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    <p> My name is Lucas. I am mostly into the Superheroes theme with Batman being my favorite character. I have a thing for Batmobiles and as such I find real pleasure in recreating them in Lego form. </p>

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  1. Great summary. Only thing missing in the mention of Catwoman also being updated in the DC Super Villains game and personally I think the odds of us getting her in a new Batman centric wave are pretty high.
  2. Really liking that idea :)
  3. I disagree, I think these figures look very good, Ocean Master in particular is a highlight for me. I understand that the lack of leg printing might be disappointing but to be honest Aquaman has always been depicted in comics as having green pants with no obvious details. Ocean Master could have benefited from a bit of armor printing on the side of his legs but it would have been a very minor detail.
  4. Truly an amazing set. The only thing I am disappointed in is the fact that Orm does not have his comic book accurate trident. Can't have everything I guess, at least we got an amazing Ocean Master figure
  5. So the 2nd face for Ocean Master has also been revealed and he does have red eyes with a more neutral mouth. Definitely a fantastic looking figure!
  6. Not really. There is a minifigure called Karai that has the perfect legs for this figure so its just a matter of an easy swap to add a bit of detail :)
  7. Pretty good looking figure I must say. The only thing I dislike are the plain black legs but there are suitable leg pieces available to create a little bit more detail so I am not too bothered by this.
  8. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Arkham Knight Batmobile

    I saw that and was very pleasantly surprised. It is always an honor to get featured on the Brothers Brick
  9. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Arkham Knight Batmobile

    Glad you like them! They were actually the first thing I build After seeing the Batarang piece I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it in my build as it is perfect for this Batmobile, glad you think so to. Thank you very much! Luckily I don't build that often so the chance of missing out on my stuff is relatively small haha Glad to hear you like it so much Currently there are no plans for making instructions for this Batmobile, but never say never Thank you very much, glad to hear you like it so much Thanks! Packing as many details as possible is what makes building at such a relatively small scale so much fun to me. Of course there are always areas that can be improved upon but that is part of the fun as well
  10. I agree the designs from the game are excellent, my personal favorite has to be Malcolm Merlyn though, I'd love to get a figure based on him.
  11. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Arkham Knight Batmobile

    I really love building Batmobiles, I think that anyone who is familiar with my past work is well aware of this. While I have built a lot of Batmobiles there is one that I hadn't done until now; the one from the Arkham Knight video game. There are a few reasons why I did not build this Batmobile earlier; For starters there are no Lego wheels available suitable for this Batmobile. The first step in all my Batmobile and car builds is getting the correct wheels, as soon as I have found one that fits in with the scale, I find that the rest of the car simply follows after. With there being no wheels I had no starting point and as such could for my feeling not build this Batmobile. Secondly I struggled with the Battle Mode aspect of this Batmobile; should I include it or not? Is it even possible to include it at minifigure scale? Ultimately the answer was no. I couldn't come up with a viable way to create a Batmobile that was accurate to the source material, relatively stable and had a battle mode. I must admit that I am not particularly bothered by this as I never really liked the idea of a Batmobile having a Battle Mode. Defensive weapons I can live with but the weapon systems from the game were a bit overkill for my taste. Of course I do understand that they had to put it in the game from a gameplay perspective. Now that you all know the history behind the build and why I waited so long to build it I present to you my custom version of the Arkham Knight Batmobile. As always I tried to keep the model as close to minifigure scale as I could. I also left enough room inside for a Batman figure with cape and cowl to fit inside the cockpit. Lastly there is also another fun feature; while I did not manage to have enough room in the back for a figure to fit in there is a storage compartment with enough room to store quite a few gadgets. Before showing you all the final model I'd like to thank VĂ­ctor M. Nouvilas as his model was a major inspiration for me and you'll probably see a few ques from his model here and there. Definitely check him out on Flickr as he creates some amazing stuff! Here we have a new Knight together with his new ride. Recently Lego gave us an amazing Arkham Knight Batman figure which might have inspired me to create this Batmobile quite a bit. Naturally I had to take an image of this figure with my Arkham Knight Batmobile. Here we have the front of the car. You can see that I added the power winch and that I made use of the new Bat piece that came in the remote controll Batmobile to create the Bat shape at the bottom. Looking at the side profile you can see it is angled slightly just like the real car. I'd like to highlight a detail of the wheels as well; I used the stickers from the Lego Batman Movie Batwing set to add a bit of detail to them as I found the clean black dishes a bit plain. Then we move on to the rear portion of the vehicle. I did my best to recreate the armored look of the rear door and am personally pretty happy with the final result. Sadly while the in-game model has room to transport passengers I was unable to implement this feature in my model as there was simply not enough space inside. I did however manage to implement another feature... that I will highlight below A close-up shot of the front highlighting some details. As you might have been able to see from the other images a Batman figure with cowl and cape does fit inside rather comfortably I might add. I even added a little steering wheel of sorts. And here is the function I teased above; the rear hatch can open to reveal a small storage compartment so the Dark Knight can take a few of his gadgets with him. I hope you all enjoy this latest Batmobile of mine as always feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  12. I would certainly love a new Batman theme but I am not 100% certain what they can do with it. Maybe remake the 2012 first Super Heroes wave? That wave was mostly a remake from the 2006 sets and given that these new sets would come out in late 2018/early 2019 time wise it would fit. Getting a new Two-Face Batmobile set and new Catwoman chase set for example would also make sense given their designs from the game. I guess we'll have to be patient and wait what Lego has got in store for us.
  13. I suppose a big thing is knowing the lore behind the figure. For example we've gotten a ton of different Batman figures but each version represents a different era of his character through the years. That is the appeal of these variations; we have gotten a classic comic book Vulture and now we are getting the Ultimate Universe Vulture which while being the same character has a totally different story attached to him.
  14. Personally I am hoping for some new characters from the DC villains game. Some of the designs are an exact match for the print style Lego is currently using (thus a bit simplified and no arm/leg printing) these include; Two-Face, Catwoman and the Riddler. Especially a new Two-Face figure is long overdue.
  15. Wow, that sounds very good. Is this the only remaining DC set for 2019 or will there be another?