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  1. HoMa

    12 Volt River Port

    @Polarlicht you are right. The Köf uses 2 Circuitcubes mini motors for drive and decoupling. Same concept like my Vollert Robot which I have built for last year's Octrainber contest. The Unimog is a modified #4546 maintenance two way vehicle. One Circuitcubes motor for the drive and the blue hub is covered by the grey box. The front magnet is hidden behind a 1x2 2x2 bracket to minimize the magnetic power. So the decoupling works when the wagon is turned on the rotating cross section. But the magnet is just strong enough to pull a single wagon. It's really fun using those tiny Circuitcubes motors and add remote controlled actions to tiny vehicles :-)
  2. HoMa

    12 Volt River Port

    My entry for Brick Train Awards 2022 in the "Best Group or Individual Display" category. An inland river port with container and bulkload cranes, a chemical plant and old and new buildings in the classic style of the "Grey Era". The small locomotives are driven by mini motors and a Bluetooth hub from circuitcubes.com. The stationary decoupling unit and the mini turntable are powered by old 12 Volt Technic motors which are hidden underneath the platform. The video covers all the action. But also enjoy the still images … The large inland vessel is loaded. The container crane lifts the containers from the rail directly onto the ship in the water. Another cargo ship is looking for a place at the quay to unload its cargo. The journey of the classic 4x8 containers now continues on the water. The dredging crane gradually unloads the cargo ship. A small road-rail vehicle has already moved the silo wagon from #7838 into position. A small Köf shunting locomotive shunts two bulk freight wagons #4536 in brown to their destination. The Köf is driven by a Circuitcubes motor, a second mini motor from Circuitcubes controls the magnetic coupling. This creates a mobile uncoupling unit similar to the one in my Vollert Robot DER 100, only in the style of the 80s. The orange-green tank wagon is refueled. For this purpose, the supply line is swung over the filler neck. The buildings, tanks and overpasses of the chemical plant are colorlessly sober but functional. The conveyor belt is used to load bulk material directly from the dump truck into the red freight car from #7730. Old half-timbered houses still stand in the old part of the harbor. The harbor master still has his workplace in the narrow tower. The water police ensures regulated traffic in the narrow harbor area. I hope you enjoy this MOC and the old building style from the 1980s?! Holger
  3. HoMa

    Check out my 7777 Idea Book layout!

    @zephyr1934 that's even more confusing. Showing the 12 V stuff and then only selling the few 4.5 V sets. Or was it to test the US market to see how well the 12 V system is received? Other way round. My dad brought me the Exxon fuel pumper 554 from a business trip to the US back to Germany. So I had the first contact with US-only sets as a child. A bid frustrating till today that he did not bring 6901 mobile lab from Classic Space which was shown in the little inbox catalog of 554. That catalog for me was the only evidence that there were different sets in other markets for a long time before the internet was born (or became a resource for LEGO fans).
  4. HoMa

    Check out my 7777 Idea Book layout!

    @Jetflap thanks for providing these extra pictures and information about box variants and information how stuff was sold in the US. I didn't know of the extra sticker on the "European" boxes. And interesting to see the power rails showing up in 7823 and 7839 (and 7857). I can imagine that these extra rails caused some headache for you not being able to go online and see what kind of LEGO sets were available in other markets. Was 7777 officially available in the US by mail order? I suppose not, cause it features 12 V on most pages.
  5. HoMa

    Check out my 7777 Idea Book layout!

    @Jetflap thanks for showing us so many nice sets and builds from #7777. I see the US (?) version of the #7824 train station box's It seems to come with a sticker on the front overwriting the European languages. Is this right? And do the sides of the box show non English texts? I am very curious about that box variant because it's less wide then the box used in Europe back then. I wish I could add this variant to my complete box collection some day. Are you aware of other box variants especially for accessory elements? A bunch of new box designs with different dimensions were used late in the Grey Era showing a ©1989 on the bottom side of the box. Holger
  6. HoMa

    BR 98 Battery Powered

    Looks great that little one running along the track. Great use of the Circuitcubes components. The engine is very powerful pulling three wagons. Do you use weight bricks for better traction? Best regards, Holger
  7. HoMa

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Such a long train in a classic 12 V layout, wow! What kind of wheels do you use in the wagons? The classic 12 V wheels which spin not so well and make it hard to pull so many wagons? Or newer wheels which run better? Have you thought of a green instead of darkgreen version of the locomotive? That might bring it a bit closer to the classic colors, even if green wasn't actually a color you could build MOCs. But it was used for baseplates and 2xX plates as ground for accessory castle walls. I like the integration of the new road plates which makes a great boulevard with some islands in the middle of the both directions.
  8. Davide, haha, a grown up fat 7730 or should I say a "Brickhead" version of a Grey era steam engine. Everything has grown up nicely except for the wheels. So for me it looks a bid odd with the small wheels from the train motor. But you got my full respect while making such a detailed grown up version just using elements which were available back then. I like that kind of challenges. Have you thought of using the larger 7750 wheels and make your 8-wide wide grown-up a push train?
  9. HoMa

    PandaCity of Bricks

    @BillytheKid thanks for sharing pictures and videos of your new layout. Great that you have the opportunity to arrange the attic so you can set up such a great permanent layout. And well done with the modern 7740 engine. I had that in my to do list but now you've done it. (Need to share my 7740 panorama wagon btw.) I like the idea either keeping the colors and using modern curved elements or keeping the old design and using new colors. Keep on building on your layout! Holger
  10. Isn't it possible to open a Powered Up motor (the box is not glued and torx screws are used?) and get the motor out? The open the glued 9V motor and replace the motor inside. I just know this idea in theory. Maybe someone here did this an can tell if it works?
  11. See https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/183202-a-review-of-the-first-elements-from-the-fx-track-system/&page=7&tab=comments#comment-3536157 for the latest updates on Fx Track announced at Brickworld 2022
  12. Great news, thanks for sharing. I hope @michaelgale is getter better very quickly, all the best for him. I remember attending the same session in 2019 when Michael announced the first FX Track ideas and passed around a prototype of a 32 straight segment. With rising global challenges and a long breath we are now able to get those tracks, not only straights but various curves. And with some more patience we will get the switches, the motor (like the idea of using a regular boogie plate on top) and a space ship style controller. Wow, good opportunities to spend the hobby money. Maybe the controller can go into a huge 2x2 slope which we all know with the printed computer patterns back from the old days. Great work @michaelgale!
  13. HoMa

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    Oh, oh, oh ... that Colorado River layout is so great. This is the landscape train like your Daylight should travel through. To make it perfect, take all this out at a spot which allows real blue sky as background. Enjoy Brickworld!
  14. HoMa

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    Wow, looks amazing and the full length is stunning. The Daylight colors matches so nice with the brick colors. Enjoy the show and say Hi to all the train folks I might have met back in 2019. Holger
  15. Recently I've recorded young organ player Jakob Trenkle in our local church playing OST 'No Time For Caution' from Interstellar by Hans Zimmer. Then I added a few of my Classic Space photographs to the sound ... ... listen and watch and enjoy