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  1. thetang22

    Future Castle Sets?

    LEGO is the largest toy maker in the world. They have major influence in what kids play with simply by dictating what is offered. I fully realize that isn’t the only factor...but it does play a part. If LEGO created a fun Castle line, along with the increasing amount of fantasy content that’s regaining relevance in media these days, it would certainly work in favor of Castle being a theme worth having. But as long as Lego is unwilling to take a risk on something like that, it’s only going to keep people thinking Castle is irrelevant to LEGO.
  2. thetang22

    Future Castle Sets?

    I still think a licensed Legend of Zelda theme would do phenomenally.
  3. "How do people feel about these products?" is a question that might need more specification in the Eurobrick community. It could have several different angles: - how is the quality? - how is the perceived value for what you get? - how do you feel about mixing non-Lego products with Lego products? I find the quality of Brick Warriors to be nice. Value-wise, some of their products are good value, but they seem to be getting more and more expensive with their newer releases. I especially find most of their themed character packs to be too expensive for my tastes. I could buy several unique minifigs that I dont have from Bricklink for the same price as 1 themed character pack from Brick Warriors. The Brick Warriors packs do come with several accessories for that higher price, but it's not enough to justify the much higher price in my eyes. I don't have any reservations about mixing Lego and non-Lego. I do know there are people here who feel differently, though.
  4. thetang22

    [MOC]Atlan's Throne

    Gotcha. I don't know if that was always there or if you added it in response, but it is such a small and subtle line of text right below the focal point of the thread that it was easily overlooked if so. the design looks nice
  5. thetang22

    [MOC]Atlan's Throne

    It looks like it's probably neat...but the image is so dark it's hard to appreciate the detail of the build. I understand you've tried to go for a "mood-setting" image, inspired by the movie, but it came at the sacrifice of visual detail. It would be much better if you offered a regular lighting photo in addition to the dark one, but the dark one alone is simply tough to see what's going on by itself.
  6. thetang22

    Future Castle Sets?

    It’s kinda funny all the talk of needed “play features” that are discussed these days. I seem to remember my play features were 2 minifigures with swords...and having a sword fight on a building or in front of said building was a blast as a kid. Sure, there were some of the other types of play features mentioned above...but they didn’t seem so “required” because simply having minifigures with weapons was action enough for me and my childhood imagination. Times change I suppose.
  7. thetang22

    Legions of the Damned

    I like it. I rarely enjoy brick built creatures, but these ones work for me.
  8. thetang22

    Gift MOC: Wizard And His Friends

    Looks like it could be an actual vintage set. I hope he likes it :)
  9. This seemed a strange comment to me, so I decided to look up the definition of "history" from several different sources online. I didn't find a single one stating that "history" was only since things have been written. They all seem to be some variation of: - the whole series of past events - the study of the whole series of past events
  10. I agree. It's really easy to walk right past the Lego aisle at the store these days, because it feels like it's just one licensed media franchise after the next...which does very little for my excitement. It doesn't make me feel inspired to build or just makes me silently groan in disappointment.
  11. thetang22

    Hello darkness my old friend

    @SirBlake - you seem to have said some words that resonate with how many of us are feeling. Basically anything for me that is interesting with Legos over the past few years has been older sets. Like many - they just aren't doing much to satisfy my interests, mainly due to WAY too many lisenced themes, and whacky in-house experiments (like Nexo/Chima). I still linger here, but there isn't much to talk about these days. I hope you find other things to keep you entertained until Lego decides to take us back to a proper medieval LegoLand. See you when that happens! I know this question wasn't for me, but I'll offer some perspective. To me, Harry Potter isn't "Castle" so much as it is a modern fantasy theme with some castle-influences. The theme may have some nice things in it...but for someone like me - I don't buy sets because they have a few useful/unique pieces (Bricklink is much more sensible to me for those types of needs). Rather, I buy sets when I feel the majority of the set could feel "at home" amongst all my existing Castle collection. And until a full-fledged "medieval/fantasy" theme comes back around, there just isn't anything Lego sets are offering me directly. Even the CMF line has been getting lisence-ified over the past couple years, to the point that you can rarely find a good Castle-inspired figure.
  12. thetang22

    Forestmen's River Fortress Redux 2017

    Thanks for linking from the Black Falcon thread! Another fun recreation of a classic :)
  13. thetang22

    Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined

    Actually - the Castle I was referring to (6086) is on the first page of the link you posted about Updating the classics :)
  14. thetang22

    Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined

    I have....but only over time. Sorry, but I don't collect the links when I see them...only know that I've seen them here on the rare occasion over the years. I remember seeing a nice version of 6086 Black Knights castle that had been updated in the last year or 2.