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  1. Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined

    Actually - the Castle I was referring to (6086) is on the first page of the link you posted about Updating the classics :)
  2. Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined

    I have....but only over time. Sorry, but I don't collect the links when I see them...only know that I've seen them here on the rare occasion over the years. I remember seeing a nice version of 6086 Black Knights castle that had been updated in the last year or 2.
  3. Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined

    I really enjoy modern re-imaginations of classic sets. This is a great example of such.
  4. Future Castle Sets?

    This gave me a good chuckle :)
  5. Future Castle Sets?

    But that's just the thing - for many classic Castle fans, the examples you mentioned aren't throwing us a bone (LotR may be the exception). Simply making some sort of castle doesn't necessarily scratch that itch for some people. For a good deal of Castle fans, it's about the factions along with the structures. Minifigures, and new heraldry to make that castle feel like it belongs with the classic Castle universe. Just being given a random castle that might be part of another theme isn't necessarily going to make Castle fans get excited. In all honesty, it can almost come off as a negative, as it could be seen as Lego not understanding the Castle fans, and thinking Hogwarts or Disney Castle will appease them in the absence of a real "Castle" set.
  6. Future Castle Sets?

    For people who talk of buying sets specifically for it really that efficient to do so? Ive looked at this myself, versus something like Bricklink, and it seems ungodly expensive to buy full sets for parts, when you can usually get exactly what you need from a place like Bricklink for considerably cheaper. i know some people will say things like wanting to support the Lego brand, but the reality is they are doing VERY well with or without your support. As has been said many times before - AFOLs make up a supposed small % of the audience. i suppose I'm more interested in supporting my own wallet than a company that isn't hurting financially in the slightest....and using places like Bricklink seems so much more efficient than buying sets for pieces (with some exceptions). Thats why I am confused by people who buy sets for general parts collecting, instead of appreciating the set itself.
  7. Future Castle Sets?

    I'd say what makes Castle truly "castle" for many AFOLs is the presence of factions in a way that is familiar to those we grew up with. Sure, we don't need the exact factions (while that would be awesome), but we want something that feels like it fits in with our existing collections from years back. When I buy a set, that set (or even theme as a whole) doesn't exist in a vaccuum - it will join my existing collection to expand on my overall Lego Castle realm, so to speak. If a set doesn't include Minifigures, then I have to ask if the building feels appropriate within my overall collection. A lot of the offerings from other themes like Nexo and Minecraft are simply too stylistically different to have any place within my overall collection. Elves can to some degree, but the Minidolls definitely don't. That said, what I really look for is a theme that offers both main selling points for me: new minifigs that feel appropriate within my existing collection, as well as structures that do as well. If they don't offer one or the other (preferably both in a new theme), then that theme just doesn't have much value for me. I hated the buildings and good guys in Nexo, but felt some of the fantasy villains offered something positive. The problem was that they always came in sets with a bunch of extra junk that just didnt show value for me (junk that helped inflate the price), so it kept me from buying those sets.
  8. What makes Skyrim popular? I'd say its due to the Elder Scrolls series being known as the big medieval sandbox series, where they give you pretty extensive flexibility to play the game however you want. (Sounds a bit like what Legos are supposed to be). Beyond that, the series has encouraged mod support almost more than any other well-known game, which is huge for its popularity. (Hmm, doing player mods also sounds suspiciously close to what Lego encourages). In regards to the NK app, saying its between 10-50 million downloads....come on - that is a MASSIVE range, with drastically different implications on each end. That's like describing a suspect to a police officer and saying "well, he was between 5ft and 9ft tall." Beyond that, the app is free, isn't it? There is no investment anyone can check it out whether they care all that much or not.
  9. Video games are a GREAT indicator that medieval settings are still relevant in 2017-2018. I've been playing video games since the mid-80's...and games in medieval settings have always been pretty popular. Sure, these days Call of Duty type games reign supreme, but that doesn't mean medieval/fantasy don't also find notable success. Heck - look at Skyrim. It is one of the best selling games of the past decade, and it is a fantasy setting. And it still sells respectably after 6-7 years. Medieval/Fantasy games have always had a healthy following in the video game market...and as such, should be reason enough to have confidence that the same genre should be viable with Lego. They simply need to put creative efforts into it that don't result in the staleness of Castle 2013, or the bizarre'ness of Nexo. There are countless ways to do something new and compelling within the classic castle genre. Lego just chooses not to, but rather goes with TOO different, or the same 'ole, same 'ole.
  10. I don't think it is either. It will come back, but in the meantime, we have to tolerate Nexo. We have a limited time on this earth, and an even more limited time in which we are "in" to Legos. I don't like that during this time, I'm presented with new blah stuff such as Nexo, when themes such as Fantasy Era were alive and kicking when I was in my dark ages. (yes, yes...I know I can still collect out of print sets, but we all know it just isn't the same as being part of the excitement of a new theme that is actually compelling). And again - to the comment about the sales dropping -> there's some rational reasoning (mentioned in above posts) why sales dropping very well could have been Legos own fault, and should not necessarily be used as a definitive gauge about the potential financial success of a theme.
  11. I'm not in a place at the moment to be able to source this, but I'm almost positive Lego has said that Nexo IS the current "castle" which the logical conclusion would be that yes, it is taking the place of a more traditional castle iteration.
  12. To take it a step further, there's a lot of rationale that could be applied to why previous Castle lines might have faltered from a sales perspective, from competing with similar concurrent lines (LotR/Hobbit), as well as a Castle iteration that felt uninspired (2013 Castle). When you figure in those sorts of things, Lego wasn't exactly doing the Castle brand any favors with the set of circumstances they put the traditional theme in.
  13. Medieval Brick Built Weapons

    Warhammers are pretty common to see made from more than a single mold. There are also varieties of axes that use different blades that need placed onto a pole. Is this the sort of thing you are talking about, or are you looking for some out-of-the-box type weapon? If it's the out-of-the-box idea...I've got nothing at the moment.
  14. Kingdoms & Castles Starter Keep

    I have that game, and your builds definitely look familiar to the game....good job. The weird thing - I found the game really addictive (as you mentioned) for about 2 days, then felt like I hit the ceiling for what the game offered. It went from quite addictive to "eh, I'll probably be ok never playing that again" in a very short period of time. Not many games do that for me.
  15. Lol - that actually went through my mind: "he has stubble, whereas the other is clean naturally they intend the stubble-wearer to be the bad guy".