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  1. The shipping costs outside of the US are brutal. I try to absorb some of the cost to help you guys out, but there is nothing I can do about the VAT. Even with EU distribution, you still will pay the VAT. It would, in theory, help the shipping cost though to ship a bulk package, trimming that cost a bit. I've not had any luck sourcing an EU distributor. So if anyone wants the job, shoot me a line.
  2. No, I wouldn't make the R40 9V curves. At about $0.50, no way I could make them for that.
  3. Ah, but that's because you don't have one of these: It's an early version (don't have a picture of the current one), but you could use this to power your PF motors, creating a hybrid PF/9V system. You can supply constant power to the track, and then use the IR receiver to independently drive the trains. Not that we're working on such a device...
  4. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Yeah, I've given up on the magnet idea and have been looking at a small wireform spring. Thanks Fred! We are a bit fringe, aren't we?
  5. No disagreement. The really big curves are a pipe dream right now.
  6. Thanks everyone. Kinda where I was as well. 9V could very well change the dynamics of this though (a 4x 9V straight would be amazing!!!!). We'll hold the course.
  7. Some of those may be tough, not because of geometry constraints, but demand. For the R104 switches for instance, I'll need to sell about 1500 of each left and right to recoup the tooling costs. I'm all for wide curves though, and the R200 is definitely on my "really want to do" list. Yep. Stay tuned!
  8. Nothing is off the table as far as sizes and geometry goes. Small straights, other radii curves, and switches are all in the works. I have quotes on all of the above, so right now just trying to feel out what's a priority. Obviously switches, but that's a big investment, so looking for small things to build on in the meantime. However, I think I can get even more backing on things if I offer a 9V version as well. Stick around, I'll have some news in the next couple months.
  9. Toying with the idea of making 2x and 4x long straights. Thoughts? Unfortunately, break-even point compared to normal LEGO straights is about 1.6 miles of each. And by the way, 9V is very much not dead. ;)
  10. High-speed passenger train 600051 derails

    The speed is your problem. The train motors are capable of pulling much heavier loads, and so under light load go too fast for the LEGO curves. Your options are to slow down or get some 3rd party wider curves.
  11. Train Axle Making Jig

    Don't use 2mm rods. Get some centerless ground (sometimes called precision ground) 5/64 (.078"/1.98mm) rod. That's what I use, and then you don't have to do any other finishing and they'll fit perfectly into the bearings.
  12. Train Axle Making Jig

    I may have made a few: Old LEGO ones are 1.98mm, new LEGO ones are 2.00mm. These are made back to the 1.98mm. Not sure how many I have left. I found that even in the standard wheelsets, mine roll better than the LEGO ones, so I've been replacing all of mine.
  13. Understandable, and yes, we strive for professionalism. We aren't promising parts or other deliverables, nor taking any orders, until we have actual product on the shelf. We're investing in the development of these tracks on our own, and understand not all roads will get us there. It's quite possible this proves to be untenable, but we won't know nor will we quit until we've exhausted all possible alternatives.
  14. I (BrickTracks) have been working to develop the 9V product line for some time now. The roadblock has consistently been tooling costs. To do it the way LEGO did requires a progressive die stamping for each rail, which cost about $25k apiece, so doing the R104s and R120s in 9V in exactly the same way would cost over $100k in tooling for the rails alone. But, we are exploring several other options, and we'll figure it out. The key for us though is quality: the tracks need to blend seamlessly in both function and appearance with the LEGO ones. That's one of my 2018 resolutions: bring 9V tracks to market.
  15. Building BMR Freight cars

    Build it all in white and say it's covered in snow.