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    The Vehicles

    Edit by Hinckley: I've changed the title of your topic. Please read the Site Guidelines as ZCerberus has detailed in the first replay, thank you. I've submitted a project on I would like to share it to you in this post. I am sorry if I post this at the wrong place in this forum. I need your help to reach 10K supports. My first goal is 100 supporters, so my project won't expire. After I reach 100, I have to reach 1K then 5K and finally 10K. What project is it? It's entitled 'The Vehicles'. Here, we have a Cement Mixer, a Recycle Truck, and a Tractor. First is the tractor. The tractor has a white color (which is unusual, actually...). What we can highlight from this vehicle is the two big back wheels and small wheels in the front. I combined the studs with the tire to create the back wheels. To make the small wheels, I use the studs and the part no. 4081. To add an exhaust detail on the tractor, I placed a stud in front of the cockpit screen (which was the transparent small sloped 1x1 brick). Second is the recycle truck. The recycle truck has a green color (I chose this color because green is the color of nature). I added the part no. 2432 at the back of the vehicle as the entrance for the trash. I also added a siren bulb at the top of the vehicle which was inspired by the The LEGO(R) Movie set - Trash Chomper. I combined studs and tires to make the wheels, just like the tractor. Third is the cement mixer. Because this is a construction vehicle, I used many Yellow parts to create this vehicle. Well, I used some grey parts to build the mixer. To pour the mixed cement, I added a part no. 4081 and a cone part and place it on the mixer. You can check it at: I appreciate every support for my project! Thanks!
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    Hi, my name is Moses. I am from Indonesia. I am happy to introduce myself as a LEGO Fan. I do many things with my bricks like creating a brickfilm, submitting ideas on, participate on, and of course, building a lot of MOCs! My favourite theme? I love LEGO City and LEGO Creator.. ...but basically, I love every LEGO themes!