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  1. The only other thing that I remember you showing on here is the 1x2 Technic brick with the larger hole for the ball bearing.
  2. Power Pickup wheels? Probably not. Half length straight track would make sense, if it's needed for the switches.
  3. I'm not against them but I don't need to have them in my collection, either. Especially not at 3.99€ for a blind bag. When I bought my series 3 figures I was approached by a security guy who thought it was suspicious that I spent an hour going through multiple CMF store displays. Awkward situation. Didn't buy any other CMF until I got my complete box of Harry Potter figures in a 20% off sale.
  4. I received my R56 track, yesterday. That was the last package that I received in 2018. My wish for 2019 is that R104 switches will be made available. Any updates (I don't use Facebook or any other Zuckerberg "service"/product) on that front? Also: Still says "coming 2018". You may want to update that one.
  5. 3797

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Are you related to Aanchir? Said shop owner is in contact with other shop owners. He mentioned it multiple times. He also gets feedback from his customers who keep asking for certain things like trains and castles. He gained quite a large following on YouTube. The comments on those videos are evidence enough that there is demand. You can read pretty much the same comments on promobricks and elsewhere. Also, he's not the only shop owner who's been talking about these things. He just happens to be well known and doesn't have to suck up to LEGO in order to get free review sets. It also matches what I heard from my co-workers and elsehere. In the past few years I heard countless times that kids wanted pirate ships, castles and trains. Not once have I heard about a kid asking for the remote controlled "Batmobile". My friend's 4 year old has a Playmobil tractor. But yeah, a 100€ remote controlled Batmobile that consits of a whopping 321 pieces and doesn't even include a proper remote was such a great idea... And no, I'm not specifically talking about Creator Expert trains. I told you guys countless times how badly they were marketed (not available in regular stores, for example) and that they were released shortly after the height of the economic crisis of 2007/08, when most people worried more about paying the rent for their apartment and putting food on the table. Those who wanted an Emerald Night with 3 waggons had to spend 300€. On toys. On the internet. In 2009. The rent for my apartment was less than 130€/month, back then. City trains are the problem. They aren't well designed and there's no affordable "push along train" like the old 7715. In fact, I feel that the current Duplo trains are much better sets than the current City ones. The last good "playline" trains were the Metroliner, Load N' Haul Railroad, Freight Rail Runner, the 60052 Cargo Train and to some extend (badly marketed) the Lone Ranger Constitution Train. All the other ones either weren't mentioned in the main catalog or were badly designed and thus not much fun to play with or look at. Many reviewers of sets 60197 and 60198 complained about the lack of proper doors and thus the lack of an important play feature. And of course you do have official sales numbers for the trains that you claim didn't sell well enough, don't you?
  6. I usually don't quote pictures, but in the one I did quote there's a bag with regular red Technic bricks. Are you sure you didn't just overlook something? As far as I remember those are only in the bag that you said was missing. Maybe there was a wrong number on one of your bags. My set had a bag number 9 that was missing the "." which is why I thought it was a 6. I was wondering why I had so many pieces left over. I built this set on the 25th. It's definitely one of my LEGO highlights of 2018. I bought it for the parts but may end up buying a 2nd set and keeping the crane assembled. Even my mom liked it. What I don't like about this set: stickers instead of prints orange and green bits, blue pins, red and yellow axles where they don't belong/stick out visually two rubber bands that aren't easily replaceable only one function usable at a time no mention of how to take off the top section when you want to build the B model (as far as I'm aware)
  7. That would be 1/20th of a cent or less a piece. In other words: You're getting at least 20 pieces for just 1 cent. Or 2000 pieces or more for $1. How are you getting those prices?
  8. 3797

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Typical Aanchir post, lol. There's a well known German shop owner on YouTube. He keeps mentioning that Duplo and Star Wars are dead. As Mylenium pointed out: Castle (as well as well made trains, btw) would sell in Europe. Pirates, too.
  9. LEGO told you that this was the "full lineup"? Aren't they aware that you're one of the most well known Technic guys on YouTube and that everyone is waiting for a better hub, remote, motors and possibly sensors to get announced? It's almost as if they were trolling you. They even forgot to include the LEDs:
  10. They closed it a day early in Germany. That was fun.
  11. And the kicker was that those sets were sitting so high up on a shelf that I couldn't reach them. I had to ask an employee to get a ladder. I was looking for them and it took me a few minutes to spot them. They were basically hidden. I ended up calling my mom begging her to stop at my hometown's TRU store on her way home from work. She did but she too was allowed to buy one train only. I also called the store in Paderborn but they supposedly didn't have any in stock. And you've been told over and over again that the individual wagons and carriages from the My Own Train line were never sold in regular toy stores and thus not available to the average consumer. You've also been told that those designs were so bad that they didn't even appeal to many "hardcore" LEGO train fans. My Own Train sets were released in 2001. Is it too hard to comprehend that buying stuff online was pretty much unheard of at the time? The better designs from the 80's and early 90's actually did so well that those sets sell on eBay all the time. Many of them are going for quite a lot of money, actually. Prices for regular parts like 4025 in black shot up like crazy even though LEGO must have made millions of those. A smart move would be to start selling them under Bricks & Pieces and actually advertising their availability! As for track pieces: Their own fault, if they insist on not selling straight track seperately. There's a reason why curved track is so cheap and readily available on eBay. In 2018.
  12. 3797

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    Why, though? A lower price would mean that you could buy more of them.
  13. Same in Germany. TRU had the Maersk train. Six of them. I wanted to buy all six but they wouldn't let me. By entering and exiting the store multiple times I managed to get two of the six sets. Way to limit your sales. And I had to drive 110 km for that. What fun that was.
  14. 3797

    10264 Corner Garage

    I know what you're talking about. I know a guy on a different forum who recently said that he was making $100.000+ a year and still couldn't afford to live in the bay area. I totally see how one could think that $180 aren't that big of a deal when you're used to seeing much larger sums dissapear from your bank account on a regular basis. I totally get that. This video (Fran Blanche/FranLab on YouTube) had me shaking my head in disbelief, too. To put it in perspective: I'm smack in the middle of Germany. I don't live far from our city's centre. It's about a 15 to 20 minute walk, actually. My 1 bedroom apartment was renovated in 2004 (not a dump) and my rent just went up from 156€ to 180€/month. Including utilities I'm paying less than 300€. When I move back to my hometown, I will be able to rent a decent 2 bedroom apartment for less than 400€/month including utilities. Germany is not (yet) a 3rd world country but spending 180€ on a LEGO set sure feels like giving up a substantial amount of money. That's also why that 30€ price increase doesn't sit well with me.
  15. 3797

    10264 Corner Garage

    Most of the track pieces are being used in the pirate coaster as well as other mainline sets. They produce millions of those! I'm done talking to you. I studied economics. You live in a country where people seem to agree with paying upwards of $1500/month just to rent a shoe box sized apartment. You guys obviously have a different view on the value of the almighty US$. Still doesn't change the fact that some few guys are ruining the hobby for a vast majority of us.