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  1. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] Bulleid austerity Q1 0-6-0

    Thanks man. If you need any assistance with yours, just let me know.
  2. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    Oh, I saw that and thought it was light grey. Must just be the lighting. Or my eyes suck. Probably the latter.
  3. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    Do you (or anyone) have an opinion on whether LBG or DBG is more representative of that grey? I am on the fence: I mean, I *think* DBG is closer?
  4. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    Thank you. I am at least considering building it IRL, and have given some consideration to actually doing it in DM&IR colors. I have an email out with the DM&IR historical society asking if these engines were ever painted in the road's attractive grey scheme. Some modelers have gone ahead and done it that way...: ... and I think it looks really, really, really sharp like that. However, if it never actually wore that scheme, I'll stick with mostly black.
  5. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most complicated thing I have ever built in Lego. At first glance, it doesn't look like anything particularly noteworthy... except that the boiler is a full-rotation SNOT (studs up, sides, and bottom); the boiler is 5 wide on top and bottom, yet must still make room for three L PF motors, and transition to an 8-wide cab that is also angled forwards. The cab itself is almost entirely built with studs on the sides, in the process managing to squeeze in all the windows and the inlaid steps up to the door. I made every effort to get the details right to match this locomotive as-built (note: the lone survivor of the class [and it is a miracle that any of these odd birds is still in existence - you can singularly credit that to them lasting in service until 1963 on the DM&IR], #304 [#604 when working in Minnesota and Wisconsin] was significantly altered when she was transferred by U.S. Steel to the midwest following the dieselization of the Union RR in 1949. The booster was removed, and a lot of the in-boiler tubing was pulled to the exterior [via elimination of the jacketing] to ease maintenance headaches. Frankly, I prefer the contrast between the rather clean top half and extremely cluttered area between the boiler and the frame, so that's why I went with the earlier incarnation [ironically enough, it seems as if DM&IR also regretted the changes. With the booster removed, they wound up adding weight to the engine to attempt to compensate]). So what makes this engine unique? The 0-10-2 isn't a decapod that's been flipped backwards. Rather, it is a very modern 2-10-2 with its lead bogie eliminated by the (probably bewildered) draftsmen at Baldwin. Union (and parent U.S. Steel) went with this design because the locomotives were intended for transfer service and short, slow lugging duties, none of which required a forward truck. The most important consideration, however, was that the railroad had no desire to enlarge their existing turn tables (the majority of the rest of the Union's roster was composed of consolidations; tables had remained small). Thus, the easiest and most practical solution was simply to nix the truck and go slow. And, of course, she's just a brute - possibly the most beastly (if, obviously, not largest) locomotive to ever trundle the rails. The word "abomination" comes to mind (what with the high-mounted, puny headlight, stunted tender [with its rear truck pushed as far forwards as possible], and enormous air reservoirs mounted on the hips), except that I think there's something strangely comely about the whole package. I hope to visit the real thing the next time I drive back east. Anyway, here are the photos, first with the modernized loco: 'Clean' classic:
  6. SteamSewnEmpire

    winner of the train award - I'm not agreed

    That sounds like a good idea.
  7. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 2-8-4

    Of the truck? I'll just send you a link to the lxf.
  8. SteamSewnEmpire

    winner of the train award - I'm not agreed

    The only thing that irks me about the model - and it's a truly minor nit - is that the diorama it's built on isn't Lego; it a track piece that's been ballasted and decorated like a real model railroad. IMO, while this doesn't detract from the engine itself, it is kind of lame. If you're going to feature more than track, any scenery should be done in bricks. This isn't enough to disqualify - the locomotive is outstanding, no matter how you choose to photograph it - but I think it should be included in the rules moving forward.
  9. I can take a guess based on motor placement. Thanks.
  10. I'm going to assume that for 10-coupled it's: none-FLANGE-none-FLANGE-none But is that correct for all scenarios (even ones where there is no lead truck)? And what is the best arrangement for 8-coupled? Is it better to lead with the flange? Trail with it? Go FLANGE-none-none-FLANGE...?
  11. SteamSewnEmpire

    winner of the train award - I'm not agreed

    Unfortunately, Lego severely limits us when it comes to steam locomotive parts - IMO, way, way more than they do most other themes. Frankly, I believe these restrictions to be bordering on the absurd - we've had Lego trains chugging around for... what... 40 years now? And we still only have ever seen two sizes of driving wheels produced? That's lame - highly lame, especially when you consider the number of other specialized pieces that have been made (like, for example, buoyant boat hulls, of which there are something like 10+). This is why I almost never complain about people using custom pieces in their trains - because we've been crapped on and ignored by this company for far too long, yet still manage to constitute a sizeable sub-interest of AFOLs. Like, just as another example - why is there only one magnetic coupler offered? And why is this magnetic coupler so limited in supply that you have to virtually break the bank to assemble one train? This is the reason you see so many people using after-market connections between cars - because Lego asks too much, and offers too little. Bully for the community for thinking outside the box, says I.
  12. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 2-8-4

    Here, this is a better solution. It requires a 1x1 bracket piece that I don't have in LDD, but does exist. Otherwise, it's sound.
  13. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 2-8-4

    I just threw something together - I don't think it looks much like the original, to be honest: The problem with those particular trucks is that they have that really visually distinct "two parts" look to them, and I just have no idea how to replicate that in Lego without making them like 9 width. Honestly, were I to build the thing for real, I'd probably give this element another crack and try something different.
  14. SteamSewnEmpire

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    I feel like some of the awards go to the people who are better at promotion - like framing their model properly, rendering, staging, decals, etc. - than to the actual best models (this isn't a universal sentiment - most of the winners were just 'the best' period). It's one of the reasons I don't enter. And that's not to say "haw haw, I'm actually the best but I ABSTAIN." Rather, it's that I just can't compete when it comes to the little details. I design - I don't photoshop (in fact, I can't even render anymore on this PC). And I doubt I'm alone. Besides, the prizes would be of little use to me. I don't own a single Lego locomotive - track wouldn't do a person such as me much good. Grats to the winners. The Hush Hush was particularly nice. That's a really complex shape.
  15. SteamSewnEmpire

    [moc] Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 2-8-4

    Two of my favorite greebling parts :p.