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  1. @coaster, great to here about the new Kickstarter project. Just backed for 4x right and 4x left switches. Sounds really promising and I can prove that your prototype works fine (see video above). I just showed the R120 radius curves at a smaller event last weekend in Germany and the feedback was great. Good luck for the new Kickstarter project! Holger
  2. HoMa

    German BR 03

    Excellent looking model and well presented! The golden stripes are a great detail which adds realism and a nice counter-colour to the black and red. Do you have any pictures showing how the wheels are connected and how the steering/turning will work? And of course: welcome to Eurobricks (and 1000steine)! Holger
  3. @Tenderlok, I am sorry to hear that you also became a victim of unfair AFOL behaviour. For many years I refused to publish instructions of my MOCs for this reason. Some troll wakes up every day, builds the model using my instructions and trying to make money out of it. The dutch website https://habricks.com/nl/ (review in German on promobricks) offers a BR 80 which shows many details which are build the same way as my (previous released) BR 80. I was never asked nor I get any cents compensation for every model HA bricks sells. While working on my LEGO Train book I decided to go depper into building instructions and several instructions are published printed in the book. As little extra, I offer two PDF instructions for BR 80 and BR 10 for free on my website. Yes, my own risk, even my disclaimer that it is not allowed to rebuild and sell the modell does stop the trolls. My disclaimer: Building and selling my models My building instructions are available for free. Building these models is only allowed for personal use. Building these models with the purpose of selling them and make your own profit is prohibited. Recently someone on kleinanzeigen.ebay.de offered the brown Crocodile as brick-build model, no instructions, unique and expensive elements replaced by cheaper alternatives for 450 €. At least my nickname was mentioned in the description text. But again, I was not asked and I replyed asking how much of the 450 € I will receive as compansation? Plus I informed kleinanzeigen.ebay.de and they removed the offer over night. As far as I know, there is no intellectual property (IP) protection for LEGO MOCs as we build them. It would cost us a few hundreds of Euro to register a "Gebrauchsmuster" at a nearby lawer. And even then, we need to know that a troll is trying to make money with other people's creativity and we must take action against such behaviour. I do not see all such cases and I do not have the time to take action against it. If I discover something like this, I will contact the troll asking for 60-80% of the price as compensation ... but in the end I can not stop such unfair, egoistic, profit-oriented behaviour. Good thing is, that the great majority of LEGO fans and AFOLs is not like this and that there is a lot of respect both online and in real life for each others MOCs and the creator behind it. Sad that the black sheeps are so prominent. Best regards, Holger
  4. HoMa

    Steam locomotive Instructions

    @Chorduroy you can find PDFs of instructions for two of my steam engines for free on my website for download: http://www.holgermatthes.de/bricks/en/br10.php http://www.holgermatthes.de/bricks/en/br80.php Enjoy, Holger
  5. HoMa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    Till @Lexa has taken some pictures you (and all others) can enjoy my original MOC ;-)) http://www.holgermatthes.de/bricks/en/br10.php
  6. HoMa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    @Haddock51 it's always a pleasure for me to see other AFOLs enjoying to build models from my book. And great that you made your own version for the 9 Volt system. The noses seems to be off the body by a stud. Is it to make it more flexible to go thru standard R40 curves and switches? It might be tricky in the original version, especially with the cables from the body to the noses. How did you proceed with the instructions? The Crocodile by far is a very complex model and I had to save pages wherever possible. So I couldn't do the "one step, one element, one page" concept of original LEGO instructions. And I hope red instead of brown or darkgreen also helped? Yes, 7-wide is great. Nice compromise for me in realism and overall length of locomotives and wagons. Plus an extra challenge in building in odd numbers. So one of my favorite elements became the Technic 1x5 plate with 4 studs and the center Technic axle hole. Now enjoy your trains! Seems like you have a nice shelf for display and a multi level track layout? You are from Sweden ... any plans to go to Trondheim/Norway by the end of the month? I will be there with my Frauenkirche MOC and some trains. Best regards, Holger
  7. @coaster thanks for your update and summary about what's going on behind your curtains. Sounds all great! Good that you do not promise everything to be in the shelves soon but make clear announcements what's important for you. Personally I am looking forward to the R104 switch Kickstarter! All the best for your business, Holger
  8. HoMa

    Ways of adding 'lining' to train MOCs

    @DameVeraLynn, running pistons on LEGO steam engines are always tricky to realise. See my video an you will see the wheels not running when the track is not fully even. But I don't mind. The difference between BR 10 and Emerald Night is the position of the the steam cylinder. I try to build them as low as possible, at least at the same level as the upper part of the wheels. The position of the steam cylinders at Emerald Night is to high (too allow the front wheels to turn better), but the pistons do not like this, esspecially when the main rod is in the lowest position and the piston rod is very much angeled. More about my BR 10 at http://www.holgermatthes.de/bricks/de/br10.php Great that you like my book :-) Holger
  9. HoMa

    Ways of adding 'lining' to train MOCs

    @LegoBrick1 check www.bigbenbricks.com for the small and large wheels. Building instructions and parts list of this BR 10 engine are available at my website www.holgermatthes.de/bricks
  10. HoMa

    Ways of adding 'lining' to train MOCs

    Great overview Issac! Brick build stripes also can be done using micro-striping methods, e.g. The thin upper part of hinge bricks, brackets and flags. My BR 10 uses black hinge bricks and white tips for the fine stripe on the side of the cabin and tender. Holger
  11. HoMa

    Some old catalogs from my childhood

    Thanks for the hard work scanning all the catalogues. I also scanned some catalogues and 7777 and provided the scans to Huw from brickset to expand the library at https://brickset.com/library/catalogues Drop him a line of you are ok with sharing your scans at brickset.
  12. @James Mathis, thanks for sharing your old pictures and memories! Great to see so many US-only sets which were not released in Europe in the regular way. But on the other side I am happy that I got so much 12v stuff back in the 80s for birthday and Christmas presents. All my yellow Technic beams came from supplemental sets like 871 and 874 (I guess).
  13. @Ashi Valkoinen great model of the Siemens Vectron engine! I really like it how you managed to make the color scheme in bricks. And the idea of making the model also suitable for two electric systems is just great. The LEGO Vectron family is getting bigger :-)
  14. Here are some old pictures of my childhood 12v layout (must be mid 1980s, Light & Sound was available as you can see in the left corner of the first picture) All from my old brickshelf folder http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=2144 On an extended layout of the cool 7777 layout with the yellow bridge (I added a third ramp and a switch up in the air) you can spot sets like 7740 (passenger train)+7819 (mail wagon), 7745 (passenger train), 7735 (freight train) + 7817 (crane wagon), 7823 (container depot), 7824 (train station), 7866 (road crossing) and many LEGOLAND city sets, MODs and MOCs. These days I also try to complete my 12v train collection with a reasonable box at least. Here are some of my boxes, some in terrible condition like the 7727 box: A while ago I wrote a little review about 7777 which you might know allready: https://brickset.com/article/25119/7777-the-1981-trains-ideas-book And all sets from the grey are are summarized as Bricklist over at brickset https://brickset.com/sets/list-15314 12v is still alive Holger
  15. Hi Reza, thanks for putting all this together! I checked most of my 12v train motors, some are very scratchy so I can not read the production date. But for your list I have: Red Type 1: 16 0 Red Type 1: 22 0 Red Type 1: 29 0 Red Type 1: 32 0 Red Type 1: 39 0 Red Type 1: 39 0 Red Type 2: 25 2 Red Type 3: 30 3 Red Type 3: 39 3 Red Type 3: 41 2 Red Type 3: 40 4 Black Type 2: 15 81 Black Type 2: 47 81 Black Type 2: 3 82 Black Type 2: 21 2 Black Type 3: 37 2 Black Type 3: 15 3 Black Type 3: 37 3 Black Type 3: 20 5 Black Type 3: 45 5 Black Type 4: 27 9 The Red Type 1: 16 0 is from a nearly MISB 7750 (most bags still closed, motor never run so far). So I am very sure that this motor came with a 7750 set. For all the other motors I can not tell from which original set they came. I got 7735 and 7745 from my childhood but I can not say which motors they had originally. Overall I found only one Type 4 motor in my collection. And as long as I keep this 7865 sealed I can not tell what version is in this one? Holger