we prototype, but after a bit of use they lose clutch power, both in the studs and in the track-to-track connection.
  3. This^. I'm spamming the boards and Facebook groups quite a bit, but any and all word of mouth will help.
  4. Thanks @Ludo! In other news, the R56s will be delayed a couple more weeks. We still had some issues with the studs on the end ties being a little undersized, and I want to get it right. It should be fixed now, but we've missed our production window. I'll also send an email out to those that pre-ordered.
  5. @dylanfarrow @M_slug357 You guys weren't the first to suggest a new thread, but I've finally got it up now. @dylanfarrow, who's Jang? I'm afraid I don't know them. @M_slug357, that top level is to entice some LUGs. Though I admit I'm not looking forward to assembling that many switches for one order!
  6. Hi Everyone, forgive the shameless self-promotion, but a lot of people (including EB mods) have encouraged me to post this in its own topic instead of just the BrickTracks thread. Long story short, we have finally launched our Kickstarter for the the R104 switches. It's something we've been working on and been asked about for years, so we're finally ready to make it happen. If you don't know about BrickTracks, our tracks, or these switches, you can read all about us and the project here. We've had a tremendous start to the launch, hitting almost 20% in less than a week, but we still have a long way to go. Why do we need so much? Frankly, injection molding tooling isn't cheap. Yes, I'm aware of 3D printing options, but for all the 3D printings I have used, both professionally and for BrickTracks prototypes, I've not found one that can stand up to the wear and tear. The early track prototypes that were originally too snug have all but lost their clutch power entirely. To do this properly, we need to mold the parts, and that tooling is expensive, especially for something this large and intricate. We often complain that LEGO doesn't cater to the train community enough. There's little we can do about that, but we're not helpless. We can take care of ourselves. Let's work together and fill in the gaps in LEGO's offering. And who knows, maybe if we get enough backers we can get LEGO to sit up and take notice, too.
  7. It doesn't right now, but that'd be an easy enough piece to piggy back on one of the tools. If there's enough money for it I'll include it.
  8. Ultimately, you'd be able to buy them separately. They would be a separate tool from the switches.
  9. The R104 switch Kickstarter is now live! Go check it out and help bring these to life! In other news, I have the first samples of the R56 curves. They came out great, just a few minor tweaks need to be made to the tooling. Exciting times around here!
  10. Thanks klausn! You'll get an email notifying you when they ship. Right now, we're still on track for July 1st. It's a function of weight. There is a max shipping charge though, where anything above that I'll eat the difference. Unfortunately, shipping to Austria is rather expensive. I've been trying (without any luck though) to find a Bricklink shop in the EU to partner with, which will help cut down the shipping and import duties. But for now, if you have any friends or LUG members that want some too, it does make sense to put a combined order in.
  11. R56 curves are now available for pre-order! Tooling is just about complete, so we'll be starting a production run soon. Estimated ship date is July 1st. We'll also formally announce the R104 switch Kickstarter this week, the launch of which will coincide with Brickworld Chicago. This looks to be a busy summer!
  12. coaster

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    @FiliusRucilo That's outstanding work. Well done!
  13. Won't work. There's a connecting rod that crosses the centerline of the turntable. Sorry.
  14. I actually don't have a good supplier for those. I think most people have been getting them off ebay with mostly good results. @Cale might have a source for them since they use them for the BMR kits. At worst, he might sell them to you.
  15. After my last plans for 9V rails fell through, I'm not building my hopes up too much, but I have had some positive conversations with potential suppliers for the rails, so we'll see. Fingers crossed. In other news, I now have axles available if anyone needs them: