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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    Reminds me of the rumors about a new Castle theme, a few years ago. Everyone got excited... and what we got was Nexo Knights.
  2. I'm glad you're still working on it. Your thread is the reason why I check the forums almost every day. Never read anything about BT anywhere else.
  3. Where did you hear that? He didn't update his thread on here in more than 2 months. I actually thought he gave up on the project.
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    Harsh? I just don't feel like sugar coating everything. If no one speaks up, then how will they ever know what they're doing wrong? The gems from the 9V era were 4558, 4563 and 4551. I do own and like 4564 but 4563 was a better set, imo. Compared to those, sets like 4559, 4660 and 4565 as well as the RC Trains and the complete My Own Train line have always been complete turds. Emerald Night, Maersk and Horizon Express were great sets but they were not part of a proper trains theme and imo that's why they didn't sell as well as they should have. Same goes for the Santa Fee and the BNSF but I never really cared for those US American designs and thus never bought them. I consider 60052 to be a "lucky mistake" for the company. Clearly their best Train set since the mid 90s. I bought 5 of those. The train from the Lone Ranger sets was nice. I may still get that one. But again: Not part of a proper trains theme. Not much to add. Not much else to play with. The winter village train is a bit of a joke and reminds me of the Toy Story one. I'd never compare that one to truly great sets like the Emerald Night, Maersk and Horizon Express. A proper station would be a nice start. And a level crossing that was built with more than 20 pieces. Actual bricks would be nice. I also said it before that imo LEGO needs to make a set like 7735 or 4563 again. Make it smaller and thus more affordable as a starter set. Put the battery in the boxcar. They could even make another push along train that can be upgraded with PF function pieces.
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Don't hold your breath. The higher ups clearly have no clue whatsoever as to why we fell in love with the Trains theme when we were kids. I'd love to be proven wrong but I highly doubt that we will ever get new sets that could rival those that were released between 1980 and 1993.
  6. The Metroliner rebuild

    Was this supposed to be a joke?
  7. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    There may have been exceptions like: The first time I saw this brick was christmas 1991 when I built my Metroliner 4558. Bricklink seems to agree: Overall I think that your version seems to be spot on. To me it looks as if they reworked this one multiple times until they ended up with set 4564. That was also the first set that had those modified 1x2 bricks in yellow.
  8. 2017 Lego Trains

    Whatever they may come up with chances are that it will be disappointing. What I'd like to see is a set like 7722 or 7735 that has the battery in the boxcar. That way they should be able to make a train that uses a decent amount of actual bricks but doesn't cost too much. A simple but well designed starter set. We also need a decent new train station. I strongly disliked the most recent one. Horrible design. Horrible colours. Horrible selection of bricks and pieces. 4554 was such a great set and I don't see why they can't release another brick built station, when the modular buildings seem to do very well. Meh, the LEGO shelfes at our local stores are shrinking more and more. I'm thinking that their current way of handeling things will sooner or later bite them in their behind. Again. Such a shame.
  9. Fans gegessen? Wer macht denn sowas?
  10. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    Buying a multimeter would be a good idea, actually. You can get a basic one for less than $5 shipped from China: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LCD-Digital-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Ohmmeter-Multimeter-Amp-Volt-AC-DC-Tester-Meter-/382133490665?var=&hash=item58f8ee53e9:m:mxpHCOwaOjaihXVvbNpGlvg Mine was a little more but I use it all the time. Totally worth it.
  11. Does the surface look a little dull compared to real LEGO track pieces? Almost looks as if the mold needs to be polished. Design on the other hand seems to be spot on. Great job. Really stoked about these.
  12. That's for a quarter of a circle, right? Looking forward to seeing pictures of the first samples.
  13. The only thing that I'm worried about is that the guard rails on the turnout look a bit fragile, since there's no support from below. Maybe that's why TLC didn't build their switches like that. What if trains keep smashing into the guard rails at a higher than normal speed? Anyway, please don't do hollow studs.
  14. You can take it off completely and just use a regular servo or solenoid.
  15. This. Also, those who ballast their tracks are a minority and they could just as well modify the tiles slightly, if it's that important to them. The reason why I want these and nothing else is that I want them to blend in.