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  1. Great idea overall. For the trucks on the double deck wagons you can use 1x2 or 1x4 panels attached upside down (using some SNOT) like I did on my BR 10 steam engine. Also great idea with the cylinders between the coaches. But I think this will not work well. The pivot point of each wagon is where the trucks are attached to the body of the wagon, not at the end of the body. Just push a pair of slightly longer wagons through switches and you will see the enormous gap between the two wagons. I would like to see your solution going through curves and switches. What about an individually brick build noise rather using this, sorry, ugly one purpose element? Happy bricking, Holger
  2. Hi all, whenever I open a *.ldr file in LDView an additional window shows up showing the following Errors & Warnings: Error parsing line. File: C:/Users/Public/Documents/LDraw/ldconfig.ldr Line #1 Line: ´╗┐0 LDraw.org Configuration File I've checked C:/Users/Public/Documents/LDraw/ldconfig.ldr ... the file is there an can be opened with notepad++ etc. What can I do about this? The model in LDView seems to be Ok, but how can I get rid of the Errors & Warnings message? Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Holger
  3. @Holodoc thanks for this brilliant review! I like the collection of different faces too avoid the Nexo shield and even more the corrections of the length of the arm. When I was building mine I was fascinated about how the sub assemblies in the last stage became the outer "cloth" of the figuremi was not familiar with the rounded cut off slopes but they work very well here. Must have been a nice challenge designing this model. Just building it from instructions is easy, but developing something like this in a MOC would be high level LEGO work. As I remember 3450 was available through Shop@Home in Germany in 2000. It came in a grayscale box. The box design was changed to a full colored design for the second wave. It was a unique building experience with the instructions showing each layer from a top 2D view rather from a 3D view we all know so well. (LEGO should do such sculptures again!) Holger
  4. HoMa

    A PUP (Power UP) question

    If I understand Sariel's video on YouTube right, then it does work, but you need to keep the Plus or Minus button pressed all the time the motor should run. In comparison the train motor runs without pressing the knob on the remote control. Seems like the PUP motors send an ID to the hub and the hub behaves different depending on the type of motor connected. Best regards, Holger
  5. @marbleman thank you for showing all these great models of Chinese trains. The transparent walls on the engines is a nice idea to see inside the engines. Are there any more pictures of the highspeed train "CRH rejuvenation " available? Best regards, Holger
  6. @sed6 thanks for mentioning this video. Never heard of it, so even cooler to see the TEE featured in this episode. @all, again thanks for your nice comments and feedback here and there on the internet. Holger
  7. HoMa

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    Great home layout! Do you have chance to take it apart and bring it to an exhibition? I think, the answer is "no" ;-) Great to see also 12 Volts on your layout. Nice blue MOC loco running in circles with 7740 and 7745. May I ask how you deal with dust on such a layout? A vacuum cleaner train would be good for the tracks. But can you reach every house, car or Minifigure? Thanks for sharing! Holger
  8. Thanks for your comments! When I started to think about motors in the rear engine unit also I also had the synch problem in mind. But then I just did it: Front: 2 motors, 2 LEDs, 1 receiver (channel 1, V2 version), 1 rechargeable battery box Back: 1 motor, 1 LED, 1 receiver (channel 1, V1 version), 1 rechargeable battery box Handheld: One PF remote control In my living room I had no issues, the signal was caught by both receivers, even if they are 2 meters from each other. So for now I am happy with the result of a non synchronised train with motors at both ends. But SBrick is an option. But I only got one :-( Holger
  9. Today I present my LEGO version of the famous German VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express – or just TEE. If you want to know a bit more about the real train, wikipedia helps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DB_Class_VT_11.5 (Picture used with kind permission of Ulrich Budde © http://www.bundesbahnzeit.de/) It took me a while to finalize this model but I was busy on my building desk the last couple of weeks. From the specifications: 6 units in total (2 engine units and 4 waggons) 3 Power Functions train motors (2 in the front engine unit, on in the back) LEGO LED lights for the train front and end lights 7-wide (my favourite width for LEGO MOC trains) total length ca. 2.5 meters runs through standard LEGO track geometry (even if it looks silly), I prefer BrickTracks curves and TrixBrix/4DBrix switches custom LEGO parts: none modified LEGO parts: 2x 2x4 tile with the TEE logo by http://www.steindrucker.com yellow sticker on the coupling cover from an old LEGO sticker sheet Non-LEGO items – a piece of red tape to cover the center LED on the nose – interior lights using mini battery powered LEDs (source: ebay, search for "LED mini fairy string light") – Trans Europ Express decal by http://www.modellbahndecals.de/ in scale 1:45 It started all with the idea to use two Brick, Round Corner 3 x 3 x 2 Dome Top for the characteristic nose of the engine units. A much bigger challenge were the grey-silver stripe which swings from the lower front lights up to the driver's cabin. For a long time I favoured a solution using rigid hoses, but it didn't work out and the hose did not "swing". So I ended with the plate variant, at least I did not build any steps. I also realised the round bull's-eye windows. The first one has to be located as close as possible to the end of the tan section. So the arched brick helped here. We still miss an element which fits between the 1 x 3 x 2 arch and the larger 1 x 6 x 3 arch. But I found a solution using curved solpes covering most of that gap. I am still stuggling with the right colour of the roof section behind the driver's cabin. Originally it should be light bluish grey (same colour as the stripe). But in real live all the grime from the exhausts makes this roof look more dark/dirty. So I also build a dark bluish grey variant. Both can be swaped easily and this feature allows easy access to the rechargeable battery box. Which colour do you prefer for this roof section? The rest of the roof also was a nice building experience using some SNOT. I wanted to use dopple-cheese pieces and curves slopes. And the roof should become 7 studs wide. That did not equal out fine so I had to use vertical tile on both sides of the middle brick column. The picture explains the rest of that SNOT nightmare … But now enjoy some pictures: More pictures in various sizes on Flickr! Best regards, Holger
  10. HoMa

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    here are some options, they should be available in trans black: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3939#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=58181#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=41750#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=41749#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=x224#T=C ... be creative, you will find something for your own dome car :-)
  11. HoMa

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet #315

    @SavaTheAggie, saw your promising work in progress pictures on Flickr. Yes, this is how the Santa Fe F7A has to look like as LEGO MOC. The use of that one element I don't know the name is just perfect for the large front light. And I still "brain reengineer" how the windscreen is build? The grille tiles seems to hold on the glass rather tight. Congrats winning the locomotive category from BMRR at the NMRA show. And thanks for the video showing all the great engines and trains on one of the best LEGO train layouts in the world. Holger
  12. HoMa

    BBÖ ET10 / ÖBB 4041 railcar

    Great railcar you've but together. I like the use of that odd huge hinge (is it classified as hinge?) brick for the lights, the roof and the paragraph of course. The diorama in the LEGO store brings life into the scene ... well done! Holger
  13. Feel free to use my video showing the prototype I got a while ago. Someone newer mentioned Jang ... that is this channel worth more then 1.000.000 subscriber at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/LEGOJANG Good luck from supporter #22 HoMa
  14. HoMa

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    @AlmightyArjen thanks for sharing. Wonderful layout and a cool video. You had great fun worth your trains and rides!