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  1. ritztoys

    what do you call your lego city/ names for lego city?

    My LEGO town, modeled of Midwest town in the Tropics........called "Palm City" https://www.flickr.com/photos/120247818@N03/52766420631/in/photostream/
  2. If I use a regulated voltage, more than a LEGO battery pack, lets say @ sbrick maximum voltage......10.8 volts input, will the controlled speed for motors be greater than LEGO battery pack voltage and it's speed?
  3. ritztoys

    1815 Steam Elephant Locomotive

    @zephyr1934 I wanted to thank-you for your assistance on your "Coal Wagons", I have them coupled to a Studly Locomotive.
  4. @ KevinMD You could just eliminate the servo motor(used for steering) and replace(along motor's rotation center) with a Tech axle to a 90* gearbox inside cab, then vertical to HOG steering on roof. Just an idea for HOG use, these trucks are what Ingmar wanted.....'Building Experience Kits'.....and that is exactly what building these trucks is all about.............take your time & enjoy!
  5. @Polarlicht Great review of some incredible building kits, Ingmar would be proud. Glad I provoked you to purchase these great creations, nothing like them available anywhere!
  6. Hooray for you!! I'm glad you "pulled the trigger" and ordered a Semi & Trailer. Now your 'future project' should be, what kind of load can I put on the Trailer?
  7. I'm going to guess here, knowing how Ingmar thought.(I never purchased any kits from him, only BI) The Kits with RC contain the proper parts for remote control ie.(motors, receivers, battery box etc.) The Non-RC models kits don't contain those parts, so you might say these kits(w/o RC parts) will be static models. In my book these types of models are "shelf Queens", only to look and appreciate them. Both of those models have dual drive shafts, that start 'splitting' under the cab of the truck though a small gearbox, as does this model I built. Nothing wrong with that, I like my creations to move and do stuff! Again "Full KIt" would only mean, only parts for a shelf model (like LEGO kits are, except Technic, which almost always does stuff!) I think for you to really appreciate any LEGO model, you need to change your second name! lol! (just kidding, I was like that early on) Don't rush the experience of building, for me it's kind of a meditative thing, always calming and a great focus to let all things in life just become secondary.........
  8. No, as I mentioned I was building when Ingmar released BI for his Red, White, & Blue Semi (T2) Kids seeing this truck gave it a name at my display as........." Optimus Prime " because it resembled that character. Purchasing the Mack Granite BI or the kit, you will thoroughly enjoy as the suspension is a newer version, compared to Optimus Prime with an older type of suspension.(works just fine too) Yes, LEGO can be pretty expensive, just purchase a little at a time, don't be impatient..........it's all about the enjoyment of collecting everything then building....... I can't comment on shipping times in the EU, although Ingmar shipped to me in the USA very quickly. just be patient, you'll be really happy!
  9. @Coolusername When I started building these trucks, maybe around 10-15 years ago, Ingmar only had Building Instructions on a now canceled website. Then he 'branched out' and started adding the Chrome parts for his trucks and soon after that he began offering full kits to his followers. Well......having 1/2 the parts for any of his trucks is a positive thing (for you) just keep gathering and look forward to begin building. Heck.....maybe only build the chassis and suspension with the motor. You could even build a "static model" and enjoy it's beauty before saving up for the bodywork. It's all your choice how you approach building these trucks and having a beautiful collection some day! I display nine of his designs and three of my own MOC's based on his creations every year @ Brickworld Indy, which are great to see all together! (all the folks attending the show seeing these really love 'em)
  10. @Coolusername I can only suggest that you save up your $$ to purchase ANY of Ingmar's kits, with all the parts included. The best part is you will have everything needed to build a complete truck. Or only purchase Ingmar's building instructions, either way you will really enjoy building your own Semi-Truck ( & trailer too) I've built almost every one of his trucks from mostly my own brick supplies, this will save lots of $$. So you will have only a few elements to purchase that you might not own.
  11. ritztoys

    1815 Steam Elephant Locomotive

    Beautiful Historical Engine MOC! Love the mechanics, almost hypnotizing to watch. (pm sent)
  12. Thank-you for the compliment. Unfortunately @mnpumar I won't be making any instructions and Ingmar wasn't able to get any completed before he passed. If you have instructions for Ingmar's Mack Truck, that's a good starting point. You will have to lengthen the chassis by a 1x6 Tech Brick long and change the 'pivot' support @ the rear of the suspension, so there will be clearance for the 'Dump Body Lift Arms' to fold on top of this change.(very tight in there!). The Linear Actuator is the shorter one combined with the aforementioned Lift Arms and the location of a lower pivot helps this whole mechanism work much better in lifting the Dump Body.
  13. ritztoys

    [MOC] Barber

    As @ toastie remarked.........I agree completely! @viracocha My situation is a little different, my Brother-in Law is a full time barber of many, many years. I would like to gift this creation of yours to his Barber shop?
  14. @Asper Thank-you for posting this great information and sharing with the Train community..............now where did I put my Black elements?
  15. @Asper Thank-you so much for this and sharing with the community!