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  1. Nantucketdink

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Oh my God! Lo and behold you have created a great moc! Let there be light, Faith in building will move mountains.
  2. Nantucketdink

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Maybe Lego will start directly selling individual and bulk lego elements in a much broader range than it has been and in an easier to use format to anyone willing to buy them. That would be nice. They could also make a hell of a lot more profit and cut out all those little guys making the money
  3. Nantucketdink

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    bizarre. This scares me in a big brother is watching kind of way
  4. Just search for “police” under torso assembly (or under torso) and you will find a zillion options on bricklink
  5. Cockroach motel made out of Lego
  6. Nantucketdink

    Alternatives to technic chain links?

    Short technic lift arms in conjunction with various technic pins can make some strong/ tough chains. I guess they are more like tracks/links than chains though as they don't bend in all directions. My favorite combination is the technic double pins with 1x2 lift arms. If you use longer lift arms you can use the empty hole(s) to attach stuff which opens up all kinds of possibilities
  7. Nantucketdink

    If you could pick one recolor

    1x2 plate in transpurple or at least make a 1x1 plate in trans purple. While we are at it how about a 1x2 plate in trans green. At least that one exists as a 1x1 plate already
  8. Nantucketdink

    [MOC] SPACEship

    I can hardly wait until it docks with the "SHIP"
  9. Nantucketdink

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    time to discover Bricklink
  10. Nantucketdink

    How to decorate a wall with shields

    the one photo that is still there shows the entire technique. Its a good one I hadn't noted before. Thanks for bumping it.
  11. Nantucketdink

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    always awesome to use new techniques. I just received a bunch of the stump costumes to play with myself too. Great use of those ball joints!
  12. Nantucketdink

    Where can I get cheap LEGO parts

    Bricklink has everything you could imagine
  13. I feel that the majority of clone brand type baseplates are not of the same quality as lego.
  14. Nantucketdink

    Support structure for cylinder

    hinges (of your choice) in a circle at both ends filled in sturdy enough to keep the round shape then attached to the plates. Even 1x2s with round 1x1s or 1x3s with round 1x1s will work fine for the whole thing. Just use snot bricks to get all the plates to stick to the interior, exterior, or both. It will be very sturdy with solid ends the smaller train tracks may be in the vicinity of 31 studs for end cap circles, but I doubt they are exactly 31? I think 1x2 snot bricks with the snots on both sides in conjunction with round 1x1s would be perfect with the ends filled in. You can be pretty exact in your diameter that way
  15. bricklink what you need. Pick a brick wall is great for whatever they may randomly have. I don't think sets are very helpful at all