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  1. Macreme and Me, a Memoir by coaster.
  2. I don't have anything new to add. Got a lot going on behind the scenes though. You wouldn't want me to ruin the surprise, would you? :)
  3. How long it takes is up to customs on the receiving country. I usually ship same or next day, but arrival times are pretty variable. However, I shipped a few packages to the UK last week, and both show as having processed through customs already and are either waiting for pickup or are out for delivery. So if you ordered before the weekend I think it quite likely they'll be there in time. Oddly enough, it's about the same cost to ship to the UK or AUS (looking at my cost sheets, it appears the UK actually costs me a little more). So up to you where you want it to go.
  4. @BurkusCircus These help?
  5. There's nothing yet that converts the Power UP (PUP) system to the older 9V or PF systems. However, if you mean to use the PF IR reciever et al, then there is a PF-to-9V adapter cable LEGO produced, so you could go from the receiver to the 9V port on the old motor and subsequently the headlights. Might take a bit of modding to make room for the stack of connectors (or use one of those 2x4 electric plates from back in the day), but it should be doable.
  6. coaster

    PF tracks/switch not lining up?

    The tracks are prone to distortion. Put them against a flat surface and check their relative flatness. If it's off, then you may just need to force it a bit. I'd use a couple plates at the connections to pin it down.
  7. No, it was easier to just recreate the LEGO parts in CAD. Of course, if one wanted to create such Ldraw parts, how might one go about doing it?
  8. The problem is the numbers would have all been really high, even dropping some of the components. Even at $80k, we were only halfway there. But, despair not, we are hard at work at an alternative. Thanks Captain! Your tracks are already packed and waiting for the post office to open in the morning. In other news, I made some instructions for ballasting the new R56s. You can find them on our Flickr page right now: We'll make similar ones for the other tracks and post them on our site once we finish.
  9. They do, but stretch goals are really meaningless. It would be like me saying, "well we need $100k for the switches, but if we hit $120k we might be able to do double crossovers as well!" There's no guarantee of those nor anyway to pledge towards them. So, yes, I could post stretch goals to show what else we've been working on, but I don't think there'd be a lot to gain from that.
  10. First batch of R56s have shipped! I'll get the rest out this weekend. Thanks everyone for sticking with me through this. If you've been waiting for the R104s and R120s, they'll be back in stock on Monday. I appreciate the offer, but I'd be worried about how long you would have to wait before there were enough pre-sales to afford the tooling. Don't worry, I'll find a way. I've got a few things lined up, but if they fall through, I could do another Kickstarter with a lower goal. Kickstarter doesn't allow partials though; they're strictly all-or-nothing.
  11. Thanks Robin. It's a function of weight for the shipping, but then you may have taxes on your end that you'll have to pay. The shipping to Germany usually varies between $15-35.
  12. Absolutely. I can do tracks and pickups, but that's where my expertise ends.
  13. Of course. Money makes the world go 'round, and that's the limiting factor. It's not a tremendous amount required, but more than I have to spend.
  14. That was part of the concept longer term. Supply 12V or so to the tracks instead of 9V. Have a simple device onboard that routed 9V power to IR receiver for the motors, lights, etc, and 12V back to a rechargeable battery. Then if power was cut from the 12V track supply, the device would immediately switch over to 9V battery power, and then as soon as 12V was present again, switch the battery back to charge mode. That device would have to be a PFx Brick or S-Brick type product. I do not have the electronics skill set to make something like that.
  15. Yep, like anything though, I just need money for it.