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  1. It's pretty easy to remove the bottom panels, since you can remove the pins with a small screwdriver when the ship is lying flat on the ground. It's putting the panels on that's a lot trickier.
  2. One builder did that on his own and posted it in spreadsheet format. It's in the comments section on the rebrickable page. I haven't checked through it myself, though. Thanks! Try to keep that positive attitude going when you're like 9k bricks in and the next book is telling you to build yet another section of panels :P
  3. Looks great, and seems very accurate for the scale. I may have to reverse-engineer one for myself!
  4. Yeah, the choice between webbed trans light blue and webbed dbg dishes was a close one. And if the non-webbed trans light blue dishes were cheaper, I'd have probably gone with that. I just can't stand paying $30 (or whatever it is) for a single, used piece. @Schneeds Btw, how's your build going?
  5. Yeah, if he's on the central walkway portion, like in the original pics (shown below). Although if you try to put him nearer to the outer edge of the bridge, then no. You can see it's sort of a split-level design. The conference room sits mostly above the lower section of level 2, leaving some empty space above the walkway.
  6. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    @H_Solo That's a good looking mod to the feet. A lot of people have suggested modding them, but I think this may be the first time I've seen it done. I've thought about doing something similar, i.e., inserting one brick in between the macaroni bricks and using an 8x8 dish, but the price of those 8x8 lbg dishes is fairly annoying. Also, I'd want to increase the size of the ankles above them somehow, and that presents its own issues. Anyway, thanks for sharing! @Kozikyo86 Good luck on your gorilla walker, looks like a decent start to me. Sounds interesting, any precedent for that in the universe?
  7. Good pics nonetheless. Ya'll need to get some minifigs, tho! Not so simple answer: Yes, it's an Imperial class. But Lucasfilm used two different models for the Star Destroyer in the original trilogy, one was the Devastator in Ep. IV, and then they had a newer, larger model for Ep. V. They kept randomly using the Devastator model in some scenes in the later two movies, as well (with some modifications, suggesting to me that the use of the Devastator model wasn't really intended to be a different class of ship). Anyway, the differences in the two models were retconnned into the Imperial-I class (Ep. IV) and the Imperial-II class (most ISDs in Ep. V-VI). Rogue One intentionally based their CGI ISDs on the Devastator (Imperial-I) model. I think the Aggressor draws more from the Imperial-II class, but I wouldn't say it strictly can only be that.The easiest to spot differences between the Imperial-I class and the Imperial-II are the main turrets, main engines, and the sensor array on top of the bridge. The Imperial-I also is less greebled. Aggressor's greebles aren't movie-accurate to either version (it's a LEGO model, after all), and it's turrets are oversized anyway, so they could be viewed as being similar to a Imperial-I. And I'd think you could easily modify the sensor array and engines, if you so wanted. Long story short, the Aggressor is intended to be a fairly generic Imperial Star Destroyer, and I think if you changed the sensor array on top of the bridge it could probably pass for either sub-type. Also, for the record, the name "Aggressor" doesn't really mean anything--that's just what i named mine. There are at least four ships in the EU with that name, so it's just a very generic bad-guy name. The instruction books just say "ISD" on them.
  8. Ah, I didn't even see those additional pics in the gallery, cool! Thanks, glad you like it :) Yeah, I like my MOCs to still be toys in addition to being display models. Also, I'm sure your English is way better than my French, but when you say "drawing" are you referring to the overall design or internal structure? Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the first issue, we could add a text note in the instructions explaining that, similar to how we did with the top panels. Regarding the second issue, @Sheharanas well, that's a known issue that I've been meaning to investigate to see what exactly should be done. Another builder said the problem was that certain pins (the flick missiles) make it difficult to place that floor section. Anyway, I expect to address it at some point. Regarding placement of the command tower and the forward superstructure, all that's kind of "working as intended" at the moment. I decided to go for seamless fits between the sections, so there's a lot of stuff those modules can get caught on, etc. However, I may at some point try to correct the fact that that you have to depress the top panels slightly with your fingers to place the command tower (at least, that's what I do--otherwise, the command tower tends to come loose from the rails). I may also try to replace those rails entirely with something made of technic. Additionally, I've definitely thought about adding more pictures or text notes regarding handling and placing certain modules, including that little forward section of superstructure. The best way to place it (which currently isn't reflected in the text note), I believe, is to place the bottom part first. Then lift up the main superstructure section a little and place the little roof section. In some pictures of other completed builds, I've noticed that people haven't been getting the ideal fit on that section. BTW @Sheharan, glad you also completed the build! Any pics you wanna share? EDIT: Also, if anyone makes a UCS sticker and wants to share it, let me know. I'd be happy to put it on the rebrickable page, I just haven't made one myself.
  9. Very nice pics, looks like you have your good camera again! So now that you're done, any lingering questions I can answer? Any constructive (heh) criticism? Also, how confident are you that you'll be able to repair or transport the ship if you need to? Would you be able to remove all the individual modules, then reassemble them from memory? Just curious. Interesting, so do they need to be watered, or are they like preserved in plastic or something? Btw, there's now a "fan photos" tab on rebrickable to share pics, if you want to upload any of your pictures there it'd be appreciated.
  10. Thanks, always was curious about that. Also, what are those squares of greenery on the wall? They look interesting. If you look, you'll find a reverse-engineered version with instructions out there. Don't believe it has an interior, though. Anyway, no plans currently, but I may redesign that ship eventually. The frame would need to be better thought out in a few ways.
  11. @bricksmarlin Btw, can you hook us up with some comparison shots with your 10030? Believe it or not, I've never seen a 10030 in person, so I'd be really interested in that.
  12. He said "along the way," so we already have :) He started his build more than a month ago, so we incorporated a lot of his and other builders' feedback into the previous updates to the instructions. At this point, the to-do list for the next update consists of fairly minor clarity issues, so I'm holding off for now to let more feedback come in and to avoid spamming people's inboxes.
  13. @Hunter003 Heh, I still think you'll be fine if you bring individual finished modules up or down the ladder. I just get some amusement out of how heavy the thing is when fully assembled--I think your visions would come true if you attempted to get up the ladder with it like that. It's like there's an actual brick hiding somewhere inside. Yep, that's how it's intended to be moved, generally. So the SNOT-attached slopes on the main stand actually have a functional purpose--without them, the sharp corners of the bricks are really unpleasant.
  14. Yep Cool, I'm glad you're pleased with it :) Looks like you got everything to fit together well. Another builder just posted pics of his on reddit, so I believe there now are four of these ships in the wild (not counting the original), all of them completed this past weekend. Now I can breathe easier knowing that it's actually possible to follow the instructions to a satisfying conclusion. Haha, ask @bricksmarlin what moving it is like.
  15. Awesome, so glad you were able to get the bottom panels on. Looks like you have a pretty intuitive grasp of how all the modules fit together. One part of the engine section doesn't seem to be fitting quite right, though, might wanna recheck the part built at page 40 of book 4 :)