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  1. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Teen Titans go probably then. Still does look pretty cool expecting something similar for the Micro's one.
  2. Batman #526 Batmobile

    Thanks, I really must start including an example of each Batmobile that I build especially with these obscurer Batmobiles. Glad that you like it, and must agree the rear shots are definitely the best looking ones of this model. Thanks! The clip piece grill idea actually came to me when I was creating my Aston Martin Vanquish, I wanted to find a way to make a grill but it had to be only 2 studs in height, after some puzzling I finally came upon this solution and was rather happy with it. Glad to hear it looks great here as well :) Glad you like it :) Don't have any plans with regards to building the next one so if you have any ideas don't hesitate to let me know. Not much to tell about the figure, its the 2012 cowl and cape, 2006 head and torso and the legs are that of the spooky boy with the printing erased using an eraser. Hope this helps :)
  3. Batman #526 Batmobile

    In 1996 this Batmobile made its first appearance in the comic book Batman issue 526. I personally learned of this Batmobile by seeing the Eaglemoss model of it. The design was more "retro" than I am used to but for some reason I really liked the look of it. Creating it in Lego was actually a very pleasent experience as the building process was rather smooth. I really like how this one came out and would even go so far as to say that it is one of my favourite Batmobiles to date, I certainly hope that all of you will enjoy it as well :) A more classic looking car deserves a more classic looking figure. Must say the look pretty perfect together. A look at the Batmobile from a slightly higher perspective and without a minifigure by its side. Fun fact: the "spikes" are supposed to resemble the raised fur on an animals' back. A look at the side showing some of the detailing. The rear, really like how that came out. As you can see I managed to include some exhausts as well. What a gorgeous beast... Wouldn't want to see this in your rear view mirror would you? Yes, a Batman figure can fit inside very comfortably. And finally some more stylized shots of the Batman and the latest addition to his garage: I hope that you enjoyed looking at this Batmobile of mine. If you did please don't hesitate to leave any feedback as that is always greatly appreciated. Until next time :)
  4. [MOC] Arkham Asylum/New 52 Batwing/Batplane

    Thanks! Glad you like it :) Agreed, I don't mind studs usually but in this case less is really more. Looked up some shots of the new 52 Batwing and noticed that I actually missed one or two things in my previous built so I quickly added those. Here are the minor changes I've made: As you can see the wings now have 1 more sharp angle towards the front. And I also added the flaps on the underside that the new 52 version has very much like the Burton one did. Here are some reference shots that I used, they are all from the new 52 detective comics storyline with Wrath.
  5. [MOC] Arkham Asylum/New 52 Batwing/Batplane

    Not so long ago I made a Batwing based on how it appears in the 2009 video game Arkham Asylum. Whilst I was overall pretty pleased with it one thing that I wasn't satisfied with were the wings. So I remade them a little bit resulting in this improved version. I also slightly remade the engine areas based on a suggestion that Marc made so thank you for that. Here are some pictures of it: After remaking my Arkham Asylum Batwing I knew that I had to make the Batplane/Batwing (or atleast one variation of it) that appeared in the New 52 comic book line. This Batwing is mostly the same as the Arkham Asylum one except for one major difference, the wings. Instead of having short jet-like wings it has wings shaped more like the Tim Burton Batwing giving it a modern yet also classic feel. Some more images: I sincerely hope that you enjoyed taking a look at these, I know that I had fun building them :) Feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated.
  6. [MOC] Justice League Batmobile Black Version

    Thanks! Lego has been giving us some excellent parts lately which really makes all of this shaping possible. I must admit that when I first laid my eyes on the JL Batmobile I wasn't a fan at all. I'm still not particularly fond of it due to it being packed with guns (it does make sense in the context of Batman preparing for an alien invasion though). As for what I have planned; I have another Batmobile ready that I will hopefully be posting sometime next week (maybe even sooner if lucky). Pretty proud of it, after that I don't know yet. I'm always open for suggestions though :)
  7. [MOC] Justice League Batmobile Black Version

    Thanks man, glad you like it! The gun on the real vehicle is apparently a m230 chain gun or it at least closely resembles it. The one you see on this vehicle is indeed an m2 and was done by Si-Dan toys, they make weapons that are compatible with Lego figures.
  8. [MOC] Justice League Batmobile Black Version

    Thanks, and I know. But the merchandise for the movie is out plus the Batmobile was displayed during San Diego Comic Con so we already know what it looks like.
  9. After remaking my Dawn of Justice Batmobile in black I knew that I also had to make a black version of the Batmobile as it appears in the upcoming Justice League movie. One of the big advantages of building in black are the cockpit canopy pieces, despite the fact that they might be slightly too big for my personal taste, they do lend themselves perfectly for a Justice League batmobile given that one side of the cockpit has been replaced by a heavy machine gun. I also made some further modifications to my BvS design and am pleased to announce that the wheels can actually roll on this newer version despite still having the armored covers. (This also goes for my Dawn of Justice Batmobiles, both the grey and the black ones). Lets take a look: As you can see Mr.Wayne has been fitting some rather interesting equipment on his Batmobile, its almost like he's afraid for an alien invasion, haha. Still looking as sleek as ever. The rear has stayed the same so nothing new to show here. Wouldn't want to see this image in your rearview mirror... or if you are an alien... A Batman minifigure can still fit inside though it is getting a bit more cramped in there. And finally one classy shot to finish things of. Well, I certainly hope that you enjoyed my little creation :) Feedback of any kind is always greatly appreciated. Have a nice day, and if you happen to come across certain evil aliens you know who to call ;)
  10. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    99% sure that it is Trans-Bright Green.
  11. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    So when can we expect some images from Comic-Con to appear online given that they are supposedly on display there?
  12. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    These are the mighty micros right? If so then these are some nice choices, Harley Quinn and Joker have good potential while Nightwing is also nice.
  13. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    And everyone is forgetting the most important villain of all; Condiment King
  14. SDCC Superheroes Exclusive Minifigures Guessing Game 2017

    Thanks man :) Didn't see the Deadpool duck thing coming it all though :P
  15. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Will the upcoming Batman movie wave also be present at comic-con?