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  1. Ayato Zechs

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    @coaster I can't wait to get a set so I can finally connect my R104 and R120 loops!
  2. The S160 is one of my favorite steamers. I have rode behind the GSMR 1702 multiple times as a kid and young adult. Good times with the family. Good work on your rendition of this classic and iconic piece of rail history.
  3. Ayato Zechs

    2018 Lego Trains

    Hi all! Just saw that the Brick Show just posted a video featuring the new trains and some technic sets. The video starts off with the trains, and you can see the new freight trains running at slow speed.
  4. Ayato Zechs

    Brickworld 2018 Call for Topics

    I apologize for not picking just one, but I would love to know more about all of the topics (narrow gauge being lowest on list). For me, all except the narrow gauge would lend themselves to my current project, especially larger radii turns and a higher voltage option for Power Function use.
  5. Ayato Zechs

    Some of My LEGO Train Collection (12V & PF)

    Hey, I'm 27, and I feel your pain. Keep the Lego sets, that you want. I now that's easier said than done, but really think about it. I can understand getting a car, getting financially stable and set for life. But, I will say this, don't sell all of them (I sold a bunch of other non-Lego stuff as well). There will be a time when Lego comes back into your life, and you will be glad you kept the ones you enjoyed. I know I did. I didn't mind selling some of my sets, but I could not get rid of my trains. With proper planning, there will come a time when you can enjoy Lego again. I hope this helps.
  6. Ayato Zechs

    10233 Horizon Express

    My mind just exploded from all of the epicness that is oozing from this Creator set. I will have at least 2 of these!
  7. Ayato Zechs

    Powering PF

    I kind of went crazy and bought 4 of the rechargeable battery boxes from Lego. I hate buying batteries.
  8. Ayato Zechs

    MOD: Yellow Maersk Loco 10219

    Awesome, I see that I'm no the only one who dual-motored the locomotive. I even see that you and I put the reverse switch in the same place. Very nice. I'm going to make a Norfolk Southern version as soon as I can get the cash to order the pieces off of Bricklink. Great job!
  9. Ayato Zechs

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Going to my local Lego store now to get mine!
  10. Ayato Zechs

    MOD: 8404 & 4558 Metroliner Monorail

    I think the tram looks pretty cool, also now that is has a functional purpose. Great job with the tram!
  11. Ayato Zechs

    3677 Red Freight Train

    Just found a video of the new Cargo Train in action. Seems that there are 3 different ones running.