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  1. 3797

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Very well put. I too feel that being aware is better than being a scammer's easy victim. Offering certain bits as spares may also be in LEGO best interest or else they risk losing at least some revenue to other companies like the one from Flörsheim. If they make enough to be able to pay designers and run a legit company that is paying taxes in Germany, then I'm sure we're talking about a decent amount of money.
  2. When looking at LEGO sets at a physical store I never judge the box by it's weight, because I feel that they've been making the instructions thicker and heavier for a reason. I always try to think about what would potentially sit in front of me after building a set. Kind of like Jang sometimes does it. "The volume of stuff", as he puts it. However, I do look up parts lists and when I notice that LEGO used panels instead of bricks and real windows as a cost cutting measure, then the set automatically becomes a lot less interesting to me. I've got 164 1x2x2 trans black panels left over from parting out four 60197 trains. Those panels are completely useless to me and not really worth much on eBay. Real train windows on the other hand would have had a much better resale value. Of course I wouldn't have sold those.
  3. 3797

    [MOC] Railroad Speeder

    Well done. Trying to fit a motor in there would be quite the challenge.
  4. 3797

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    That's why I replaced those windows with real ones. I was waiting for LEGO to officially re-release the Emerald Night but gave up hope and bit the bullet. When the Emerald Night was available I didn't buy it, because I didn't have the funds for three of them and I really disliked the brick built doors. Nowadays I'm so bored and desperate that I'm almost done rebricking it. And a 2nd one in different colours. The black bogie plates are a real problem, though. I do have more than enough yellow ones from four parted out 60197 passenger trains but don't want the yellow to shine through.
  5. 3797


    I started building my tan coloured Trainstation back in 2007 when tan bricks were kind of rare still. Using old dark grey for the 16 studs deep and 192 studs long (tiled) platform made it even harder to cough up the funds for a single project. Then dark red became more readily available and I started hoarding dark red bricks and old light grey tiles... I still don't have a finished trainstation.
  6. That looks great. Thanks for sharing the instructions.
  7. 3797


    That looks quite nice. Do you happen to know how many of those dark red 1x2 bricks you used for that building? I have about 800 of those myself and am not sure whether or not I should get more for a similar project. Yeah, I could use LDD or Stud.io to find out but I'd rather just start building with real bricks and I don't want another unfinished project sitting around forever.
  8. 3797

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I wasn't going to talk about clone stuff on here anymore, but since this is about spare parts and not about cloned sets... Before spending 200€+ on those 30 tan train windows, I got some from China. I only replaced them, because I didn't want any Lepin in my otherwise pure LEGO collection. I'm glad that I had bought close to 200 brand new glass pieces about a decade ago. 7,50€ LEGO train window to the left. Lepin train window (and glass piece) to the right. Sorry about the lighting. It's 6:20 in the morning, so no natural daylight, yet. Same. I bought five of the Hogwarts Express sets mainly for the large wheels but I also liked the figures. Now I'm not sure, if I should open them or not.
  9. 3797

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Yeah, Scott, dude, Mr. #BronyCon 2017, I'm aware that you like to hide behind these walls of text. Whenever someone has the audacity to ask for nicer train stuff, castles or Pirate sets, you will make sure to pop in and tell us how stupid our requests are. Always trying your best to ruin it for us LEGO fans who were born before the year 1991. If you don't like these themes, then why not stay out of here and keep posting about friends sets and bionicle masks. The problem is that they aren't selling the essential pieces on their webshop. There would be much less criticism, if they did. I don't need City trains to be on the same level as the Creator Expert trains. Also, it remains to be seen, if they will actually sell the glass pieces for the doors on B&P. Here's a nice example:
  10. 3797

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    No, they're really not. To me it feels as if they're making fun of us. Yes, that thing has train doors and I will try to buy those glass pieces, but that's about it. That is NOT a set that any sane person would want to part out for the train parts and since it's a rather expensive set due to it's app, the more interesting bits and pieces will end up being expensive on the secondary market. No train buffers, no train windows, no 6x28 train base in black... and I would be shocked, if the two bogie plates were black. Even that school bus would have looked way better with train doors and windows. I just spent 200€+ on 30 tan train windows, because I noticed that prices seem to be going up towards the 10€ mark. I also ended up spending 60€+ for a full set (6 pieces) of large black train wheels, a few years ago. You still can't get them from B&P, even though they're in the new Hogwarts Express. That same Hogwarts Express that you're only allowed to buy five copies of. You may look at the picture of those wheels in the B&P listing all day long, but the "order" button is greyed out. Same goes for the tan train windows in the 10194 listing. I still need at least 16 bogie plates in black. They're 6€+/each nowadays, while the ugly yellow ones can be had for 0.65€/each. Stoked.
  11. 3797

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    And you know that because you're actually working for LEGO, right?
  12. There are people who pay others to build their sets. But yeah, putting 42082 together took me about 14 hours and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. I usually take my time and with regular sets I often make sure that the LEGO logos on the studs are all facing in the same direction.
  13. I'd rather get a 2nd 42082. The video of the Liebherr driving up that small pile of dirt was pretty pathetic.
  14. 3797

    Recreating old trains with new parts?

    Looking that up should take less than five seconds as long as you aren't on dial-up.
  15. Proper analog controls. Something that LEGO as well as the BuWizz and SBrick guys should have implemented right from the start. Ever tried to control a car like a modified 42056 Porsche GT3 RS with LEGO's official PF and PU remotes?