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  1. Raskolnikov

    moc [MOC] Home One Briefing Room

    Looks great! I'll be curious to see what you do with the bridge... I have to come up with some kind of miniature version, soon. Are there any better hairpieces out there for Mon Mothma's hair? Someone mentioned that a Sabine hairpiece in brown would work great, and I was holding out hope for that.
  2. @Midlife-crisisYes, actually, 24309 is preferable for 48 of them at least. All the ones on the engines could be replaced. I don't believe that part was out yet, or at least not widely available, during the original construction.
  3. Raskolnikov

    Did Cloud City underwhelm creators?

    I put some thought into adding an exterior, but concluded it'd take a lot of effort. Just wasn't looking for another major project.
  4. Sure, no plans for instructions, but who knows. Still a little early to be thinking about that, since I'm not sure the moc will even work. Current plan is to base the design on Home One. But it'll probably be named something else, so it'd just be a generic ship of the same class. Mon Cal ships are all supposed to be sightly different, anyway, so that'd account for some of the inaccuracies. I don't subscribe to that viewpoint that Home One was supposed to be 4k meters long or whatever, so I'll be assuming a length of around 1300 meters per the current canon. The goal then would be a ship somewhere between 45 and 55 inches long, very roughly to scale with the Tyrant or VSD version of the Aggressor. Anyway, lot of hurdles still to confront. Here's a WIP pic showing a mock-up of some of the hull, not close to final. I'd like to do gray mixing, but unfortunately there are almost no curved slopes in the old grays. It's very slow going, as I have to put some serious thought into what pieces I'm going to use to make some of the front cone/curve-shapes before I lock in the overall shape of the hull--i.e., lots of rebuilds are probably in store. And yes, interiors are mandatory.
  5. Hrm, it sounds like it for those particular pieces, but for the most part the build avoids unusually expensive pieces. There are a lot parts that might cost $1 or so on Bricklink (e.g., 1x16 technic bricks, large plates) but in my experience LEGO tends to charge a lot for those as well. So in general, I suspect you're best off with Bricklink. Also, buying used can save a lot of money--I'd recommend getting new tiles so the exterior gleams, but many plates under those tiles are covered up. Honestly, I had no idea those half cylinders were so expensive. I still have a bunch spare, and I'd be shocked if I paid more than $1 each. Maybe the Aggressor has impacted the prices?
  6. Simplicity, mostly. If the dome were attached to the frame, you'd probably have some gaps between the dome and the bottom panels. I also wanted the curvature and details of the dome to be noticeable/look good from the side, since it's one of the only interesting things on the bottom of the ship. If you used the same large curved pieces and attached them to the frame, the dome would appear a lot more shallow. Other options would be a 10x10 dish (which would be way too shallow for the rest of the Aggressor's proportions, imo) or one of those Death Stars the Tyrant uses for engines (might work...or might be too curved/out of place, and gaps between dome and panels would probably be a significant issue--I dunno). @Evergreen Thanks, looks good! Unfortunately, my own Aggressor is a VSD now, heh. @HamdenKidThanks!
  7. @caperica Yeah, there's a bit of a gap, unfortunately. It's not too noticeable when the ship is upright and together, as you'll rarely see it from the bottom at that point. Should look like the pic below. @MrMarvin From what I've heard, $1600 seems like the typical total. But if you go to the rebrickable page, there's a "buy parts" tab that could give you more info on what particular bricklink stores are selling for. It may take a while to load, due to the number of parts. The first few stores will be overpriced, but if you scroll down there's ones with over 70% of the parts for around $1000.
  8. I remember getting into this after the 2014 set came out. Here are a few of the custom figs I had come up with. Seems that great minds think alike, as my version of Kabe is basically identical to what you guys suggested. I thought he needed a friendlier face with an upturned nose, though, so I took that from some ape figure. I also used the Ithorian and Talz figs that OP included in his Cantina, but didn't include them in the pic. On seeing your suggestions, I definitely need to update Dr. Evezan's hairpiece with one of the new Tarkin hairpieces, which weren't available at the time. I may also change the head, but I think I like my torso on Dr. Evazan better. I may keep the cartoon show head on the smoking man, though--not sure it's accurate, but it conveys his vague creepiness. Also, when I was doing this I repeatedly consulted this website, which apparently is still around: http://cantinacustoms.tripod.com/id18.htm You guys may find it helpful.
  9. @krisandkris12 Thanks, we have those in the states, too, I should probably check it out. My current display solutions are not ideal. No worries, I'd definitely encourage customization. I've been planning on swapping the conference room in mine as well, since it's not really serving in a command ship role. That's one of the reasons the interior of that room can be removed as a separate module if you pull out a couple pins. @phaelon Thanks! Yeah Caperica is right that the ships aren't LDD friendly, so they've never been built in LDD so far as I know. I don't think the illegal techniques put any undue stress on the pieces, though. Anyway, hope you enjoy them! @JarJarBonks Yeah, that sounds decent from what I know of Australian prices, but I'm far from an expert. It probably comes down to how much you value the interior, and how much space you have, as the SSD is a large, display-oriented build.
  10. Agreed. I never understood why the label's important--but evidently it is to a lot of collectors. I'm hoping this will help manage expectations and keep the community positive.
  11. @caperica Thanks! Being on camera isn't exactly my thing, but Beyond the Brick did a great job. Camera work was definitely top notch. Anyway, should be some more Aggressors and Constrictors out in the wild soon, since the video seemed to have a pretty positive impact on views/sales. As for the victory mods, yes, I've thought about doing that. Just had a very busy time at work, and then I got a puppy that I ride an elevator 17 stories down to take outside every couple hours. So haven't been doing much LEGO recently. Also, if you can complete the Aggressor, you can probably reverse engineer the victory mods if you put your mind to it. The only critical ones are the winglets and the bridge module. The bridge is made basically the same as the bridge in the instructions, just with different greebling/shaping on the front, and steeper angled slopes on the back. The winglets present a bit of a challenge in terms of instructions, and are one of the reasons why I haven't really worked on this yet. They can be done very simply if you just want to slap some plates on the ship. Don't really need instructions for that. But the version of the winglets shown in the Beyond the Brick video, with embedded hinges etc., is more complex and requires alterations to all the main exterior panels. Anyway, it's certainly doable to generate new panel instructions, just would be a hassle. We'll see. @Hunter003 Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for all the progress pics! I look forward to seeing lights in it. Also, are those low white tables standard issue in Europe? I swear I've seen those same tables holding up a bunch of other UCS collections, heh.
  12. Raskolnikov

    Constrictor II - Imperial Interdictor (w Instructions)

    @Phoib Awesome, hope you enjoyed it, and glad the video helped. And yeah, it can be a bit tough to see the pins. I also don't actually turn the Constrictor vertical to attach the bottom panels, I just hold them under the ship. The main takeaway from the vid is just that it helps a lot to carefully orient the pins, then use some kind of tool. The Aggressor goes vertical for panel attachment because the larger panels flex so much when held horizontally, making it really hard to push in the pins (although at least one builder did it horizontally using pillows for bracing, if I remember correctly). @Kehtooni I'll check on pages 90 and 97, but it's looking as intended to me. It's normal for there to be a bit of resistance fitting those walls into place---which isn't something you'd run into in an official set, but they should fit with just a smidgen of force. I'll also check on that hinge near the front, although it also looks OK to me. The one you added does seem to fit pretty well, though, so it could be a good idea to strengthen it.
  13. Raskolnikov

    Constrictor II - Imperial Interdictor (w Instructions)

    If you find the tiles, let me know. I'll look as well. The Constrictor's been built a few times, but we're definitely interested in that kind of feedback. On the bottom panels, I'm guessing you didn't start with the Aggressor? It's probably much more headache-inducing in that regard :) Either way, I'd just recommend giving it another go, using a screwdriver preferably. I don't have a video for the Constrictor panels, but the Aggressor bottom panel video may help illustrate how to use a screwdriver to push in those pins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roItWo6iRhk&feature=youtu.be
  14. Raskolnikov

    Constrictor II - Imperial Interdictor (w Instructions)

    @PhoibAh, good catch! Yeah, you can just swap that jumper with the 1x2 tile next to it.
  15. Raskolnikov

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Heh, looks like you managed to nab the bridge off Jerac's Chimaera. I'd love to see the Tyrant's interior combined with the Chimaera's exterior...so long as I don't have to be involved in transporting it anywhere :)