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  1. Nantucketdink

    How to create a Flat Top wing element ?

    Tiles are the obvious solution
  2. Nantucketdink

    Legos become brittle after storage

    Bricks of all kinds exposed to lots of sunlight absolutely become brittle over time
  3. it seems like it is working. just cover the corner up with a long trim piece connected with hinges so the fit and finish looks good
  4. Nantucketdink

    MOC The Rainbow Park

    The fence is fantastic! So smart.
  5. Nantucketdink

    I need hints to buy retired Lego sets

    Is there a "fake" version of that set? I haven't seen it before if it is out there. Ebay and Paypal really stand behind the consumer so there is no risk of being scammed without recourse by whatever means. That being said, Bricklink is a fantastic resource.
  6. Nantucketdink

    REVIEW: 71021 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 18

    Most fun set ever as costumes are our favorites. Definitely getting a whole box. Splurging and opening a whole box with your loved ones is a great experience. I think the single cop is marketing genius. More people than ever will bite the bullet to buy a whole box. They need to do it more.
  7. Nantucketdink

    Need advice for bamboo blinds.

    One way I can think of to get the bars to work would be by using lego string on each side individually tied around each bar. The tracks sound easier for sure
  8. Nantucketdink

    Need advice for bamboo blinds.

    I would use bars A whole bunch of 3long or 4 long bars
  9. Nantucketdink

    Please help to get these bricks in red :-)

    BrickLink will solve all your future parts problems too.
  10. Nantucketdink

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Perseverating on negative aspects of legos instead of focusing on all the glorious positive parts of the hobby.
  11. Nantucketdink

    Lack of original themes

    Anybody can think up a new Lego creation and build it. Imagination is a wonderful thing.
  12. Nantucketdink

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I was thinking about how much fun participating in the Shiptember event is. Would others be interested in building water based craft (don’t have to be any particular size) over the course of a month just to share with one another. It doesn’t have to be a contest, but it would definitely be a motivation to build. I think it would just promote more building and sharing. I am finding that getting that nudge helps me build faster. Anybody else interested? Obviously I can simply build a ship and share it anytime, but simultaneous group building seems like more fun
  13. Nantucketdink

    Thick vs thin base plates

    The 8x16 and 10x20 bricks are the biggest square ish thick baseplates (technically bricks) I can think of. There are also some big quarter round pieces...12x12 and 16x16. I really like these huge bricks. Once they are 3 plates high they qualify as a brick
  14. Nantucketdink

    Your worst lego injuries?

    As a young teenager, I made a giant firecracker and lit it off inside a lego rectangular creation I had made. I tried to run away, but didn't get far enough and had a nice piece of lego scrapnel stuck in the back of my leg. Pulled it out with a little blood but no medical treatment. I think that was the last time I "played" with any legos for almost 30 years.
  15. I just slapped this Charlie Brown together to get us started