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  1. Your worst lego injuries?

    As a young teenager, I made a giant firecracker and lit it off inside a lego rectangular creation I had made. I tried to run away, but didn't get far enough and had a nice piece of lego scrapnel stuck in the back of my leg. Pulled it out with a little blood but no medical treatment. I think that was the last time I "played" with any legos for almost 30 years.
  2. I just slapped this Charlie Brown together to get us started
  3. Nice Pirate SHIP MOC...horrible photo

    I wish I had taken decent photos after I finished it too. It really was a fun thing to behold. There were like 300 pirates on it and funny little details everywhere. I promise to take good photos next pirate ship I do. I realize all the details are lost in my photo
  4. Nice Pirate SHIP MOC...horrible photo

    I only snapped a couple of horrible photos of this before taking it apart earlier this year, but just stumbled across them and thought I would post. This ship received additional work after the photo and was really fun to build.
  5. [MOC] Frankfurt class patrol cruiser

    It is brick built, isn't it?
  6. What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    Hailfire Droid tank
  7. Missing Slopes

    tan 45 degree corner slopes ARE available for super cheap if you aren't a purist. If one searched on aliexpress one would find what one needed.
  8. [MOC] Cinderella Castle

    WONDERFUL!!! I have been working on a significantly larger version of this since visiting the Magic Kingdom in March. I wish I had taken your approach to size.
  9. Tiling an oval-shaped building

    There is a new 2x2 macaroni tile piece. You could use 2 of those in conjunction with straight tiles and see how it looks flush mounted. You might be able to raise the tiles up so they overlap that roof(floor) piece for a nice finished look too. You would have to use a couple of the pie slice tiles inside of the macaroni tiles of course i just discovered there is a 4x4 macaroni tile. Didn't realize that even existed. That won't work for you, but good info to know. Thanks for making me look at bl.
  10. Tiling an oval-shaped building

    you could make a nice flat floor by making a semi circle with bricks and curved slopes, studs not on top.
  11. The Hooked Fang MOC Pirate Ship

    Various whale bones and Narwhale horns would have been used IMHO.
  12. EB Tech Help

    I can't see photos in new posts, just url numbers
  13. Narrow Winding Road

    I would imagine one could come up with a pretty darn good representation using hinges in both vertical and horizontal applications.
  14. If you could design your own LEGO piece, what would it be?

    You could probably sand or snip one stud off of the current piece to make what you want.
  15. Help finding an old Lego booklet? Please

    You aren't rembering Bristle Blocks instead perhaps? Remembering