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  1. super high ref engine that has a lot of ware
  2. Sardo

    Teaser (sorry, just can't resist it)

    thats an x wing........
  3. Very very nice review ! this is 1 of the few supercars that offers new and refreshing idieas . i almost felt like being a kid again, when i saw this :thumbup:
  4. Sardo

    [MOC] McLaren F1

    Very nice model! the shape is spot on
  5. Exellent job ! those shiny rims look great in combination with the red and gray body!
  6. Sardo

    Sardo videos?

    thank u very much! means alot from a great builder like u !
  7. Sardo

    Sardo videos?

    hello i posted the lxf file on my mocpages account just search huracan greetz sardo
  8. Sardo

    Sardo videos?

    Hi there i am sardo, im very sry i never ever shoot video,s coz i never took the trouble to learn it .. even my photos are really bad. i could post an lxf file of the huracan its incomplete but gives a 98 percent view of the car Most of the time i just wreck the model and start a new model obsession. currently an apc stryker 8x8 Thx for u interest in my models Greetz sardo..
  9. That actros! is the probably the best sett ever!! kudos to LEGO
  10. I Like it very much !!
  11. Sardo

    Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario

    Very nice! just love the yellow color , easily the best aventador out there
  12. i thought the v2 just could handle more current then the v1 so why bother using the v1 if u have the v2?
  13. Sardo

    Gears, most wanted

    Wow very nice !! gonna get me a few of those great work !
  14. The guys at TLC stil have a few months to tweak some things , mayby thats why it looks so messy
  15. LEGO and Volvo are 2 solid brands it may even b apealing to peopple who never bought a lego set