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  1. Those look very nice....., can hardly wait to get my hands on a least one full set! (or two or three) lol
  2. @coaster Your new switches look very, very nice. I'm hoping to purchase some sets before March 2020 and expand my display layout! (Brickworld Convention)
  3. I received an email from Esther today, so sad, may he rest in peace. Wonderful person, he now sits next to our creator......
  4. ritztoys

    Switching Puzzle

    @Roadmonkeytj I was glad to be able to help, now that you refined your design, I'll be saving this for future rail yard additions to my display too.
  5. ritztoys

    [MOC] Diorama - Campolide 80s Train Station

    Can you share where your friend got BI for this great looking work train? btw your Train station is flawless, better in LEGO than real life!
  6. ritztoys

    Decoupler Air Operated (works)

    Apparently the 'quote' feature isn't working for me today....I'll try to answer your questions though. Yes, the 11L axle would push the plates off the bottom, either due to the cylinder throw being too long or the short mechanical build to support this cylinder(ie. longer mechanical build to support the distance moved) Support on the ends of the axle would help, but you still need to match the 'throw' of the cylinder so the assembly wouldn't tear itself apart.(since you can't control very well the position of a pneumatic cylinder, either full "on" or full "off" ) Using a base plate would help too, use same answer as above. Using multiple plates would help in strength of whole assembly, although the 'swing' of the cylinder could catch on passing rolling stock/locomotives with low hanging parts, if placed too close to tracks. You might be able to use a longer axle away from tracks with proper support and strength. If you use a shorter arm to rotate the axle, you might have to match a cylinder with a short throw or change gear ratio. The 'throw' will depend on which double-acting cylinder style you pick, not a whole lot to pick from for what you are wanting to do.The small one should work instead of the one I used, but this will work!
  7. Thanks @coaster I'm busy adding bearings to all these beautiful axles in my hands & onto my rolling stock, thanks!
  8. ritztoys

    Decoupler Air Operated (works)

    @Roadmonkeytj Sorry took so long to test....... I found the lowest of plates under the 'driving axle' would separate at full cylinder extension during it's movement. I would try an additional plate layer to hold the dual 1x2 plates that support the 1x2 brick w/two holes, that support this axle. Also I didn't have a good selection of pneumatic cylinders, so I used the ol' square based one to test. Picking the correct "throw" of a cylinder would help in it not tearing everything apart, during it's operation.
  9. ritztoys

    Decoupler Air Operated (works)

    Looks to be a good idea for locking the boogies, now how to easily separate the 'cars' with this locking device combined? ( H.O.G. ie. Hand of Grab? ) I would think that somehow "pulling" a car/coach/rolling stock would separate in the wrong place due to the varying strength of the magnets. I do have all these parts, what parts are you concerned with in either success or failure? I'm parts shopping today @ my friends LEGO reseller store, I'll construct later today to test.....
  10. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    @zephyr1934 I thought about that very idea!(of course after seeing Dr_spock's loco testing bed) With the way @Jeffinslaw designed the frame, there is plenty of room for a gear on one of the axles. That would drive all the wheels and valve gear too. @Jeffinslaw designed the boiler in a new way for me(inside supporting structure) that taught me some new LEGO building lessons. I will never knock or criticize the 'lonely headlight brick' again, it's my new friend! Also thank-you for your help and suggestions, your custom rods are awesome!
  11. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    @Jeffinslaw I wanted to let you know your locomotive is approved by my Minifig Engineer, he's really happy!
  12. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    @Jeffinslaw I found that the 'chassis support' for the boiler needed adjusting, to properly support the boiler across all areas you designed into this creation.(rigid hose on bottom?) For reference I modified the support between the wheels(rear most driver wheel) I added a 1x4 plate on top of the "jumpers" under the tile, page 68, step 69. The second driver wheel(moving forward), I removed that support completely and replaced with a 1x4 tile only, no slope assembly. The next driver wheel has the 'boiler pin' connection between the wheels, I didn't change anything here. The next driver wheel has a 1x4 tile across the chassis sides, I added a 1x4 plate, under this tile. The tile barely rises above the flange of that said wheel. So the boiler is supported @ three places, including the 'pin'. (rear most 'rigid hose' assembly, connection pin, 'middle rigid hose' assembly) The very front bottom of the boiler rests between the 1x4 plates w/2 studs. (seen below at right side of photo) A little hard to see, I was most concerned where the edge of the 'grills' came too close to the edge of the rear driver wheel, for me if this loco is going to run all day long on my display I wanted everything to clear and not possibly rub on other parts. (These notes/suggestions are just my personal opinion here, not bashing this creation at all.)
  13. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Thanks Jeff, The instructions are very good and clear to understand, I found only 1 issue. The elevation of the chassis that supports the boiler in one spot needed to change as it 'tilted' the boiler. (didn't look correct) Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed building my first "steamer". I think anyone wanting to build such a locomotive as yours should fully 'pull the trigger' and get into LEGO trains! I had quite a few of the elements already in my "unemployed brick section", but I would guess I spent around $275-300+, that included the custom 'rods' by Zephyr1934 During the build I tested this loco on 9v track radius, and it works ok, but this loco desires R104 radius track IMHO......
  14. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Well Jeff, it's all done. Track tested an' everything! Next step is to find room for a bigger track layout! Yes, that's a working headlight, the other LED is buried inside the boiler(not doing anything, I thought about having a "boiler glow", but changed my mind.) Once again thank-you Jeffinslaw this was a very enjoyable build, including my personal mods too.
  15. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Thank-you Jeff, your design of this beautiful locomotive was just needing a little more detail(in my mind) as it will have it's own display case. Besides, it is very interesting to watch go by on a track layout and see all those 'rods' going through their movements. Not exactly like 'Baker Valve Gear', but similar. (I'll tear up the living room and move out furniture to lay out some track to test it!) Now all I have to do is build some rolling stock or some fancy coaches.(next fall)