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    <p> My name is Lucas. I am mostly into the Superheroes theme with Batman being my favorite character. I have a thing for Batmobiles and as such I find real pleasure in recreating them in Lego form. </p>

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  1. To me the other torso looks like the Vulture.
  2. That piece does not exist in physical form yet.
  3. Haha, I suppose that is true
  4. I understand but the question was IF there are going to be any MM's next year not what MM's are we getting next year. I know the difference is subtle but for all we know there won't even be any MM's next year and someone that does not follow this thread actively can get easily misled and take the answer as confirmation that there will be MM's. I really don't want to be mean or anything just trying to prevent confusion/misinformation as that will only lead to disappointment.
  5. I know that you are relatively new here so it is an easy mistake to make but talk like this will only cause confusion. The only correct answer to the question of there being MM's next year is that we currently do not know. So lets wait until we have confirmation that there will be MM's before we start speculating as to what characters they might contain.
  6. Birds of Prey I assume.
  7. Ah I see. I don't follow the Harry Potter news closely and since it was leaked by the same people that leaked the SW list I figured it was real.
  8. No need to apologize my friend, I agree with you that there is too much negativity around these forums lately but its up to us to make it more positive again and the only way of doing that is being friendly and respectful to each other :)
  9. There are supposed leaks on instagram regarding 3 Harry Potter sets; The Chamber of Secrets, Room of Requirement and a large Diagon Alley set. Whether or not these are true remains to be seen but they are out there.
  10. Lets all just calm down and end this unnecessary discussion right now. In the past days I have seen the Star Wars thread being closed down because people were being hateful towards each other, in the Harry Potter thread there were some hostilities lets not do the same to this thread please. Regarding the Star Wars sets leaking they have already been known for a few days now as have the Ninjago and Harry Potter sets so that is no guarantee that we'll get Superhero news as well. Lets just patiently wait until we get something concrete and respect each other while we're at it.
  11. I'm assuming he is talking about the new web accessories that are set to debut in at least the new Venom.
  12. Sadly not. All we know so far is that there will be one Bat Mech set with Batman, Firefly, Poison Ivy and the Flash but other then that we are pretty much in the dark.
  13. I think we have been misreading his comment. I believe he is talking about the Sanctum set when talking about the figures and I do not believe he has seen the GCPD set as of yet.
  14. @SpiderJazz Since you know something about the upcoming DC sets I was wondering can you confirm/deny that we will be getting a Daredevil figure?
  15. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile V2

    Thanks! Though I did feel that this model could be improved in many ways and have done so pretty recently; here is the new topic of that model;