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  1. That is an interesting idea. I hadn't considered something like that, but next time I get a chance I'll sketch something up. Thanks Ludo! The switches will be just PF for now. Since I'm unsure how the final design for 9V will look, I can't preemptively build it into the tooling. The tooling could be reworked though in the future if needs be. However, some 9V portions, such as the alternating rail power that gets passed through the switch arm, will get built into the tooling now, so we'll be able to install stamped pieces if/when we get it figured out.
  2. Haven't had an update for a while, so figured I should let everyone know our project statuses: The 9V rails had some more set backs. The way I was confident would work (and was initially told would work) only sort of works. To get it working properly, once again, requires about $100k in die tooling. Have a couple more ideas to try though, but they'll take a little while to realize. R56 tooling should be done in the next few weeks. We'll start taking pre-orders sometime in May. Hope to have these released in time for Brickworld Chicago. I will have an announcement shortly regarding a Kickstarter for the R104 switches, so stay tuned on that. We are holding off on the R72 and R88 tooling pending the outcome of switch Kickstarter. It's not a question of IF we will do this tooling, it's just a matter of when. If the Kickstarter is successful, we want to make sure we have some cash on hand in case something should go sideways. No ME-type excuses for us. We've had a number of people ask about train axles. Yes, we do make them for BMR for their kits. They are specially ground to be .0005" (.01mm) smaller than the current LEGO ones (the old version from LEGO was this size) to work with off-the-shelf ball bearings, but they do still work just fine in the normal wheelsets, too. We've refined our process, and are currently waiting on material to come in, but we will start selling these as well. So if you are in the market for a lot of axles, please keep an eye on here and our site. The Coupler and Wheelsets projects are still active, just haven't had time to work on them. So much to do!
  3. Yeah, same here. Thought I had it figured out, and it ended up getting into ridiculous tooling costs again. Trying to pin down some metalformers for some solutions. Have some ideas though, but worried it may get into expensive tooling again.
  4. Washers For Technic Axles

    Try these:
  5. Brick Tracks free sample review

    Hi Ragni, send me an email at And 9V is in the works. :)
  6. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Heh, no, I haven't had a chance to work on it at all. Had some other projects occupying my time.
  7. Brick Tracks free sample review

    None at all. The PF version will look exactly as you expect it to and be uniquely different from the 9V parts, just like what LEGO has produced. Everything I've been talking about is behind the scenes stuff.
  8. Brick Tracks free sample review

    Was hoping to have them done sooner rather than later, targeting a May/June release right now. We've had good reason to delay them though: knowing how we want to do the 9V versions, we want to integrate that into the tooling, allowing us to produce either the PF or 9V version at will. There are just some additional details that need to be worked out for that. We are actively working on them though, so you will be seeing them soon.
  9. Brick Tracks free sample review

    @3797 Did I miss something? I'm doing quite a bit of marketing via Facebook, but Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram are still new territory for me, and have only been dabbling in them. If I missed a message, please send it again. I get quite a few messages everyday across several platforms, so my apologies if something slipped through the cracks.
  10. TBRR with full BrickTracks loops

    @pirzyk You have this on one of your corners, right?
  11. Warped track remedy?

    With a heat gun, you will have a much harder time controlling your temperature, and could easily over-soften it. If you were trying to make the aforementioned roller coaster, then that's perfect, as you only heat the part you want. Pulling it from the water though, It won't be that soft. Glass transition temperature is about 220°F (105°C), so as long as you stay just below boiling you'll be fine. if you're concerned, test it on a something you won't care if it gets ruined, like a 2x8 plate. You'll have to work fairly quickly, but you won't need to pile the books for vary long either, just a minute or two will do it.
  12. Warped track remedy?

    Yep, heat will do it. Use the heat gun, or even better, put them in hot water. Believe it or not, you probably got them that way from LEGO. Adding a bit of heat will relieve the stresses in the plastic, and you should be able to get it to lay flat again. Like you said though, pile some books on it to keep it flat till it cools. EDIT: Seems JGW3000 beat me to it!
  13. Brick Tracks free sample review

    Sure, message me, I'll send you one. Oh, it's awesome. :) You too, shoot me a message and I'll send you one.
  14. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Hi Gregory, welcome to EB! This project is still active, but it's one of several I have in the works at the moment, and there's only so much time in a day. Definitely not being abandoned!
  15. I saw that. Certainly not going to be a problem for me. The curve formation is part of the manufacturing process.