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  1. coaster

    Is 8w or 9w closer to minifigure scale?

    1/38 is the scale of the tracks, so technically, "to scale" should be built to this (yes, I know most O-Gauge and similar model stuff is off-scale, but we'll ignore that for now). This also has the added benefit of 1 stud = 1 ft, which makes the math a lot easier. It works out to about 10w. There are only a few of us maniacs building to this scale at the moment, but I gotta say I'm glad to have made the jump. The trains just feel so much more substantial, and you can really get to a nice level of detail and really nail shapes and profiles. Some club layouts are too small to accommodate this scale, but I do believe it is going to be more prevalent in the future. And while the minifigs are definitely too short for this scale, the minidolls actually are perfect for it. I'm now that guy that steals from his daughter. Eventually she'll realize Anna and Elsa are riding trains. Whatever, I'm pretty sure she's pilfering from me, too.
  2. coaster

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    You could try the crankshaft, as it only offsets 1/2 stud: Engine Crankshaft&category=[Technic]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} Though while I don't have any new ones, I have found the clutch on these to be notoriously poor.
  3. coaster

    Quick question on warped Lego

    It's a result of how the part is designed. The rails are thicker than the plate sections, so they cool at a different rate. ABS shrinks slightly when it cools, so the rails contract a little, warping the part upwards at the ends.
  4. coaster

    Quick question on warped Lego

    This is typical deformation. Most likely any replacements you get from LEGO will exhibit this same behavior.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking!
  6. For the smokestack, might I suggest a 2x2 round brick in black, a 2x2 round tile with the hole in the middle in red, put a 2L axle into that and then stick a train wheel with axle hole on top?
  7. Of course! Generally, the friction between the axle and the bearing is going to be much higher than the internal friction of the bearing. Especially under load, it is highly unlikely the axle will slip before the bearing. You'll see this in testing for sure. The car should glide nicely along the track if everything is working properly. If a bearing is seized, you'll definitely notice the drag, and you may be able to hear it, too. Even the cheap bearings from China are sufficient for our purposes. I wouldn't waste your money on more expensive ones.
  8. They should slide easily on. You aren't going to get a slight interference fit in stainless to feel like putting a bushing or gear on a technic axle. It's going to either slide nicely or require significant force to assemble. Now, if they wobble in the bearing, that's a different story, but they are held pretty tightly, so that shouldn't be the case.
  9. Not the way I would have liked, unfortunately. There simply isn't enough demand to warrant the tooling costs. You're talking $250k in tooling to produce those switches. They could be 3D printed with the rails, but it's not something I'm going to be undertaking. I'll talk to some people though, there may be someone willing to champion it.
  10. If it is of any help, I manufacture replacement axles that are ground undersized to fit perfectly with bearings. They're held much tighter than h9 tolerances.
  11. @Ashi Valkoinen, I did have them on Shapeways, but they were removed in the great LEGO purge earlier this year. They were custom made for a few people and used the inverted HO rail technique. They were specially made by request, there wasn't ever a plan to produce them that way. @legoman666 has a few of them, I'm sure he could post some pictures.
  12. coaster

    North Pole & Southern

    Yes, 10W. And it is Southern some areas... Thanks, I wanted to capture that classic toy train feel, and 10W just gives so much room to work that it's easy to put as much detail as you want without sacrificing structure. It also doesn't look tiny and out of place under a tree.
  13. coaster

    North Pole & Southern

    DO IT
  14. coaster

    North Pole & Southern

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  15. Yes, all molded. I don't 3D print beyond prototyping.