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    Reading, drawing, history, 3d graphics, science fiction, Transformers, Star Trek, Star Wars and LEGO, of course.


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  1. docmikeb

    REVIEW: 70813 Rescue Reinforcements

    I totally love this set. Have bought it for the fire mech. Disassembled it after few hours and have created a really transformable firetruck/robot.
  2. docmikeb

    [MOC]Red Baron

    Brilliant design & style! Great work!
  3. docmikeb


    Brilliant and original design!!
  4. docmikeb

    [MOC] legoformer neo wingster (31008 + 31006)

    I like it! Well done mod/MOC.
  5. docmikeb

    31008 alternate - Transforming mecha

    Thank you!
  6. docmikeb

    Are you the only lego fan in your family?

    I am the only real fan & collector in my family... but my family is quite small.
  7. docmikeb

    RomaBrick's PORTO SAN GIORGIO 2014

    I know that this is an old topic, but I have a question. Will be the event held in December 2015 too? I'd like to visit it.
  8. docmikeb

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    Amazing! I like a lot the head... and in both modes look great!
  9. Excellent lego-former... looks cool in both modes and has a great color scheme!
  10. docmikeb

    Student Nation

    Yes, Student Nations were very common even in Italian and French Medieval Universities... and until XVIII century. Your MOC is amazing... very well done and detailed!
  11. docmikeb

    First MOC: Seattle Townhouse

    Very beautiful modular house! Many nice details inside!
  12. docmikeb

    MOD: 7-wide version of 60057 Camper Van

    Very beautiful and well done! Great work!
  13. docmikeb

    [MOC] Japanese garden

    Very beautiful garden! Love the bridge!
  14. docmikeb

    [LDD MOC] Nuclear locomotive

    Very beautiful and elegant locomotive!!
  15. docmikeb

    MOC: Lighthouse (WIP)

    Very nice and well done lighthouse!!