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  1. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Leifric’s Hollow was only three days ride from my stronghold, so I had elected to make a quick trip there before continuing to where my ‘fate awaited me’. It had always seemed to me such talk of fate was for mealy mouthed weak kneed poets, and had absolutely no bearing on the real world. I said as much to my partner. “Listen Waythe, people believe what they like, why bother showing up at all?” I tossed a satchel with the documents I’d been riding with. I couldnt very well tell him the real reason. “Well if nothing else it will expand our network reach, right?” The Goblin considered, a grin snaking across his face. “Of course, master.” And just like that, I was back on the road, having traded mounts. I reached the hollow at midday on the second day, and looked out on the borough to see the same man who had so haughtily treated me before. “And who might you be, stanger?” A soldier called out. I glanced up, seeing for the first time in many months a soldier as well equipped as my own. He held my eyes. A rare trait indeed. “He’s a marauder” called out the man who had spoken with me before. “Stay your crossbow” he continued quickly on seeing the soldier’s reaction. “I am not” I answered harshly. “I am Raxus Waythe, Judge of the Wastelands.” “You should start doing that,” chuckled the rogue. I no longer considered him a soldier. He was far to insolant, like my men. “Judge of the Wastelands is a nickname, not a title. You’re a marauder with a slightly better than average relationship with local authorities, a merchant.” That rogue was beginning to get on my nerves. “I come honestly to Leifric’s hollow and this borough, from invitation. Who are you, rogue?” I asked the blond haired man I had spoken with before. He was studying me, just as he had before, and just as unnerving. “I am no rogue,” he answered plainly. “I am Adam Devereux, Squire to the Lord Baiamonte. My lord Baiamonte’s son, the Lord Cenric Baiamonte wishes to speak with you.” I knew the Baiamontes, or at least I knew of them. Rufus Baiamonte still allowed men to run around whispering of his madness, yet his rule of both clan and lands remained utterly unchallenged. If his reputation was anything to go on he was not a man to trifle with. “Then what are you waiting for? Open the gates, I will speak with Lord Cenric.” I had expected to be led into a hall of some sort, but instead I was led out by a regally dressed man with a lady on his arm, a little ways beyond the fortress onto the high road, near the woods. “You are Lord Cenric” I said, keeping my eyes on him even as the girl who had joined us began to stroke an owl. Her eyes were sharp. Not that I was trying to notice. I saw him smirk, noting how my eyes had darted. “And you are Judge Waythe.” It was noticeable how he gave a credence to my title others had not. “It seems you have brought me here, to what end?” “You may be familiar with my uncle, Rufus Baiamonte.” “I am,” I said neutrally. “Well,” the Lord Cenric Baiamonte replied amiably. “I love my uncle, he’s a good man, or at least was. Nonetheless I have my own kin to concern myself with, and furthermore I swore to my father I would help my uncle as I could.” He stopped, but as I offered no response, he shrugged and continued, “As such, I’ve been trying my hand at building my own network of men I can call upon should the unrest which so frequently engulfs historica come to our doorstep.” “How can I be of service?” I found myself liking him against my better judgement. “Exactly that. Service. I would like you to swear an oath, to me, as your Lord.” I felt something hot creeping up my neck. “I am a free Varlyrian, Lord. I have my own title.” “I’m not asking for your life, Judge. Your dominion is yours. But should the time come I need your sword, I shall need it. In return,” he had seen me open my mouth but beat me to it, “You shall be given royal contracts, and more importantly, reputation and honor for serving as soldiers, not marauders.” “He’s not a marauder.” The girl’s voice surprised me, as she had as of yet said nothing. I nodded my head. “My sword is as good as your oath,” I offered. “Good.” He smiled. “I think it marks the beginning of your fate turning.” “Turning towards what?” “Greatness, Master Waythe.”
  2. Spader

    The Falls of Melancholy

    Incredible work, great idea and execution. I love the moon
  3. Spader

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    nicely done all around, good stonework, nice landscape, and you get the graveyard 'feel' down very well too. Good work!
  4. Absolutely stunning, its so well scaled and captured.............bravo!
  5. Spader

    Leifric's Hollow (Varlyrio 1B)

    Thank you, looking forward to continuing it. Thank you! Yeah I wanted it to seem like wild, untamed country and I think I got that look down decently. We shall have to see what awaits the Baiamontes.......
  6. allow me to issue a very late welcome back! The Dagon is quite impressive, and the build is nothing to sleep on ether. Nicely done!
  7. Spader

    [MOC] An Ambush in Gaul 52 B.C.

    very cool moc, great depiction.
  8. Spader

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    frankly your version is better than the lego set, nicely done
  9. Spader

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Tōrō Nagashi

    Excellently styled, looks very very nice.
  10. Spader

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    That sand technique is brilliant, and a decent tower too I daresay
  11. Spader

    [Freebuild] A Demon's Game of Chess

    What a creative premise! You did a great job executing as well
  12. Very finely detailed, absolutely love the Inn. You did a good job with the tree too
  13. Spader

    [Freebuild] Quietude

    thought I already commented, but very clean build, and very nicely done downscaling, the micro elements work very well together
  14. Spader

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: S'äkbri Temple

    the scale and detail here are truly impressive. A wonder indeed.
  15. Spader

    Jelsa's Ice Castle

    Lol see what you did here. Looks very nice.
  16. Spader

    Leifric's Hollow (Varlyrio 1B)

    Thanks! We shall indeed see Thanks! Yeah I loved the look of it and I'll probably carry it over on a larger scale at some point
  17. Spader

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    And so introduced is Lord Cenric Baiamonte, Nephew to Lord Rufus Baiamonte.
  18. beautifully lit, finely detailed, and looks very neat to boot! Well done
  19. nicely detailed, love that water technique particularly
  20. Spader

    CDC2 CMF Kahir88

    very creative take on the challenge, I like it!
  21. Spader

    Brewery at Prenmôr

    very finely done, and the miniature at the beginning is a nice touch as well
  22. Spader

    [MOC] The streets of Barqa

    beautifully lit and well built, and yes fits Kaliphlin to a T
  23. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Three years of peace. I, Raxus Waythe, Judge of the Wastelands, had grown relaxed on the food and ale of my newfound position and the incredible peace relatively small acts of brutality had brought me. I admit I was beginning to wonder about starting to wander farther afield if for no other reason than to let my name roll off the tongues of increasing royal speakers. I stood, drinking fine local Varlyrian ale, watching small transactions happen in a sleepy, eastern town. I didnt even recall the name, only that one of my men had invited me thus. The sun was setting, the landscape warm and calm. It was as a poet would tell it, and yet all true. "Judge Waythe" It was a statement, not a question. I turned to see a tall, fair haired man staring at me with sharp eyes boring into my skull. I almost took a step back "Yes?" "its a long way from the Wastelands." "I am a Varlyrian of Noble Stock. I can go where I come and please." "Do not imagine, just because you set some heads on pikes and the governor fears for his own safety, that you are anything other than a wolf, on a leash." It had been dormant so long the wolf reawakening within me took me by surprise. "That may well be, sir, but I would guard your tongue more carefully if you wish to remain you village, let alone your family" For the first time he seemed to back off. "I mean no ill will. I bring a message, from Leifric's Hollow." "Go on" "We should take it inside" We sat at a table, not too far from a roaring fire. I had finished with my ale, and so had the mysterious messenger "You have grown wealthy these last few years, and well. You have had ample time." Once again unease crawled into my mind. "Time for what" The stranger shifted, not with unease I was sure, but something else. Yet I could not figure out what. His eyes twinkled. "You shall see. Arrive in Leifric's Hollow in one fortnight's time." I had little mind to ride so far north, even if it was closer to my outposts than the place I was presently sitting. Leifric's Hollow was practically in the mountains, green though it still was most of the year. Yet I could not help but be intrigued. "And what awaits me at Leifric's Hollow?" "Your fate, of course"
  24. Spader

    La Cospirazione (Story)

    sorry for the very late reply, but absolutely masterful story and build. You tie everything together so excellently, down to the music. I'm blown away and inspired to mount a similar effort