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  1. Thank you for this beautiful building and the free instructions. Here is my interpretation in wintry white. I had to swap a few parts and I'm not a fan of flex axles. But that doesn't detract from the beauty ... Behind my F-150 interpretation also almost in white but not finished yet.
  2. Hi, I tried to build a front in the style of the blue prototype, what do you think?
  3. Thanks for the test and the video. Are you sure now whether the part will be delivered soon?
  4. Full Album Enjoy watching...
  5. Hello, here is another update. A tailor-made camping attachment for the 4x4 pickup truck, unfortunately it has to stay at home at the moment because you can no longer travel ...
  6. A very beautiful building, I love these clear, angular shapes ...
  7. I can't laugh anymore ... but I think the escort is too small ...
  8. Thank you very much. That's true with the fenders, but it doesn't look nice when the wheels are tighter. Many thanks. But I am not a friend of Flex axles at all, I take them very, very rarely .... Thanks... Yes, the tires are the best, I have been waiting for that for a long time. Thank you very much But please. The battery shouldn't be bigger ...
  9. Hi there . After I had built the Madoca Monster truck in white with a rainbow gradient last year, Full Album in January I wondered what the original looked like before it was transformed into a Moster truck. After a long build with a completely new chassis and adapted body, there was a 4x4 pickup truck on my desk with, 2x L motor for driving, 1x servo for steering, LED headlights, Lego battery and Sbrick control. Full Allbum Something didn't quite fit me and I could imagine the vehicle with 1 1/2 cab better. That was just a small structural change but I think it had a great visual impact. Everything else has remained the same ... Full Album I now like this body shape so much that I absolutely had to build a station wagon with this look. This time I used the Powered Up control with 3x L motor and the new LED. The chassis was completely rebuilt again and this time only has rear-wheel drive. Full Album Enjoy watching...
  10. Hello Madoca. Thank you for your building instructions for this wonderful model. Also for inspiration for the color gradient on the page. The rainbow fits the white vehicle better.
  11. Hello didumos. I know the amount is a bit older. But I have something to add. DSC_0396-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr First, I tried to build the Mini Porsche in white. By slightly different arrangement of the parts by chance, a transformation model was created .... DSC_0398-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0397-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0402-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr The other black Porsche, was created at the request of a friend. it is to represent the Porsche of "Hank Moody" from the series "Californication". DSC_0401-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr DSC_0400-01 by Tilo Endler, auf Flickr Best Regards
  12. Hello. It is connected to the test both. I am afraid that it may be too heavy overall. I also had to extend the stern with a stud. Now the front must be added and the interior. I will probably omit the powered fake engine.