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  1. Hello didumos. I know the amount is a bit older. But I have something to add. DSC_0396-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr First, I tried to build the Mini Porsche in white. By slightly different arrangement of the parts by chance, a transformation model was created .... DSC_0398-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0397-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0402-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr The other black Porsche, was created at the request of a friend. it is to represent the Porsche of "Hank Moody" from the series "Californication". DSC_0401-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0400-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr Best Regards
  2. Hello. It is connected to the test both. I am afraid that it may be too heavy overall. I also had to extend the stern with a stud. Now the front must be added and the interior. I will probably omit the powered fake engine.
  3. @Didumos69 Mal sehen, wie ich es mache ... wenn es dir nichts ausmacht, werde ich vielleicht eine ganz andere Karosserie bauen. Oder die Karosserie des Hammerhead ...
  4. Hello. It is not changed too much. I will use some pictures. maybe you can understand it. Unfortunately, there are problems with the engine cover. DSC_0336 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0340 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0339 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0338 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0337 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr Thanks, I did not have enough of the other shock absorbers. The steering arm is actually quite stable, but I have used an illegal part .... DSC_0330 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0341 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr
  5. Hello. I am currently building the model. Could the handlebars in the picture also work? Instead of the 1 x 6 plate construction? DSC_0330 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0331 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr
  6. metulskie8

    Suzuki Vitara Instructions

    Hello. A beautiful model, very close to the original. Is cassis as the fiat panda 4x4 structured?
  7. Hello to all who have this set already. There with you also visible color differences of Lime parts? I find this very annoying.
  8. metulskie8

    [PORSCHE] Porsche 914

    Super... my favorite Porsche from Lego Technic. I'm very excited.
  9. Very nice Dokludi. I am happy times to see again a class model from you. You should win the competition ;-)
  10. Hello everyone Here is an attempt to build a Porsche Spyder. Basis is still the 42056, although it has been modified and rebuilt, approximately 76.5% :wink: The panels are painted ... I think I need to revise still a lot. But everything then after my vacation ... I hope you like the first attempt.
  11. metulskie8

    [MOD] Full Rc 42048 Race Kart White TE045

    Hello.. The Instruction is online...
  12. my neighbor is a varnisher Your Porsche looks the way from very good ... I still have no