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  1. Nah, you should be fine. To move the ship as a general matter, it's best to remove the top panels, superstructure, and command tower. I can do that in about 30 seconds (although I know my way around the ship pretty well, at this point). You can then pick up and move the remaining parts of the ship (including the frame, bottom panels, and engines) by gripping the stands. You might not be able to get up a ladder like that, but if you need to you can remove the bottom panels and engine section. You could also remove the stands at that point, but there's probably no reason to. Anyway, the frame can easily be carried by one hand and is pretty indestructible. The process of removing or re-attaching the bottom panels and engines might take 10 minutes (for me, at least), but it's something that you might want to get familiar with anyway.
  2. [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    It was great to see this in person at Brickfair, very cool set-up you had there! It definitely seemed to be one of the big hits of the convention. I actually hadn't planned on going because I just moved and am still unpacking, but since I'm local now (DC area) I decided to register at the last second. Got assigned to a back-up table off in the corner because someone took up all the tables in the Star Wars section :) Yeah, that'd be a great addition--looks like a lot of regular 2x2 trans-clear dishes on the outside. I have no idea how they're connected in the center, but my best guess is that a number of the dishes are connected to dishes directly opposite them via trans-clear bars. If you have a bunch of pairs of dishes like that, maybe you could kind of press them together into a rough sphere shape without directly connecting them to each other or with a rubber band. @InthertWhat do you think?
  3. I'd love to encourage you, but honestly a lot of the part count is related to enabling the interior in one way or another, from the complicated and strengthened frame to the system for removing the top panels. I tried to make it a great display model, too, but 15k bricks is an awful lot so I'm not sure someone would be satisfied unless they were really into the interior. Most parts of the ship are visible at some point, so nothing really comes to mind. I did try to avoid expensive bricks as a general rule, though.
  4. No problem! (Although I have a feeling that we're going to need to send out a few more of those emails once more people get further along in their builds) Thanks! I sent you a private message on Eurobricks but I'm not sure if you can read it as a new user. At least for the moment, I'd prefer to keep it to PayPal. I'm not aware of any downsides to purchasers (since it's free and allows you to buy things online without giving people bank info), and if everyone buys through Sellfy/PayPal it makes the process of sending out updates very easy.
  5. Glad to hear it! I use a crew of 21, which leaves it feeling pretty roomy inside. The two pics I took of the crew basically show my "recommended crew." That doesn't count Vader or Thrawn (who make appearances in the pics), though. Since I left the conference room pretty much empty, and since there are seats open in the canteen and barracks, you could easily squeeze in 10 more figs without it feeling too crowded. Also, some quick updates: The Aggressor is currently at Brickfair VA, not sure if anyone is in the area. We also rolled out the first updated version of the instructions (and I have a feeling we're going to be doing some more of that in the not-so-distant future).
  6. My next project is to finally figure out what I'm going to do with the furniture in my living room :P Honestly, LEGO's set 75055 is right around that parts range, and I think it's a great set. It's now overpriced on the secondary market, but you could bricklink most of the parts or just wait for the First Order set, which looks like it's built in pretty much the same way. The instructions are available for free online, just like with other official sets.
  7. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them together. Have you started building at all or are you waiting for that vacation? Thanks, I guess I have considered doing a couple more custom TIEs in that scale but I'm not sure they'll have instructions. I was thinking that it'd add a lot of playability to have a nice TIE Advanced (or prototype) that's capable of landing inside the destroyers. I have to rule out Defenders due to the wing shape, though. Also @bricksmarlin Jeez, that is quite the collection of large Star Wars MOCs, I hope the ISD can live up to them :)
  8. Thanks guys! @caperica Is there anything in particular that you'd use the TIEs for if they were available separately? Just curious, since they're primarily designed to fit in a small space. They do match the Vader's TIE in the Death Star sets pretty well, I suppose. Yeah, space definitely is an issue for me as well. If you decide to go for it, I'd be really interested in seeing a video or at least some pictures comparing the Aggressor and the 10030. I never owned a 10030 myself :(
  9. Thanks! Yeah, I did have to get a new table. The Aggressor is on the same one that the Tyrant used to be on (which the Tyrant actually damaged, due to the stands digging into the wood). And yeah, I'm working on more video showing the Aggressor's features. The TIEs are one of my favorite parts as well. It's also kind of fun that they fit in Tyrant's shuttle bay, so that ship can carry four or more TIEs now. Size-wise, they're definitely smaller than the TIE Advanced Prototype, but I guess they wouldn't look too silly next to it if you pretend that the Prototype is some kind of super TIE (I guess that is what it is, but I think it's supposed to be smaller than a regular TIE in canon). I concur with Legolijntje. Most parts of the ship can be visible at some point, so there's not too much we can do there. A number of pieces could probably be black, lbg, or dbg in color, though--just not, like, red or yellow. In fact, we made some technic parts black in the instructions, but in the built ship they're mostly lbg because that's what I had on hand. Either probably looks fine. I don't think we can do much with this in terms of instructions, but if someone is trying to use a lot of parts from their own collection, they could probably make some substitutions along the way. I also agree that more colors would make things less error prone. Some sections of the instructions (which I think are the best they can be) do involve large images of a mostly monochromatic panel, etc., and you have to place a few monochromatic pieces on it. There are a lot of helpful arrows and circles and hints spread throughout, but any builder will definitely have to be careful and take their time.
  10. Lego Star Wars MOC Pelta-Class Frigate

    Oh jeez, I've liked your other MOCs but I think this one might be my favorite. I'd love to own that thing.
  11. Video if anyone's curious how the ISD Tyrant opens up

    When I clicked on this, I was kind of expecting a question about how the Aggressor opens up. But yeah, that certainly is. It's just the 9492 with different wings/solar panels.
  12. I dunno, I just moved to a nicer apartment, so I'm kind of settling in at the moment--gotta figure out how my living room should look, where to put all the LEGO stuff, etc. After that, to the disappointment of Star Wars fans I'm sure, I have some very preliminary ideas for building a steampunk airship or a particular courthouse in upstate NY. I have put some thought into a playable Mon Cal, too, but that'd be a really big project--don't want to get into something like that just yet. I may squeeze in some derivative projects (a la the Plus Size AT-AT) or set mods, too, but no current plans. Glad you think so :) And similarly, if 10030 had been cheaper on the secondary market, I probably would have bought that rather than starting my own Star Destroyers.
  13. Thanks again, guys! Ha, I really hope you do. And I second what Legolijntje said--any questions, just ask. I definitely expected this question :) Unfortunately, the model is built from the ground up with accommodating an interior in mind, so the internal structure is very robust and different from the 10030. In order to shave a significant amount off the piece count, I think a major redesign of the basic structure (or adopting the basic structure of the 10030 or similar builds) would be necessary. Also, if it was a display-only model, I'd probably have done some things differently with the exterior. Thanks! The reference material that I used most is a little Micro Machines Star Destroyer toy (I dunno if you guys have Micro Machines, but it's basically just a few-centimeter-long plastic Star Destroyer). It's nice to have a 3D reference that you can just flip around in your hands. I also looked at a few pics of the studio models, but I wasn't all that concerned with being strictly accurate. I usually look at the reference to get the general idea, then just build whatever. Some of the proportions are definitely dictated by other considerations, as well. For example, the hangar bay is enlarged cause the TIES gotta fit through there. The overall shape of the body of the ship also has a little more depth, which helps accommodate the interior and also helps things fit together without visible seams. Regarding the part count, yeah, it's tough to estimate. As Legolijntje can tell you, my original estimate was 8k when I asked him to do the instructions. But the computer don't lie, so I was way off apparently. A lot of the parts did go into the different frame and interior, I think, but tiles also add a lot, too. Where the 10030 might have an exposed 6x12 or some other large plate, you can easily turn one piece into ten with tiles and greebling.
  14. Thanks all! Heh, not really, sorry :) I've revised my part-count estimate for the big one to 35k, and a model with "only" 15k pieces presented more than enough challenges, I think. It remains to be seen, but at this point I think so. Most of the pieces are pretty ordinary, and none of the rare pieces from the 10030 were used. There are a ton of tiles, large plates, and technic beams, though, so who knows.
  15. I'm pretty sure you could use the frame as a self-defense weapon, if necessary. It's solid lol.